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  1. Na it's not fireing just winds over with compression sound
  2. Hi my baby wont start, went one day wont the next type thing.it has new plugs with a painfully good spark and they are getting fuel (wet plugs + smell fuel out the pipe). it is all most starting but not quite so seems like to much fuel or not enough o2. so would the o2 sensor stop starting all together??? or could it be something ales?? also i cant read codes as have now bulb for 5 stomp code reading and live 75km away from nearest shop with a reader... thanks in advance Krusty007
  3. Thanks for the hook up getting sorted ta.I found a pic of the part. if it,s sec hand can i get a kit at repco or what eva??
  4. Sorry I'm in Gisborne, New Zealand, And would be stoked to find one, the only thing i've had go wrong twice on the car so realy want the shiny one ah!! dont have a pic of my 525 so next best thing the sleeping kid,!!!Jadha!now not so sleepy!
  5. I have a 1994 525i m50 e34 dark blue/black inside auto, i,m a solodad, student, homemaker with 6 year old female co-driver(never lost!just looking?) am looking for some ware to get a Alum thermostat cover to replace the old cracked plastic one inside nz or oz can you help?
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