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  1. So borrowed the wife’s 2017 cx5 diesel today which has istop. In the time we’ve owned it istop timer was 7.5 hours in 80,000 kms. In the last 10000 kms it saved 91kms of diesel so 6.4 litres of fuel or $19.almost immaterial. However, on the commute home the engine was at zero emissions for. 25% of the travel time. To me the fuel savings of one tank of gas over the 80,000 kms is neither her or there and any fuel savings will be offset by the cost of a new car battery with the extra start cycles reducing its service life. But the 7.5 hours of zero emissions is worth consideration. Disclaimer ….. this post used .12grams of carbon.
  2. Neal

    Quick rant thread.

    Group therapy helping guys. Thanks for posting. I guess it’s fortunate that I can get the ps4s rear size in NZ. Had to import the set last year as no 235/265 combos available in 18 inch.
  3. Neal

    Quick rant thread.

    5 cent screw takes out a PS4S with only 1500 kms on it. ☹️
  4. Unusual combo for sure for definitely a selling point as plenty of choice at the moment for DCT comp cars. Certainly appeal to the die hard manual fans as none for sale. In terms of value it’s a bit hard to tell. I’ve had my e46 m3 for a decade and in that time the value dropped by half in the first 4. Years , stayed around the same for another three and had almost come back to my original purchase price in the last two. Good luck with what you decide. Either way a really nice car to have owned.
  5. Neal

    Quick rant thread.

    Used to enjoy it on a motorcycle before the 15 kms of double yellow lines . Only needed a couple of seconds to safely pass. But of late being stuck behind a horse float doing 20kmh with 50 plus cars behind it has taken any “fun” out of it. and then the weather hits ☹️
  6. Neal

    Quick rant thread.

    The hill is the only place where if seen rocks lager than big grapefruits get blown across the road ( the newish cutting area before the summit ) Admittedly the road was in the process of being closed due to heavy wind but easy for rocks to end up in your path.
  7. Try a CX5 2.2D ( KF ) . Easier to get in an out of than a f25. ( we grabbed 80 y/0 plus parents to compare ) More torque than the 35i engine and 6.7 L/100 km average so 700 km between fills 150 kg lighter. Wife brought our one as colour was important rather than the 50 shades of grey f25s that are available. Was also easier for here as she felt she didn’t have to climb up as with F25 It’s worked out be a great SUV and ideal for all of our hospital visits between myself , mother and farher inlaw. Not a euro but actually a nice drive with plenty of torque. Good luck with your chemo. Hope it goes well
  8. Would love to ride the circuit at pace or my pace anyway 🙂 Have done a number of runs in the NZ cliffhanger hill climb which has to be the most addictive thing I’ve done. Nothing like leaning over at 200k plus on what amounts to a rural / farm road. But then you see the times that semi pro NZ riders which have done the TT which just leaves me godsmacked. A few hitting 280- 300 kmh where I’m holding off at 220 . Gonads the size of grapefruit 😀 There is a really good talk / doco on a former TT medic. Better than most TED talks. Gives an understanding of how a number of riders have survived when it’s gone pear shaped. caution as it’s not for the faint hearted.
  9. I’m my list of events to visit. There was amazing video “Close to the edge “ which followed Guy Martins race at IOM TT. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.
  10. Seems E46 M3s not selling easily at the moment. Been a few good examples of late just sitting.
  11. Great example of how to market a car. But equally would be satisfying for next owner to bring it back. Question is would be is it cosmetic bits or some serious work and costs. but ffs … at least give it a clean.
  12. So for people with e46s that want them a bit harder to take. 1, enable the factory alarm even if it’s just set to flash lights. Add Bonnet switch at least. Needs enabling at your fav BMW agent. 2, consider disabling internal obd port or get the product that adds a siren that activates on the dummy port. The siren can fit where the original hands free speaker used to be located. 3, mongoose or similar tracker which has a disable circuit. Mobile app will tell you if car is moved. Choose something like fuelpump or dme power to disable. 4 , payback circuit 😀, add an old spark plug coil to your fake internal OBDI port on the bus transmit. , will blow the …. out of any of the devices that tries and circumvents the EWS.
  13. It’s a true one old lady owner from new. Had just over 100,000 kms during this photo last year. Always garaged and Mazda serviced . 😀
  14. There was a black e46 m3 in Wellington with one years ago. Never saw it towing though or a bike rack. Mind you. Have a two bar on the wife’s suv. The back bumper is almost the only panel that doesn’t have parking dings from other peoples inability to park. However, for the sake of a picture mums 1987 mazda 323i had a tow bar and did tow a trailer on the dump run every now and then. Also saved the back many times going off the marks on the towbar from the parking warriors.
  15. https://www.dummyobd.com/shop/bmw-dummy-obd-port-with-powered-siren/ Something else to consider on top of tracker / alternative immobiliser. Still leaves the one under the bonnet. But that is easy to cover.
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