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  1. Ohhhh baby.... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/328i/listing/3441507154?bof=ZXTjCau1 An ex 318 touring with a certified 328 and coilover conversion. $15K no reserve, seems pretty reasonable to me? Not sold on the seat colour It does bug me when people sell cars without WOF's or even WOF attempts that have expired, especially when claiming it'll sail through without problems.
  2. @aja540i When it comes to V8’s I’m all about the smiles per gallon not the miles per gallon. @E30 325i Rag-Top I do only need to tow it once, maybe I can set a fuel inefficiency record.
  3. @Sammo that’d be the smart thing to do.the bighorns I’ve seen down here are either crazy money or beaten and abused. The the prices on prado’s seem excessive also. @Gaz that’s one point to having a fly ride for the holidays. Might look out of place at the festivals I plan on hitting.
  4. I need someone to talk some sense into me. I just need an interim vehicle that can haul a 6m caravan from Takaka to Christchurch. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-3319678227.htm
  5. Yes they have, sorry, have updated the post
  6. Hells teeth, that looks like they told bangle he could make anything he wanted.
  7. This was a spare for my E36 328i Motorsport Coupe. Chip front and center (coins for scale (had to hide the coins for facebook) $200 Located in CHCH, shipping around the south island I'm happy enough to do if Able Logistics goes through your town.
  8. Yes, they were for an m20b27, so will work just fine for a b25.
  9. ALL SOLD Bought these from FCP Euro and never needed them. cost about NZ$180 landed. Individual items can be bought at their cost price, (in USD Below (multiply by 1.4) or, NZ$120 for the lot. the push button spring and washer I’m fairly sure are all for an e28 handbrake assembly. Item Qty Total BMW Distributor Rotor - Bremi 12111734110 01 $18.56 BMW Distributor Cap - Bremi 121117159505 01 $49.80 BMW Spark Plug - NGK ZGR5A 06 $16.80 BMW Push-Button - Genuine BMW 34411116436 01 $1.45 BMW Compression Spring - Genuine BMW 34411150662 01 $2.60 BMW Rubber Washer - Genuine BMW 34414045712 01 $0.48 BMW Valve Cover Gasket - Elring 11121730229 01 $10.73 BMW Oil Pan Gasket (Cork/Rubber) - Elring 11131730234 01 $3.98
  10. If you’re happy to collect from Wiri, pop me a PM
  11. I missed myself getting tagged, yes, I can help with AGM, @nzpanda92 what part of the country are you based?
  12. It’s lovely, I’m not in the market for one (or any car worth more than $5000 in general), but, that doesn’t seem unreasonable when weighted against what’s happening back on 80’s and 90’s era delicacies.
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