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AutoArt VYC wheels

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Hey guys posting here first so dont have many good photos selling my genuine autoart vyc 3 piece wheels. Were on my m3 ive since changed my wheels. Would suit e60 m5 perfectly made for it imo


20x9.5 et8 245/30/20

20x10.5 et16 275/30/20

Brought tyres 5 months ago fronts are in great condition however the rears have suffered from bits missing from tread.

One wheel has a curb mark about 1.5 inch thats it and its not very deep


Asking $2000

Can take more photos for serious interest. 






images (58).jpeg

images (57).jpeg

Autoart Wheel.jpg


unnamed (1).jpg

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Darn it, I had been waiting for wheels to come along to fit an m5 for ages but just got my factory wheels totally refurbished instead.  GLWS.

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