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  1. Apex

    Quick rant thread.

    I love the "don't believe everything you see on social media" argument. A. I don’t have social media. B. I am capable of looking at actual data and making a decision based on that C. I have spent time in the US and experienced what it is like. D. Did I mention the actual f**king data? Now, I’m no math expert, but even if you do some “kiwi’s can do anything, let use per capita” math on the situation it doesn’t look like a great place to raise a family vs New Zealand, there have been over 40,000 people killed with guns in the USA this year alone, over 650 of those actual mass shootings. Call me a pussy, but I don't like the idea of unhinged people having multiple guns around my family. Myself included.
  2. Apex

    Quick rant thread.

    Oh cool, its a underrated place for sure, most people just stay in the airport. I think it may be a while before Monitor Lizard curry is available in Auckland? Did you go to the Zoo? Was probably the best Zoo I have ever been too, mainly because they let you into the enclosures and I had the chance to see a white tiger up close.. and Speaking of Lizards, there was one enclosure that had us standing next to a Comodo dragon, I was scared. Glad you had a good trip, and you are right with the lack of vibrance, Kiwi's seem to mostly occupied with what their house is worth and then never leaving it unless they are going to a shopping mall or McDonalds.
  3. Apex

    Quick rant thread.

    Good for you! Maybe getting active and eating less processed foods was the key, cant say I have ever lost weight geographically other than a dose of food poisoning or some people get gastric bypasses abroad. Did you explore further than KL? I spent a month there in 2015 and was awesome, the roads into the highlands were nice, way better than here, and that’s ironic when you look at their poverty rate vs ours. Its just a shame they really only have Protons. Also visited (one of) the worlds oldest rain forests, Taman Negara and hang out with their aboriginal people, was humbling. I found KL is almost a country in itself, like Singapore is, the rest of Malaysia is so different, no alcohol for example as everyone is Muslim.
  4. Apex

    Quick rant thread.

    Still, id rather it animals than humans. The amount of guns in América scares me more, or the automatic weapons Police carry everywhere in France, or the people sitting in windows on quiet streets in Brussels and hand signaling each other.. or being followed for 6 blocks by Somalians everywhere in Italy. Safety is something we take for granted here in NZ, it seems a majority are upset because someone has some colours on and uses bad language, or a 13 year old does a wheely past on a dirt bike or ram raids a shop that sells tobaco, vapes and meth pipes...
  5. Apex

    Quick rant thread.

    I found deleting all social media and not having a TV helps... Also, once you get out of main big cities life improves substantially. Aside from being on holiday itself, I would be interested to hear about what is better in other countries though. (have travelled the world and noted pro's and cons) At this point Australia is the only country I would consider moving too, and that based purely on earning 20% more and paying 20% less to live.
  6. Apex

    Quick rant thread.

    its almost like your immune system is weakened... hmmmmn
  7. Maybe try E30Andy? He is closer to you and might know where too look? I know he has had a few X5's. I think you have made a good decision shutting it up. More so these days that there are so many EV's around. Somewhat embarrassing when a 75 year old women in a MG can walk away from you at the lights in silence.
  8. Thanks David Assuming I cant find anyone then I will have to give it a go.. I normally do have a go but if I wreck this unit there are no replacements available is all so i would rather give it to an expert and pay them for their experience, tools time and skills.
  9. Who do you go to when there are no replacement parts available? I have a climate controlled blower motor fan with a burnt out resister that needs repairing. The resister is built into the unit. It can be repaired, they fix them in the UK, but local auto electrical guys are not too interested. Any help appreciated, there must be some clever people around!
  10. Apex


    This NZ new one is nice with lower millage, has had 6k knocked off the price. I think I would look here for a representation as to a good one is worth. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/435i/listing/3468066661 As Gareth touched on, cars are not selling, and especially sports cars, it seems people are buying on quantity vs performance. Also, who is the demographic for the "personal luxury sports segment" that the 4 series falls into?
  11. Honestly, its great to see you out using it, love the van also, I was always against them and preferred tenting but now we have a baby I can see the appeal! Like you, the family (wife) has an SUV as we have a big dog and a small human, Kayaks, awnings and like camping and adventuring. We had a Land Cruiser but it was too big for urban stuff and TBH it was uneconomical to run, so we down sized to a Jeep Trail Hawk, but in three years we have only off road a few times, one safari and a bit of overland and beach stuff. The Land Cruiser was awesome at the offroad stuff though and I miss its dependability vs the Jeep, would love the upcoming new Prado but have been told they will be over 100k. I have a few interesting cars for specials occasions, Sunday drives, track days, Targa, but these days I mostly walk, well 28 days of the month. I am a motoring enthusiast in the same way people own a horse for recreation.
  12. Stoked there are three Graham's with correct spelling around here, I feel we are some times out numbered by all the Graeme's and people relay don't know the struggle of having every other email received starting with "Hi Graeme" even if our actual email address has Graham@ in it. I know there is a lot going on in the world at the moment so I can see why these real issues are overlooked. Well done on the X5 I think, I would love to hate on it but it seems you are actually using it as "sports utility vehicle" so kudos to ya, keep being you boo.
  13. Agreed. 10-15k service maybe cheap insurance for the cist of a service, or just do it yourself. Had a Ford diesel with that service interval period, serviced at Ford from brand new, blew up on us a few months out of warranty at just under 100,000km, Ford charged near 15k to fix it because there were no second hand motors available at the time, they refused to accept that it was a manufacturers problem... then the next year they extended the warranty from 3 to 5 years. FML Guess who never purchased a new Ford ever again.
  14. Its only for stuff he has done recently though. So Free Air at the gas station, a jump start and about 6$ at the self wash from the looks.... adds to watchlist.
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