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  1. zero

    Getrag 260/6

    Did you ever find one in the end? I might have a lead on one
  2. oil pressure instead of fuel economy would be cool
  3. So I had a look on my spare column and there are two motors with a power plug each. First thing is to check these are connected properly. There is also a third plug which is proboably the control. Check that is plugged in properly too. Then report back and we will look at testing the motors
  4. Best advice I can give is to find the fault, before replacing parts. Otherwise you are just doing guesswork and wasting money. I'll pull out my 4.6is column tommorrow and have a look for you - could be as simple as a loose connection
  5. It shouldn't be battery related, otherwise other things wouldn't work. Are you sure its not something silly like your seatbelt has to be on, or door closed for it to work? I don't have my 4.6is anymore, but I do have a column I can take photos of? We could work out which wires we need to send power to, and then you could do that to find out if its a bad motor or something else
  6. I'm not a fan of silver trims. I like the carbon or black ones, especially on a car with such a beautiful exterior colour. Did you figure out the electric steering column? Could it be a fuse?
  7. fcp euro will deliver in one week. Schmeidmann is around ten days
  8. I would be interested to see your performance differences with your modified muffler
  9. Do you find those exhaust mods makes as good an improvement as buying a good branded aftermarket muffler?
  10. A cold air intake will actually lose power, unless it is behind the bumper or very well insulated from heat.
  11. check the part numbers on realoem to see if they are the same
  12. Check out the reviews if you dont believe me
  13. My understanding is the blocks were made by BMW to Alpinas specifications. Its basically a m62 block design with a bigger bore and a different crank to increase stroke. Same engine used in the e53 4.6is, although the story goes that BMW liked the modifications Alpina made so much that they bought the rights to put them in the e53. The heads are a different casting too - so you cant swap the much better b46 cams into the b44. There is lots of conflicting info out there, but Alpina ported and polished the b46 heads by hand for their cars, whereas BMW didnt do this step with the b46 they put in the x5. Alpina did lots of cool subtle things in their design too, like fewer oil rings, lighter pistons, underdriven crank pulley etc.
  14. Nah, they are very different. There are many tests online comparing the units and the avin and the dynavin are the only two without any lag
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