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  1. Mine, TBH, the E30 is the only one that was special. I really liked looking at it in the garage, Lachssilber Metallic on a E30 is a nice thing. So the look of a classic BMW.
  2. The main issue I have with the E46 (and most BMW's) is the very stiff throttle pedal. This could atribute to the lag you experienced. They have softened off the pedals in later models, its an improvement in my humble opinion. The E46 is a lovely car though, well balanced and with the six cylinder they sound glorious. The interior is also very pretty. Best of luck with the research.
  3. Having a decent seat and harness will help immensely when going fast. I daily drove my Targa car with a full cage and race seats for a couple of years, was not so bad.. I would retain a simple lap/slash belt if you can though, nothing more annoying than getting all harnessed in and forgetting something and having to un-do it then buckle it all back up.. even leaving your sunglasses on the dash requires an unstrap of the harness to reach them, it can be annoying. Best of luck. There are plenty of good authority card inspectors out there and if you enter a couple of club-sport events a year and have the log book stamped you won't need to have the car inspected yearly. My first port of call would be joining a car club, from there find out about events and local inspectors etc. Can recommend Pukekohe car club, they are quite active and have some great events. Getting a Clubsport licence is easy also. Oh, one down side is that only people with motorsport licences can drive your car, so you can't have your mates drive it, or the missus etc... I got my girlfriend to get a National Rally licence, told her she could have a drive of my car.. Then she realised that my fixed race seat meant she can't reach the pedals. Win win.
  4. What event would you be entering that "require" a race seat and harnesses? I have done a few club-sport events that only require a fire extinguisher, including Targa tour, track sprints and road sprints.. can't think of any that require a race seat.
  5. Hey girls. I think we are in a golden age of performance cars. Lets just be happy we can buy a Ford Hatch back with a manual transmission and a setting called drift mode! And BMW make cars like the M2. Lots of manual options if you want an all out performance car. Also. Have a look at whats available in Australia, some great bargains on manual cars there.
  6. Yes. But dealers take what they are given. But whats worse is that most of the time you can't even order a manual anymore. dealers will tell you that "modern auto's are just as good". Best I have had was "drag cars are auto, so thats what you want' When I ordered my new Ford Ranger, I was told to buy an auto for resale, they even offered me an auto at a cheaper price and said manual is hard on resale value.. I waited for a manual and don't regret it, well aside from the fact Ford limit the power in the manual in first and second gears. I had a new Mazda CX5 Limited last week as a loaner, was an awesome car with a lot of great features, handled really well, enough grunt, all the toys.. only problem was the gearbox. No manual option, even though they sell a lot of them as manual in Europe. With a manual gear bit it would be a very enjoyable car, with an auto its simply something to sit in.
  7. Was quick out of bed with a bum period. Switched back to a high protein diet and I am a little scared to fart TBH. Thanks for asking. Im just glad my chassis isnt stiff like yours, I would have seriouse problems on my daily comute. To the original topic, I am looking for a new daily ATM, hence I am on bimersport looking around. Manual is top of my list, followed by station wagon and nice steering… then economy and reliabilty come into play. My daily comute is 50km on back roads, dead back roads, so a manual that steers is what I need. Must say, manual is hard to find these days, unless you go for a sports type car. Was impressed that 80% of the cars I looked at in Europe were manual, just wish they were available here.
  8. I don't need any of it. But its nice to have in traffic, the thing this topic is about. Do you need any of the junk listed in your signature on your car? I mean, is it a race car? Do you take it to the track? I bet modern driver aids are a hell of a lot more useful than a cross brace on a mall crawler.
  9. My Ford Ranger only shuts off when its in neutral at the lights. I got used to it after a week. Cars have come a long way, a modern manual is so easy to drive in traffic, the last couple I have had as drivers had all sort of tech to make it easy, hill start assist, anti stall etc. Driving my old 205 on the other hard, well, thats not fun in traffic at all.
  10. It was a good drive alright! To his advantage, he was seeded right down the list, giving him some very swept roads. The top 10 couldn't even accelerate let alone turn on many stages. I love seeing young guys doing well in lesser machines, thats why rally is awesome sometimes, on a blind road it comes down to talent not budget and repetition like it does on a track. The little TI is a great platform for rally, there are some very fast drivers in TI's here in NZ. BMW's were good on ice back in the 90's!
  11. I no longer have any problems like this... people just let me in. Funny that.
  12. Ask Paul Walker's opinion on 10 year old tyres.. oh wait.
  13. Apex

    Criminal ?

    Did you run a OBD scan though Glenn? Seriously though, that is bad.. I have missed one on my car before when the self locking nut on the other side didn't catch, one missing out of three was not so bad... by the time I got a new nut the other three were looser for sure.
  14. Bugger. Off on holiday that day, would have been keen to take the Megane out. Noob's, just be aware this is a test day and some people are testing, brakes etc, I nearly had my biggest track incident at one of these days when a E30 series guy "tested" his brakes half way down the front straight, must have missed him by an inch at over 180kph. Have fun.
  15. This is what we use. Boom.
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