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  1. Finally got the Mybmw app working with my imported car. Fortunately the car came with the 4g version of the ATM module. BMW have registered all the SIM cards in a private APN network of some kind. Looks like BMW have giving exported cars from country of Origin a life line for using the app. My car was brought in Uk. What worked for me In the app there is an option for pre delivery. I put in my vin number and the app was able to do a look up . But the app would post an error if I connected phone to car via usb to complete registration. I then followed the instructions here https://faq.bmw.ee/s/article/My-BMW-App-Settings-Einstellung-Sprache-kA9kU?language=et# So key was to change language from nz English to GB English. I also changed my profile address from my nz home to the postcode I lived in London in 2005 I connected the phone again and the app was able to complete ownership of car and use the app. I changed my profile back to nz so no issues but the only downside is I can’t select my NZ BMW dealer in the app. But remote phone services such as lock / unlock car, turn on ventilation and get fuel status all work as does locate car 😀.
  2. Neal

    M TOY M3

    Love it, ironically it’s gone from probably from the most polished , detailed and groomed M3 in the country to looking like a well used track hack 😀
  3. Ended up being too easy, Cradle / USB2 working now. Just took heaps of time to find. Come to think of it , I think id4 had the usb codes like this.
  4. Road temp also plays part. PS4s below 5 degrees in wet make for entertainment. Add bit of hail and traction becomes nil. Entertaining going past a bus stop full of people at 30kmh all crossed up.
  5. On the commute today the car is definitely quieter, less low frequency transfer from what I’m assuming is rear tyre and exhaust noise. Great for audio system , but downside is less “M3” noise. Stereo off and window down required when fanging it ( on a closed road / race track of course ) F80s are too quiet unless in sports plus where exhaust flaps are opened.
  6. I do consider myself fortunate, been a combo of good luck and hard work with long work hours. Wife included. I think you’re right in enjoying the present. Father’s life got cut short before he got to retire, but he still had an excellent life and pursued interesting stuff. But he was certainly looking forward to retirement and was planning travel etc. Almost joined him but got a second chance due to the skill of the medical profession and determination to recover. Life 2.0 I call it. Make a point of living in the present and doing stuff that I enjoy. Also trying to justify spending habits 😀.
  7. I think a bloke has to have hobbies and do things that we enjoy. Had a health scare a couple of years back which changed my outlook to an extent. Make a point of doing enjoyable things. This hobby was has been a good one where I’ve been able to chunk down the work in smaller lots as I’ve gone through recovery. I enjoy the learning process that goes into doing this as I did with the e46 stereo system. Hopefully I haven’t become OCD on this one 😀 Cost wise it has been accumulating but probably only 10% of the purchase price of the car. I’ve got the stereo mentioned with a value of $6k for the equipment in my insurance policy, but time wise if the worst happens I’d probably enjoy building another one ( eyeing up the wife’s SUV as this project comes to a finish 🤣) With this car I’m not at that point of constant worry that I see mates get into with custom cars that they have 1000s of hours of time and are of a high value and never let the vehicle out of their sight. I do daily it and lease carpark which has plenty of parking room and good neighbours, but can break out a sweat if parking in a busy supermarket carpark as many of us BMW drivers do 😀.
  8. Been watching a whole bunch of tuning videos on phase alignment for the sub and mid bass. More work to do in the dsp. In the meantime I got around to installing more sound damping / deadener. When with Dynamat in the end . They have a new version of Dynamat extreme in flat sheets.A bit tidier to install as the sheets aren’t folded over and crinkled. Product is 2mm which means boot trip and carpets go back in without issue. I treated the boot floor and storage area as it’s a high resonance area. A quick tap and the response is like a metal drum. After treatment it was more of a thud. Should help with cleaner sub bass and a quick unscientific test track ( Gotyee “ why worry” ) has a very heavy bass line and drum kick, sound seem cleaner. Will check the group delay later as the graphs a good for showing resonance. I left the fuse box area without treatment as wanted this area to look OEM. The panel under it is curved and nice and strong so not really worth treating as well. Trim and carpet went back into place with good fit and no issues.
  9. DSP tuning / time alignment again. I've been around this a couple of times over the last few months. I've gone a step further with time alignment of the individual speakers. Doing two DSP maps. One with time alignment done to drivers set and a second map one for front and rear passengers where the alignment point will be ear level between the driver and passenger seats. For the drivers seat map the fader is set so the rear speakers are just on to provide a bit of rear fill. The idea is to get the image to sit forward above the dash. Process for tuning Time alignment using a pulse for tweeters and mid range using the initial response method. Under seat woofers will be phase aligned , but initial response will be used and then altered for phase. Subwoofer will be phase aligned with under seat woofers. Individual appropriate frequency sweeps for each of the speakers Select a target curve to tune speakers to follow Equalizer each speaker to a target curve ( there are a few to choose from so I'm picking Audiofrogs variation of the Harman curve) Check left and then right sides of car Retune or tweak final response
  10. Sounding more like bimmer utility then. For an enet cable aliexpress will ship within 10 days . I tried a trademe supplier to try and get one quick , but took the same amount of time as aliexpress typically takes at 4x price. Worth checking on the phase , l have my woofers out of phase with mids . Summed better with the filters I’m running. If the focal tweeters are like mine the detail improved futher after about 20 hours of use.
  11. Thanks, wasn’t sure if WAV was PCM. Understand the rest of the chain , just trying to avoid DADDA in the chain for critical listening. Up with most of the codecs used in audio and video but never bothered with Wav. Like the Metadata with other formats. Hobby background in building pre / power amps , guitar pedals etc as a teen for a side job. So had a good handle on analogue side of things. Quite like the idea of some of these newer cap-less opamps (EG Sabre ) Fewer components in the audio chain. But this car amp is all shark based DSP with reasonably good class D output devices running balanced inputs. With car audio a well tuned system will trump esoteric equipment that hasn’t been. Quite a bit of a learning curve.
  12. I have a few formats unfortunately on my thumb drive., Apple Lossless for the iPhone files, was doing WMA lossless for a while , Flac in 16/44.1 and 96/24 , and some dodgy variable bit rate MP3s😀 But most of time it 320k Spotify, although the highs aren’t great over CarPlay. With the BMW Most 25 , audio is sampled at 16/44.1khz so should do bit perfect CD quality, but wouldn’t WAVE format need a Analogue to digital process within the head unit ? Was thinking that digital source should just get transferred straight from source to the digital bus. The aux sounds reasonable when playing music via clean audio source. I’ll rip a few fave CDs to Wav file and compare. I would class this system as a mid tiered system in car audio with an extensive amount of digital manipulation of the front active three way system. For a car system it’s sounding quite good with the stage sitting above the dash and out to the bonnet. But compared to home hifi the tweeters and door mids are more off axis and unequal angles. But low frequency is an easy ride , must be 15db of cabin in sub bass regions. Getting 115db plus at 15hz with a 12 inch and with more on tap. Doing RTAs has been halirous , can’t hear beyond 11khz ( Brillance spectrum of treble $ . But for the tonal frequencies I can here can certainly pick the differences of well recorded and higher bit rates. I’ll get you to critique the system once I’ve fine tuned the system for tonal balance. Obviously won’t have the clarity but it’s not bad so far.
  13. For the coding there is a straight forward phone app called BimmerCode which is quite safe to use. In expert mode the audio settings can be changed and even in normal mode there is a button to code the unit for “hifi” profile. Just check that it can code cic based audio ( bimmerpost forums suggest it does ) base audio in nbt has both basss and treble boosts to compensate for the 6.5” woofers and dual cone door speakers. Hifi has various profiles depending on model so worth trying various types. I think on the f20 you may get more cabin gain on the sub bass than larger models. It’s worth your while getting a measurement mic and an app call REW that has an RTA and can run aomesome frequency sweeps to see what the treble profile looks like. Then try the amplifier variatants listed in Rogans link. You can also check the time alignment on your amp to see how close it. One thing to check on your underseat woofers, BMW reverses polarity on one side in their wiring on some models. It’s working having the focals subs in phase. You may also need to flip them out of phase with your door speakers depending on your crossover slopes and that way you get a summed transition from bass to mids rather than a null at the crossing point .
  14. Good point. I don’t think I have it in me to re rip CD collection. But BMWs idrive is great in that has played the various lossless codecs on my 256 gig hard drive. It will even sample down hi res Flac files that are also on the drive. Still disappointed that BMW CarPlay is wifi only so no LPCM capability that you get with CarPlay usb.
  15. Thanks, really helpful , will check HU coding as car VO had 6NS coded for USB and ATM module.
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