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  1. Hows the ride with the solid bushes?
  2. zero

    M3 sedan

  3. Dry sump comes with its advantages too. More power, better cooling etc
  4. zero

    M3 sedan

    You will probably have to look overseas. Mike Shaw fibreglass in Hamilton makes some but they are only for coupe.
  5. Just cosmetic, but at that price I'd want them to be perfect. You dont want your new springs to rust.
  6. That dry sump setup is going to be a nice bit of kit. Puts my homemade one to shame.
  7. Check your engine mounts are good, to limit engine movement. But if I remember correctly there are at least two pulley designs on the e46 alternators, and one sits further proud than the other.
  8. zero

    M60b40 upgrades

    Itbs make a great noise, but a very low bang for the buck, and can actually lose power if done wrong. Unless you have a set of s62 itb's lying around, or money is no object, I wouldn't recommend it. If money is no object these are good; https://racehead.com.au/product/bmw_m60_m62_v8_complete_itb_kit_open_trumpetpet/ Biggest gains you can get on this engine is good headers, and bigger cams. Neither is cheap
  9. zero

    M60b40 upgrades

    Stock internals will take up to 13psi before you need to start looking at aftermarket pistons. 13psi proboably equates to around 500-600hp. There are four different intake manifolds - you want the earliest one with the trumpets. For throttlebody use the one from the n62b48, its 3mm bigger than the biggest m62 one. You will need to port match the intake manifold to it but thats easy
  10. I can recommend the ie steering coupler. Good product for a decent price
  11. Yes, I definetly think its worth doing. We would love to see your progress.
  12. zero

    E39 oil burner

    When my wagon interior swap is completed you can take it for a drive. Obviously its a lighter car being an e46 but should give you some idea
  13. zero

    ccv valve help

    Honestly, these engines are not worth spending money on, better to sell it and buy a six cylinder. I have a thread somewhere where I did a major overhaul including valve stem seals, and it fixed the smoking issue but the engine grenaded itself not much time later when it dropped a valve.
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