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E36 328 Speedo Calibration

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So, picked up my new E36 on the Weeke d, it's auto, but has the 3.6whatever LSD medium case diff. 

The tires are one profile higher than spec, 235/45/17 rather than 235/40/17. 

However what I'm dealing with is 100km Road speed (GPS and SID Confirmed) is around 82kph on the speedo, 50 around 39ish... And while I've got a pretty good butometer, it's a bit of a pain in the ass glancing down at the GPS all the time to confirm speed. 

Is this somthing I can change in the ecu? Or do I need a pulse modifier on the wire somewhere, or a new sender, or a new cluster? 

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Hi EurolessNoMore

That profile would show 2kmh @ 50 to 4kmh @ 100 kmh speed increase.

Something more interesting is a foot

Found this


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Sweet ill check that out. 

The other quirk that is probably related is the fuel consumption guage is off by about 10L/km, shows 20L/km when cruising, which would be lovely, but yeah... 

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