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  1. Guys, I would like to thank you for your input. I have order the BT antenna from ebay. pluged it to ULF and shortened the Pin 32 as you have suggested and it started to work, thanks a lot, I noticed however that the telephone option is not available on nav screen but the BT module works properly. see the screenshot
  2. HI Guys, I do appreciate your time and effort to provide feedback on this. In fact last two days i spent on research how to connect ejectbox's bluetooth. I believe from ejectbox some of the wires/pins should provide BT signal back to ULF and I should'n need to have the separate BT aerial. NO luck though. additional research required On what I was able to progress is the pairing. in my car on steering wheel there is RT button I just pressed it for 3 secs and then turn ignition to position one and that was all the magic ... instrument cluster shows activate phone. I was smiling:) well it didn't last long I figured out I was not able to connect to bluetooth, in addition I figured out that on my nav screen phone menu was not present. And just today when I was driving back home nav screen started to twist with black and white. After it blue screen was shown where telephone menu and code menu become visible. Before nor code neither telephone was visible and I was surprised. Apparently in my care there were some options which I was not even aware. I will keep you posted if I'll find something new. Meanwhile your feedback is valuable to me. One question, since in the document attached there are 25 pins which mentioned are related to ejectbox. And since my ejectbox has the bluetooth (other ejctboxes having phone) I asume if I connect the pins which are intended to provide connectivity for phone the bluetooth should be activated in ejectbox. What you think?
  3. HI, I have the same issue as describe the topic. my car is e39 530i from japan. The ULF is 6th Generation and I have the bluetooth ejectbox installed. I have gone through the steps provided in the PDF however it just refused to go through pairing. In the document it mentioned it is allowed to use any 2 disused wires and I have chose 6 and 7 to go to 32 and 39 pins. Am I doing something wrong ? your input on this will be much appreciated, thanks in advance
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