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  1. Dubman seems to have had exposure to them by the looks of it, anybody else out there who can say something to the quality of their jacks?
  2. Sorry to hear, back issues are a bitch, but to be fair, if it would not have been the jack, it probably would have something else you would have lifted instead. What I am most interested in when it comes to the jacks, does anyone know about the quality of STA parts at all? I know that mainly the American car guys shop there but was wondering if the quality is good, I am planning to have a drive there tomorrow to have a look at their jacks.
  3. Heya, I know this topic is a little bit older, I am currently looking for a low profile floor jack myself, does not need to be alloy, it is for home use and doesn't get moved around. Needs to be below 300 and pickup in AKL, does anyone have experience/knowledge about those 3 jacks? I appreciate the help :-) https://www.staparts.co.nz/View-A-Product.aspx?id=29458&description=Jack%203%20ton%20workshop%20floor%20low%20profile%20min%20height%2070mm%20max%2050 https://www.chevpac.co.nz/catalogue/page/hydraulic-trolley-jacks_ATO_S438/trolley-jack-2-5-ton-low-profile-75mm-min_HJ-280580?p=1 https://www.sulco.co.nz/1-8-TON-LOW-PROFILE-TROLLEY-JACK.html Cheers
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