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  1. Thanks anyway has to be one somewhere
  2. Hi guys after a m50b25. going to strip it to build a stroker motor not worried about condition as long as the head and block are in good condition. Also need wiring harness and bosch dme. Thanks
  3. I think that will be the biggest challenge there is always away to do it.
  4. Yeah hoping to make a link pipe. A guy in Aussie did one hope I can do something similar. I'll post pictures when I have mine mounted up.
  5. Hi guys just bought some cast iron turbo manifolds to suit m5x engine had to buy four so I want to sell a couple. Won't have the manifolds for another month or so. Just gauging interest if anyone is interested in buying some. They are a t3 flange and a 38mm waste gate port. Wanting $220 a manifold. I can let you know the quality on arrival.
  6. Saw this on trademe today very cool car. Be a great sleeper.
  7. I have done the complete swap on an e36 318ti to m52b25. I can try give you some advice. Be cool to see another one ?
  8. Just got cert this week finally. Ended up doing coilovers 17 - 8 tecmag wheels with good ride semi slicks. Also my z3 medium case diff arrived this week. Next thing will be paint.
  9. Willus

    318ti m52 swap

    Sorry for the very late reply. I used the 325i suspension brakes and subframe and used the original driveshaft.
  10. Willus

    318ti m52 swap

    Hi guys im new here been doing a m52 swap in a beat up old ti i got. Its all running now. Just finishing off the small details. Like to hear your thoughts and advice. Ill try upload a few more picks as i go.
  11. Hi guys recently got a complete 318ti for parts with a blown headgasket. I have taken the interior and suspension but it is still a rolling shell still. I am going to get it scraped end of the week so parts are up for grabs! 400 for body motor and trans no bumpers or side skirts Contact me on 02041823613 Located in Christchurch i can ship small items
  12. Hoping to get some seat time in the upcoming track day at Ruapuna. Thanks for the advice guys
  13. Finished exhaust tonight looking good looks like i have a bad vacuum leak...
  14. Hi Everyone recently got myself a 318ti i have done a m52b25 swap. Looking forward to getting it road legal. And doing a few track days. Any tips or tricks i should do to get the most out of my budget build. Sorry for the average picture. Better ones to come this week
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