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  1. Hi All, In lower north island. Looking for an M30 engine pref E32 (To fit in my E28 with modified mounts as last engine i got was E32 and not quite sure an E28 mount will fit my plumbing through there anymore as engine) - Will considered engine with forged internals (but do prefer to build mine, just need a working test bench) Also after an SC12-14 or Eaton M45 Supercharger but will consider other options (For non BMW project but never know if neighbor would sell me his 2000 body) Thanks
  2. Must say Andrew has some nice cars I have been on here 14 years not that i feel like i have given much in that time, moved to Aussie for about 7 years and came back to all these new cars/turbos and people. I could of done with AU version of the site years ago when i lived there had to get away from BMW's....ended up with a Hyundai as was cheaper how sad...glad im back in NZ one day to have my custom BMW
  3. I really like the idea and the execution Sad to see there isn't an M30 Engine option, As I have looked into Roots setup orginally for mine but like turbo/pro-charging the cost can go up and up. If you have access to the tools to make brackets etc its all easy....until the maths come into play then its like whoa. Engineers blow my mind daily
  4. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to grab an installation from. Gone through multiple now and none have ADS files...nor can i fin my original install files. ITS Painful watching your car waste away cause you can't access the ECU to reset it correctly.
  5. Awesome info to know, and i have been pricing things for years to re-build my M30 engine, A good budget IMO is about 15k as allows for some wiggle room and depending on parts you want to modify/replace more than others. Always shop around and go with people with experience, there heaps of good builders out there The big issue i found in relation to head work was having real evidence with flow testing, found base numbers around but finding reliable after modification numbers is hard...the whole argument why would i give you X if you can't prove the gain. Although i tend to over engineer things instead of keeping simple Good luck
  6. Hi All, I am just looking for some information on the correct spark plugs, as eventually the engine is destined for a mid-engine conversion but sadly needs some maintenance as had a hissy last time i was doing burnouts and i can't tell if info i found online is correct. The car currently has ZFR5F Plugs and the recommend plug was a BKR6EQUP (laser platinum plug) which personally i don't want to pay $23 each at the moment when i would rather buy a MLS gasket for my other BMW haha. Shes not a road legal car but deserves to keep that heart beating until such time she gets updated/upgraded. Thanks anyone that can help
  7. Hi All, Know i could of put in another area but figured might get more views here. So apologies Does anyone happen to have an ADS Interface? I could borrow or buy? So i can talk to my E38 DME and get it running again or where i might buy one. I have a 20 pin - ODB connctor and K Line/D-can cable which is only good for so little with INPA ( i have an old laptop I have a fair clue what the issue (throttle control vanes) is but given its age its about time i check whole thing rather than a half fix. Thanks all
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has or knows where i can get the service manual? As can't seem to find mine anywhere. As currently doing a big cleanup and everything that isn't working or not finished is going so figured i would try get the 750il back up and running before i finally get my arm twisted to sell it. Also leads me to does anyone know of any M73's north island preferred? Thanks
  9. Have to say this forum has always been great but seen better days. Being an IT guy know it gets hard to manage things especially as time goes on but its still alive. I would have no issues to offer some hours to help do a clean up/re-orginise a bit as i have had so much help off here in the early years we need a place that isn't full of stupid comments like FB haha
  10. When its done right its awesome and looking forward to having my car done in future just remember to detail correctly (how many people i see pay $$$ for it then go to super cheap and ruin it by trying to wax it) My friends brother does it over in Aussie and does travel around the world, i know for awhile there was an NZ counter part. Shoot him a message for a price or he might know someone in NZ. https://www.facebook.com/InTheClearAuto/
  11. Hi Guys/Gals, For your view pleasure, hope this file helps I would have to check the shed but pretty sure i have a set of 540i rears and E32 Fronts (complete or other way around its been a while) if i remember correctly it was the largest OEM i could fit under 15's without upgrading to porche or big brake kit (10 years ago) on my E28. I am probably just going to go with non oem brake upgrade next time round as my performance is past the stock brakes or maybe see if my 750il ones fit PM me if needed E28 Brake upgrade.rtf
  12. Hi All, Long time since an update, but after some health issues that have stopped my life for last few years. Finally getting back on track with the car, Updated V5 or something of the manifold is a few weeks away from being all welded up. Once its back it home i will need to run the pipes down from the twin wastegates and finishing plumbing up the exhaust (downpipe for turbo already done)/ intercooler. Then re-pump fuel system for new surge tank .... and then the engine crusade will begin (glad things have got cheaper and more available in last few years)...
  13. Hi All, So a long time ago i had a nose to tail accident (no frame damage) but the left front inner quarter panel and front left face have damage. I have done some work to get this worked out but without actual measurements from another E28 or a reference guide its not going to sit right with me as i don't want to do a bog job. I did find a few frame reference materials online but nothing that really helped or showed me parts of car i needed. Updated pictures, As you can see it is passenger side inner quater panel and took picture of middle as front face is damaged. Thanks for Posts Update: Thanks to people who responded next time i am in wellington you might get a hassle
  14. Awesome, I actually might consider doing mine instead of swapping out for another type of seat.
  15. Just saw the post. Brent at BM World has lot's of info/knowledge and quite a few others. I have done a lot of research into M30 B34/35 Turbo and currently building a High HP engine for my e28 and thanks to help from people on the forum made leaps but life has kept project on slow mo. From the research i have actually done the older M30 blocks are more resilient to boost (make of cast materials) vs later model ones, the difference is the heads are better as time goes on. When considering the B35 vs B25 and block size handling more boost, that all comes down to sleeve strength and size and other variables. My interest would be the weight difference as if you could net similar gains to an b35 in reference to displacement you may actually come out better off if they weigh less. Ultimately what i say it comes down to what you want to do, doing an M30B25 would be unique and done right would net you good gains boosted. Also if you go NA swap rather than boosted its about 300ish for a megasquirt that will run the car so no need for a BMW ECU and its tuneable without issue Good luck and PM me if you have any questions you think i could help with
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