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  1. Thanks, I have already replaced the VANOS seals and oil line back when I did the valve cover (also did rattle repair whilst I was in there) so thats all sorted now. Really happy with touring, glad I picked one up rather than the sedan.
  2. Yep, came with the NZ spec where the non-sport has sport seats.
  3. Hey guys, My current tyres are pretty worn out so I am wanting to replace them. When I bought my current rims I got a set of six Style 72 rims, two fronts and four rears. So now that I am replacing the tyres I am struggling to chose between to keeping it staggered with 225/255 or to go to a 235/40/R18 setup. At the moment it has 215/235 tyres. I have test fit the 235/40/R18 on the front and the clearance is pretty tight but from what I have read on some other forums with people running same offset rims it should be fine. Have attached a picture below of how close the strut is to the rim below, does anyone know if this would be an issue or if I might run into any other fitment issues? The style 72 rears are 8.5x18" and have an ET50 offset. The Style 72 fronts are 8x18" and have an ET47 offset. The other part I am trying to decide on is which tyres to get. At the moment I am looking at the Michelin Pilot Sport 4, Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 and the Falken Azensis FK510. Theres only a difference of about $200-300 which isn't massive, so I am just wanting to know if the Michelins are worth the slight premium. Or if anyone else has alternative suggestions I am open to those as well. Thanks guys, appreciate any feedback I get.
  4. Hi there, Picked up an E46 330i Touring a few months ago and have been fixing it up to be a reliable daily. So far I have done the following: - Full cooling system refresh (Including hard lines under the intake manifold) - Front pulleys and drive belts - Power steering reservoir and hoses - CCV Replaced - Intake boots - Oil level sensor - Oil filter housing gasket - Valve cover gasket - Vanos rebuild - New DISA valve - Engine & transmission mounts - Windshield cowl - Transmission filter & fluid - FCAB's - Front control arms - Tie rods - Wheel bearings - Stock sport springs from HellBM - Sport Sway bars from BM World - Koni Special Active shocks on all four corners - Set of Style 72 rims to replace the Style 79 rims that came with the car - Changed differential fluid - Other little minor things around the car What I have got left to do is to replace all the bushings in the rear (If anyone has an RTAB tool I could borrow...) and I am looking at getting some new tyres soon since the ones that came with the new rims are pretty average. Best money spent so far was on the shocks as the originals were completely shot. And having everything in the cooling system replaced is great for peace of mind. For the future it would be nice to swap in a manual, but for now the auto is pretty good for what it is. Only major issues I have had is a tire blowout in Wellington on state highway 1 near the terrace (I think I must of run over something on the motorway), and a fuel line disconnecting itself which left me stranded outside Kumeu (Car didn't catch fire which was good). Overall the experience has been pretty good though, the car's fun to drive and I have learnt a lot during the process.
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