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  1. Thanks for that, ill compare with any new ones I look at as some vins didn't seem to work. Would special engine be noted after engine code usually ? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the info. Was there a specific vin inquiry page or decoder you used to get that detail or that showed special engine ? Cheers
  3. Hi Charl, Cheers for your reply and good to know. Yes I was looking more at mechanical differences or I guess any in general really, a few of the e36's I have seen for sale here when you carjam them says they are SA imports or trying to decode a vin# I see had build plant ZA which I thought meant assembled in South Africa. Some seem a bit conflicting though as says imported here from South Africa but vin may say assembled in UK/Germany so I guess either decode was wrong or could have been imported to South Africa then imported here. Mainly wanted to see what was different on them as the odd one I have seen people comment they were odd ball models with slightly different parts and hard to find or not interchangeable with others. E30s many seem to say SA ones are better but e36s seems a mixed bag but I think most of what I google is rubbish or people just repeating what someone else said and they don't actually know themselves. Some of the things I have read was SA 325/328i had detuned ecu due to poorer quality fuel, 328i had iron blocks like the 325i (USA models were too ?) instead of alloy due to poorer fuel quality and that 328i had same driveline as 325i instead of the heavier. Again I was hoping to decode the vin#'s better but I haven't found sites yet ones that get to the detail of engine block option and driveline like others say is findable so that should clear things up more. Ideally I am hoping there is nothing much different or that even if an ecu was different that is hopefully swappable and an iron block 328i while a bit more weight could be more robust so not a bad thing and hopefully does have the heavier driveline.
  4. Hi. Just wandering if anyone can point out and info on these models or if there is some listed here that did not pop up in search ? More or less just checking what differences there are ? Apart from seeming that 328 are also iron block like american models do they also have detuned ecu or anuthing else ? Is everything else more or less the same ? I did see a 325i for sale a while back which i thought some of you commented it was specced higher than normal ones but i thought e30s the changes were more so than e36. Cheers in advance.
  5. Ae85.6

    E36 sedan 325i

    Ah thats good to hear then as 328s seem far more common, i just thought maintenance and upgrades were a lil harder or m52 or possibly a bit less reliable electronic wise but obviously that is also per case basis on any car. Nothing much modifying wise as i have read there is not a lot to do. Possibly headers which on 328s i thought meant 4x oxy sensors instead of 2x on 325? Small exhaust work possibly, filter or airbox, some kind of remapped or reflashed ecu for maybe small gain, Cams would be nice however i think that is easier for the pre vanos rather than vanos 325 and 328s. Manifold mod seems to have many many firey debates. Otherwise was possibly going to look more at suspension brakes diff ratio, don't need a lot of horsies to still have fun.
  6. Ae85.6

    E36 sedan 325i

    Hi eliongater. Thank you for the reply and completely agree with you. Have even had that one on my watch list for a while too. As not many manuals around and some that pop up are rough as shyte so was assuming i would be converting an auto which is ok as usually a nicer lower ks car to start with. Had in my head 325i or 328i. Just thought 325i may be earlier so better for simplier electronics side or engine modifying in future. Not stressed about pre vanos as barely any about in the 325s. Cheers for your help though.
  7. Saw this while scrolling through the sedans, looks very tidy so good luck with sale!
  8. Ae85.6

    E36 sedan 325i

    Bump, surely something about !? I did see this one but which does look mint but looks too nice to turn to into something for track days. https://trademe.co.nz/1447278142
  9. Ae85.6

    E36 sedan 325i

    I did see this one but pretty high mileage. https://trademe.co.nz/1368674633 Not sure if belongs to anyone here.
  10. https://trademe.co.nz/1368674633 Don't supose this belongs to anyone on here ? Or possibly has viewed ? Thought could be a good model option but obviously a well travelled specific example...
  11. Hi all. Just checking if there was any e36 gurus in Otago area or possibly even knowledgeable places for pre purchase inspections ? Cheers.
  12. Hi. Thank you for your reply and having a look around for me. Ha yup have spotted all of these ones, first one looked ok and bonus already being manual with stronger gearbox and some maintenance bits being done. Could be worth a nosey. The silver one in welly looked fairly straight and tidy, from memory i asked about the waterpump and they were not sure if alloy or plastic type or about some of the maintenance. Last one looks pretty tidy also but like you said i thought was pretty expensive.
  13. Ae85.6

    E36 sedan 325i

    Hi Tim. Thanks for the heads up and sounds like a nice car but ill have to pass thanks as I'm trying to keep to the plan of 4 doors and a roof. Good luck with your sale.
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