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  1. Maybe someone should buy something really cheap and small, and see if it turns up
  2. Where did you go for the tyre fitting?
  3. Take some pics of the numbers and letters on the back
  4. zero

    130i Hub Assembly

    $1100 to install a wheel bearing is criminal. Even if they charge $100 per hour, thats eleven hours to do a wheel bearing
  5. zero

    130i Hub Assembly

    Exactly what Glenn said
  6. That is truly impressive. Did you take any pics from when you were building the speakers? The matrix inside sounds similar to what b&w did with their 8 series speakers. And do you have any pics of the amps?
  7. Really cool. How about some pics of your build @wrs
  8. zero

    Quick Questions

    I checked mine last night and its 82mm id too
  9. This is a bargain for someone at that price
  10. Great info there Neal. I looked up the harness guy and it doesn't look like he makes anything for e46? Am I missing something?
  11. Your toe was way out. It must drive so much better now
  12. zero

    Style 168 x5 rims

    I'm in Otahuhu, you are welcome to have a look. The tyres are mint as they are almost new. Looking for $900
  13. Bracket. Depth is fine. I cut up the stock speakers to make baffles out of but further down the road I will make some proper ones out of mdf
  14. zero

    Stress. Anxiety.

    Counselling and medication are two things that really helped me. I was very anti medication but once I gave it a go it changed my life.
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