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  1. Great progress mate. What sanding blocks do you use?
  2. zero

    6 speed e39 540

    How many kms? 8k is a sharp price for a 540i with 6 speed box
  3. @sjbglobal Congrats, and definitely do a project thread. Swapping the interior wood trims out with a gloss black set will make a huge difference to the interior
  4. zero

    Quick rant thread.

    You cant vote for less money to be spent on roads, and then complain when less money is spent on roads.
  5. @sjbglobal I will be selling my car soon. Its a black msport 325i touring if that interests you.
  6. He bought it for close to $1500 and put a few hundred in it. It was an easy fix if only he would listen
  7. Hes just sold it to a wrecker for $1200 minus the bumpers and lights. What a colossal waste of a car that had real potential
  8. I spent four hours working on his car to try and help him out. But he ignored EVERY single piece of advice I gave him and thought he knew better so I gave up. Some people cant be helped
  9. Viscous fan was stuffed so he got halfway through an electric fan conversion before he lost interest/money. I think headgasket is good but i cant guarantee it.
  10. zero

    E46 330i Touring

    Yea, fuel filter, and new vacuum hoses and hose clamps for it. Vanos seals from besien systems or similar will recover some power and fuel economy. e46 Electric fan mod. msport front bumper. Black grills and shadowline. Just my opinion Also check and replace the little rubber bungs on the back of the manifold as they will be cracked or missing at this age and will create a vacuum leak.
  11. Should have put a bmw v8 in there - that would have been way cooler
  12. About the only things good about apple is their products work very well together, they are easy to use, and they look good. In every other respect android and pc are better. Many people buy apple for the name brand.
  13. zero

    E46 330ci Manual

    @Sammo What is your opinion on the oil? I've been using 5w30 edge for a really long time, but I'm interested to hear others real life experiences before I switch to something else
  14. I bought the repco ones and thought they were better than the supercheap ones at around the same price
  15. zero

    My new daily wagon

    Yea that guy is awesome. I will start hitting the wreckers later in the week.
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