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  1. Oh man, I want me a turbo brick, the wagon, mmmmm
  2. I’m sure I’m pushing shiiit up hill, but, does anyone have chrome trim for E28? I have E30 upper door chrome (upper sill?) to go towards any exchange.
  3. Oh my, do tell, it’s not the one people are chatting about, it had about 380,000km on the clock
  4. It’ll fight for attention with my E30 The conundrum will be keep it factory or make it fun 🧐
  5. @qubeLuck, like the E28 525e I just bought for $1500 today, or E30 318 for $2000 3 months ago or @BreakMyWindowwho got a barn find e39 M5 for song, won’t out what I paid.
  6. I bet we have some good stories and lamentations. will begin. 199X E34 540iS in Technoviolet with cream leather interior and factory LSD and manual, purchased approx 2008 for 8.8K, sold approx 2010 for 12.5K, now worth 25K? 1990 E30 323 Manual Coupe, Metallic Blau, LSD, Borbet 15’s and Hartge Body kit. Purchased for $3200 In 2015, sold 2016 for 2.5k (insurance write off, could have probably fixed <$1k
  7. Everyone has that story haha, like my E34 540iS factory manual and lsd, techno violet, sold for 12k around the same time I think.
  8. Purrs like a 200 year old sewing machine IMG_0631.MOV
  9. I’m like 90% trying to call in a favour to see what it failed the last Wof on it’s possible the age, oil light, and failure to crank were the reasons for sale.
  10. Ah,that’s the level sensor, I need to find the pressure sender
  11. Cancel that, wire is attached impedance to block is 0.4ohm, ish
  12. Okay, it started fine, 2 cranks, not bad fir 4 years off the road, has sufficient oil, but the check oil light doesn’t go off. If it’s the attached, the wire has broken off the sender, it’s loose as heck inside the boot and doesn’t feel attached
  13. For my reference https://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?t=100967 also looks like pin 11 (starter external) and pin 15 (ignition power) failing that probably 14 (Battery Power)
  14. No crank, nothing when I the. The key, all other electrics are fine
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