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  1. Hi All, Just after some advise i am having to go through my fuel system due to it sitting around to long and cause the fuel pump was end of life and didn't know till it was recently when i checked it. Just wanted to know is it worth even considering doing the Fuel Vapor Canister? As its not exactly cheap and in my life i have ever only a few times had to change these on cars or do i just do the Fuel filter and make sure to do a good flush of the system before i get it up and running again once the replacement fuel pump arrives? Thanks
  2. Just a thought, might help might not If there is water i suggest dealing with that first or at least putting die-electric grease or lithium grease on components (also if its had water in it for awhile it could get into the wires causing intermittent faults you will never trace down) - I used to use a dehumidifier in my boot after any water was cleaned up and amazed how much more you would pull out of the air showing that there was still lots of moisture around. I was also recently talking to a UK guy who was helping me for part prices and actually has a similar issue, His ended up being water actually inside the compressor which no-one managed to find until they were taking hoses off to manually run the compressor and bypass the electrics. So maybe worth checking the compressor itself and the hoses for good measure or just bypassing the internal electrics with some wire and seeing if the fault comes up. What ever you decide i do hope you find a fix or it just fixes itself as cars do at times, cause the hrs i have spent on some of my bmw's over the years just for it to one day work haha. Good luck
  3. Thanks everyone for advise so far. I have done an initial clean on backseat as a test with some pet cleaner and used a old steam gun with nozzle i had laying around. Definitely has helped remove the intense smell, but does look like i will need to do some research on Ozone Generator and do some more cleaning/steaming to get it sorted enough to suffice for now Do think i need i will need change some of the interior out when i am feeling rich or hope someone might have one to part out with in the future (Is it a good thing or bad thing E28's are now worth more than 15 years...Yes if your selling not if your buying or wanting parts haha) Thanks again, hopefully i get this sorted and maybe next year the cars engine might get some love (been saying that for a long time now haha)
  4. Paul Colliers in Levin is great and has a wealth of knowledge don't often see BMW stuff in there but i have seen other Euro Engines, V8's , classic cars you name it. Worth giving him a call Otherwise call Speedfactor in Tauranga and see who they use as they have always been good the crowd here even though i have noticed they branched out and less BMW orientated. Good luck on your search
  5. Long story short, i moved my car to the front of my property a few weeks ago and didn't think to myself i should check the cover for the fuel tank in the boot after it moved (tank has been out for awhile but i only had one screw in the cover and flooring + parts on top of it) find out cover had slightly moved and 4 homes were built inside the car. It had all original interior in good condition, So far it seems only the backseat + parcel tray have taken the piss hit and some damage (only 1 wire so far from my speakers) Any thoughts on how to get rid of the smell? cause i know finding a good e28 interior isn't easy anymore or do i just have to bite the bullet if i can't get the smell out. Thank you ahead for any advise, its okay to laugh at my pain but not the car its been through enough haha
  6. Good to see your still having fun, and if only the sideways action didn't leave tar on the car haha, guess we can go faaster... But damn tell me about it, signing up or getting things done at a rural property for anything that's only 5 mins out of what i called a town Give them my address, phone number...yep that's fine then its like you don't exist...follow up and finally get a human if your lucky and they explain they turned up but address didn't exist ....Proceed to bury head in sand like an ostrich
  7. Thanks Alan for the response Ireland Engineering is probably one of the few places i haven't contact in awhile, i was focusing on places in the US and Some in Aussie only cause i have friends there so shipping can sometimes be easy (well not anymore haha) Its strange as i was trying to keep the car pretty stock but as my power levels grew and new technology has come its hard to now not by those little extras. I previous had the 540/750 brake setup the biggest you can fit under the stock 15" rims was a good setup until i sold it to another member on here who moved back to the UK (think it was) Your engine swap sounds like some good fun and probably more reliable , good luck with the cert (also good to know the are eventually going to QR code or similar so no stupid plates and it can updated without having to get plate updated) its meant to lower overall cost which i think is good as LVV Certs is a painful process (for me my local vtnz doesn't like me or my cars) Have a good week and hopefully in the future some updates from both of us
  8. Hi All So my project has been on hold for quite some time. For multiple reasons i wont bore you with my sad life of the last 5 years. So think i am going to sell my only two toys worth anything here in NZ as i did a couple of bike restorations (only 1 or 2) in the country and due to shipping becoming so expensive and the cost of restoration i lost large so that plan failed. So i know there are multiple options for E28 when it comes to suspension and suspension parts now compared to 10 years ago when i started this project. I was thinking of talking to Speedfactor and seeing what there recommendations are and possibly contact BC racing and XYB. I am aware that there are E34 lower control arms that are an upgrade and few things like strut bars. My real question is where do i start, cause in my head that would be get an overview of prices. Then build the vehicle engine/rollcage (As it will probably need one)/fuel tank etc get it on a set of scales and go from there depending on the direction i go. Yes this is being built as a street style car but i don't really see it staying that way as if setup works i will probably clone it cause i would love to see it on the strip but know a track/street car doesn't always work as a drag car. Any help or a point in the right direction is appreciated.
  9. To think years on i still haven't finished this project, amazing how life can get in the way. Also had to modify the manifold a few times due to fitment issues but since were in lockdown sorting out the downpipes and test fitting the engine, so i can do lots of small things before doing internals that no-one sees I do admit the thing about time makes you change so many things and also allows access and time for parts to come down in price, everything was custom originally and now at least there is more of a market. The big pain for me now is my custom turbo just feels to small for goal but have to start somewhere. Eventually my V12 will end up with something but that's for a time when im rich. Stay safe all
  10. Hi All, In lower north island. Looking for an M30 engine pref E32 (To fit in my E28 with modified mounts as last engine i got was E32 and not quite sure an E28 mount will fit my plumbing through there anymore as engine) - Will considered engine with forged internals (but do prefer to build mine, just need a working test bench) Also after an SC12-14 or Eaton M45 Supercharger but will consider other options (For non BMW project but never know if neighbor would sell me his 2000 body) Thanks
  11. Must say Andrew has some nice cars I have been on here 14 years not that i feel like i have given much in that time, moved to Aussie for about 7 years and came back to all these new cars/turbos and people. I could of done with AU version of the site years ago when i lived there had to get away from BMW's....ended up with a Hyundai as was cheaper how sad...glad im back in NZ one day to have my custom BMW
  12. I really like the idea and the execution Sad to see there isn't an M30 Engine option, As I have looked into Roots setup orginally for mine but like turbo/pro-charging the cost can go up and up. If you have access to the tools to make brackets etc its all easy....until the maths come into play then its like whoa. Engineers blow my mind daily
  13. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to grab an installation from. Gone through multiple now and none have ADS files...nor can i fin my original install files. ITS Painful watching your car waste away cause you can't access the ECU to reset it correctly.
  14. Awesome info to know, and i have been pricing things for years to re-build my M30 engine, A good budget IMO is about 15k as allows for some wiggle room and depending on parts you want to modify/replace more than others. Always shop around and go with people with experience, there heaps of good builders out there The big issue i found in relation to head work was having real evidence with flow testing, found base numbers around but finding reliable after modification numbers is hard...the whole argument why would i give you X if you can't prove the gain. Although i tend to over engineer things instead of keeping simple Good luck
  15. Hi All, I am just looking for some information on the correct spark plugs, as eventually the engine is destined for a mid-engine conversion but sadly needs some maintenance as had a hissy last time i was doing burnouts and i can't tell if info i found online is correct. The car currently has ZFR5F Plugs and the recommend plug was a BKR6EQUP (laser platinum plug) which personally i don't want to pay $23 each at the moment when i would rather buy a MLS gasket for my other BMW haha. Shes not a road legal car but deserves to keep that heart beating until such time she gets updated/upgraded. Thanks anyone that can help
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