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  1. Know of a couple of F10 M5 owners. Both have had other M cars including e39 M5 1st owner has had zero issues the car has only had servicing. No issues at all. 2nd owner has some issues and needed engine out work. Repair work was in the high $20k region. 2nd guy has kept the F10 and post rebuild no further issues. But he said in hindsight he should have brought a warranty as problem showed within first year of ownership. But both owners really enjoy the car and it’s amazing power and torque.One says almost too much if you turn the “safeties” off. One of the conversations was also on a power built M5 with close to 900hp . Not sure if that owner is on here.
  2. The comps and regular f80s will also dyno at 460+ standard so in typical BMW Turbod Ms is understated. Also a great platform that can be setup with coding quite easily. Comp will take most of the CS coding for Steering , DCT , Diff , Shocks and traction control. Or GTS for everything other than shocks. If more engine performance is wanted then coding to 500 hp plus straight forward. More performance oriented then crank hub , turbos and downpipes will get 600- 650hp plus with the ability to run back to stock when needed from an iPhone. The Alpina is more of an understated gentleman’s car. Suspect the interior will be a bit nicer. Eitherway both a great choice.
  3. On the car stereo front the amplifier manufacturer Mobridge did a remote session into my amp. I’d asked if it was possible to code the Mobridge amp ( and dsp products ) to use four of the Idrive 6 B&W menu items.The Mobridge Amp has four dsp profiles that can be used , but on BMW F series B&O and Harman Kardon only uses two. The diagnostic on the amp is great. I just needed to press each of the Idrive sound profile options and the engineer was able to see what the Idrive sends to trigger the DSP settings. Within a few working days Mobridge was able to code the extra sound profiles and send back new Amplifier software to test. So I now have four DSP slots which are controlled by the BMW idrive 6 B&W menus. So I’ve done the following Profile 1 , Drivers seat position with appropriate time alignment running an Audio Frog / Harman house curve. Would call this an audiophile style tune with the front audio stage stilling above the bonnet with good width. ( I’m not and audiophile though , have been curved of that level of obsession 😀 ) Profile 2 , All seat tune , time alignment so bass is still forward of front passengers , centred at ear hight between driver and passenger front set. Profile 3 , like Profile 1 , but more bass between 15 -80 hz Profile 4 , at this stage , speakers only level matched, no time alignment or eq. Used as reference for evolution of system. But will probably use it for further map development of Profile 1 BMW B&W menu for context.
  4. If these are still the idrive 6 units then the dyi isn’t easy , but can be done via esys and some other software tools. Using esys takes a bit of learning and the process involves coding the region code on the unit. But be warned that people learning to use esys have bricked there car ecus as it’s easy to hit default ecus. There is a product called feature installer which can do various reprogramming of the infotainment system including region change and adding NZ maps etc. I used a guy on trade me after doing a coding mistake and coded my unit back to factory order. Just needed a laptop ,enet cable and downloaded the software and a software code is given. Not sure if Ronald is on here ? But this is his trade me store. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/accessories/listing/4793841724
  5. Neal

    1M addiction

    We had a standard 1M on a dyno day about a decade back with BMW CC Wgtn. Better engine option than S65. Made more power and torque than a e90 m3. Was a good 100hp higher than my e46 m3. The broucherware advertising only a few kilowatts more. These cars have my respect. Hope you enjoy ownership 😀
  6. Neal

    Quick rant thread.

    They are a $&@$ nightmare to deal with. Had a set of tyres held up for two weeks waiting on documentation. Countless calls to try and get things moving. Turns out they need a copy of the purchase docs so sent those through, took another three days to process. Tyres arrived and found the documents they were after where actually attached to the tyres.
  7. Appreciate the effort you’ve gone to rehost the platform.
  8. Still no mileage with latest update but this appeared on my Apple watch
  9. I think the other area is that BMW have enabled connected services for all F series platforms so it could also be a capicity thing for the BMW platform. Seeing a number of posts with people realising they now have access through the app that used to be subscription only.
  10. Since version 4.5.3 which installed a couple of weeks back also had a slow down with the app and it’s not consistently working. A few minutes to do basic lock and unlock functions and also won’t display mileage and fuel update is laggy and hasn’t updated post drive home quite a few hours ago. Would say some of the bug fixes and improvements to the app have been a backward step. Running a 2017 Istep.
  11. Also coded the F80 for the following as my version of ISTEP ( car software )is circa 2017 .It had the GTS coding option in current software on three of the modules. Simple coding and no flashing required. BMW F82 GTS Steering BMW F82 GTS diff BMW F82 GTS MDM Really like the steering change and has closed the gap between the superb old E46 M3 and F80 running lightest steering option.Its nicely weighted. The deadness has gone on straight ahead its is really nice on twisty roads Sport mode is heaver still and reminds me of of my old e21 323i which I always enjoyed. Sports plus is heavy to fast steering movements but seems like it would be good at ultra high speed like if your on the autobahn. Diff coding change has made the front and rear more in sync and turn in seems better. Still running standard DTC software and Engine software , but like the rawness of the current engine software.
  12. Was on a thread with on a forum discussing the Mobridge Amplifier. Currently with Harman Kardon coding HK has two dsp sound profiles toggled on idrive. The Mobridge has four dsp profiles. In the thread the discussion was on B&O coding of the idrive system which appeared to have three sound profiles . I mentioned that later on BMW introduced the B&W high end system which had 5 sound map slots available and suggested a feature request to map all 4 Mobridge profiles to B&W coding. It turns out that some earlier BMWs had 3 profiles and Mobridge had mapped those. So , I coded in the B&W menu onto my idrive and found it mapped to three Mobridge profiles started working and the possibility of a fourth one at a future date. So maps so far Profile 1 Passengers tune Profile 2 Audiophile drivers seat tune Profile 3 Slam tune so more bass / sub bass coding & B&W sound profile menus
  13. Took a second take , thought it was NBT 4 at first look. Would have loved something like that in my old M3.
  14. Another option option is a mmi module like MR12volt. Options include being able to use factory hand free mic etc. https://www.mr12volt.com/collections/bmw Edit sorry , see you’ve got it covered.
  15. One thing I did notice on my Japan imports was they seemed to have more options than NZ equivalents. My e46 almost had every option available. On the other hand. British ones often have a lower spec such as low end stereo amp/ speakers , no HUD or high beam assist, speed sign recognition but ironically it can self parallel park
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