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  1. Hi @Cammsport, good evening, thank you for your reply and also for your kind words. I understand that all of you who participate on this discussion are not aimed on blaming me, thank you. Yes you are right, I guess when it comes to time- pressure I slide into German / English mix, using German phrases filling up with words in English. I will visit a business- english group by March (so far it is allowed to join due to covid) to work on it. Yes sounds good to me, thank you, whenever you are ready and sorted out whats good to go let me know please, take your time and when there are more information needed just drop a mail please, happy to support. Best regards and a nice weekend to you too, David
  2. Hi @Driftit good evening, thank you for your reply and your kind words, I do accept your apologize, thank you very much, nothing to talk about anymore and I do understand your situation for sure, foresight is better than hindsight. Maybe I can be part of it (this forum and help out with parts from time to time) in future showing that I am the guy to count on. wishing you a nice weekend Dan thank you and best regards David
  3. Hi guys, good morning to your side of the world, I am sorry for my late reply. I thought I would get a mail whenever there is an activity. First of all, thank you for discussing, happy that there is a feedback, even it is not a good one for me though except a better pricing than FCP EURO from the US. Thank you @E30 325i Rag-Top (admin) thats true, I guess they deleted it because I didn´t know that I have to introduce myself before, I made this after I got informed and it was my mistake, thats true and I am sorry, could have know this better.. I am new to this (forum)- thing, but I do like it. Thank you that you didn´t delete this conversation here, so I might have the chance to reply to it without seeing my company name gets burned for no reason because I still work / and worked hard for it. Thanks also to @M M and @Driftit, @KwS, @Matth5, @M3AN, @qube, @zero, @Eagle, @andrewm, to at least discuss this and not all words turned out bad for me 🙂 @Cammsport thank you very much for your enquiry and your trust / try, you are right, no google ratings yet, as I told you might something to think about in future. I do understand that it is might a bit risky to buy far away from a unknown dealer, and yes one of you was right, it s a one- man show (for now). But how to start please? Buy google ratings? Ask friends to rate 5 stars? Not my way. (instagram @partsfriend, some of my recent work whenever it s worth to upload + time making a picture) Happy for a follow if you also use Instagram and I am not burned as the "bad scammer guy". say "hello" please if you follow so I know who it is, I like it personal, because I like my job and try to find my own way in this business) Regarding to my english, sure you are right, not that good as yours for sure, as a native speaker or someone you are dealing with in the US or in the UK and I also notice when it comes to several mails a day and a bunch of work, that my english isn´t the best and getting worth, still learning, still growing, don´t like that too as it looks not that professional, you are right. Will put more work into it. Cam, let s do it the other way around, let me know what you need please out of your latest enquiry, I will send the parts and you pay after you have received them? (as a special because I usually need to pay my dealers within 2-3 days and I would run out of money and couldn´t order more parts offering this in general) (I know I am late to reply to it, so maybe your order was already placed at FCP, but like mentioned I thought I would get any notification and well also my fault not checking it before, busy days getting all things done) And no, I am not from Nigeria or something, I am from Germany and raised in Berlin :- P I do speak German very well ;- ) and English as best as possible, learned in school, never spend longer than 2 weeks in the US or any english speaking country but it should be good enough, to understand what my customer is looking for + explain the steps from enquiry, order and shipment. Thank you again guys, appreciate that there was a response and this forum looks like to have a good and helpful community, if there are parts in future, please give it another try, even if you only would like to compare to FCP or any other dealer you use to buy parts from, maybe in future someone gives it a try. Would be happy. And why can´t a one- man company beat a big one from time to time?... in service + pricing... (please use contact@parts-friend.com if there is something might interesting to check) but I will check this site now every day to see if there is someone interested and willing to try / or any question. Cheers and stay safe (hopefully without a bunch of mistakes, I put in some more time :- ) ) best regards David
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