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New member of approx 4/5 months the BMW owners club. 

I purchased a 2007 120i M-sport hatch and found out right away that the stock stereo and speakers in no way complimented this vehicle, therefore change was inevitable.

After installation (completed by a reputable company) of high end audio equipment i found the xmas lights on the dash going haywire, losing power and finally dying, all this whilst driving!

I have read a lot of posts explaining battery, regulator, wiring, connections and alternator. That being said i decided to have a new battery installed ($400 later) which was also completed by a reputable company. Once installed the confirmed that it was "accepted" by the vehicle.

A couple of days later it happened again which got me researching and concluding that i needed the alternator out and checked. Once out the evidence is clear, worn pulley, covered in oil etc etc. Anyway it requires replacing.

My question:

As he I.D. number was worn off and for some unknown reason my vin number is being rejected by sites such as Bosch.

I am wanting to know how would one find out if this is the factory alternator or a higher amperage one? If factory, would it be a worthy option of upgrading and to what? I will also be getting the belts changed at the same time.

With the Alternator being changed will the car need to be coded for the new alternator?

I have had a look on TM and this is what i found https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/electrics/listing-2606688132.htm?rsqid=387493c860df44b8ad054eb1f2754fde-001 unfortunately i cannot cross reference (numbers are worn)

Please, if there is any other info needed let me know. Other than that i look forward to any advice given (hopefully not too technical) and more importantly getting her healthy and back on the road.

Vehicle details:

Year: 2007
Make: BMW
Model: 120I
Colour: WHITE

Body Style: Hatchback

Engine: N46B20

VIN: WBAUD32050PF47373


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Enter the last seven digits of your vin into realoem.com

That will tell you everything about your specific car, including the alternator.

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