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  1. We have a M20B27 plus a GS6-37DZ with flywheel/starter available. Only the 4 cyl diesel variants bolt up correctly.
  2. Dreamt of doing the E87 retrofit trifecta. All done now. 140i S65 def. the most expensive but my favourite then the 135d and then the N54. Have a S65 manual trans kit sitting here to maybe use in the 140 though hard to go past DCT Daily commute would have to be the 135d aprox. 8 l/100km and only a handful when you give it some pedal.
  3. Yep. You`ve got it. M57 is the cheapest to build though nothing beats a V8 in my book.
  4. Very little difference. Better fuel economy apparently. More of an experiment than anything.
  5. EPS retrofit. Installed and coded to the car. Has a great feel. Dif ratio change from factory 335d 2.81 to a 3.08 LSD.
  6. 90000km NZ new with a good service history. Sent to tuners with swirlflap/DPF delete hence a good stock reading.
  7. XHP stage 1 atm with fresh trans fluid These are very solid units. Vital with this type of power increase to keep the temps down. Aftermarket cooling system is on order for this one. Plan B is the spare we have in stock. A comprehensive maintenance guide: https://sayyarti.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/everything-about-your-zf-automatic-transmission-issues/
  8. I was weaned on V8`s so love the S65. This has an entirely new dimension to it freakin torque monster and I`m having a Diesel patch atm. My daily is a 335d.
  9. Excellent results after a tune @ Torque Performance
  10. Can do a swap Nathan
  11. A set of `Rays` to roll on.
  12. Have another M57 for you Jon.
  13. Yep. Even the 120d badge stays though definitely needs wheel/Tyre upgrade
  14. 335d Brakes all around. 28.5mm & 16mm swaybar upgrade (stock 26.5mm & 11mm) AC Schnitzer Suspension Package 335d Dif and 1/2 shafts
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