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  1. https://www.autocar.co.nz/bmw-m325i/
  2. Most items are normally for sale at the right price
  3. Photo Resto Mod is a real thing I have done Visual of lot of cars in the Past but have not yet worked on BMW HOME | studio901 (wixsite.com)
  4. Yes you are correct original photo scanned from the 80 . Here is a update
  5. Hi Guys my car E30 1987 appears to be missing some clips on the rear battery tray . These are the clips that secure the battery cover tray to the side body panel and hold the boot liner in place . There are a lot of options of what you can purchase round head with cross head socket or thumb tighten 1/4 turn fitting. If somebody still has some in there boot and is original . Would appreciate some help in getting the correct type . If some has spare original OEM they would be happy to purchase them from you regards Sean
  6. HI Jon thanks for all the information very Helpful . I need this to add to the History Section for the Story Board required for Survivor Class Entry at the Concours . Been Very Helpful thanks .
  7. Most people like to call a increase in price as a Tax you hear it used all the time for other brands of cars when they start to move up in Value . It should be considered more as appreciation than Tax . Tax is generally perceived in a negative context as payment you make for little or no value return . What you are in fact is paying the appreciated cost and amount which you could get back when you sell plus a gain in some cases after cost . Unlike like tax which you will never get back . They way I look at an Investment car is I have paid to be the custodian of the Car Which I can get a lot of pleasure out of Driving and Using . The down side you have to maintain the Car is the Best Condition possible so you can Charge the next Custodian a Larger fee to cover the Cost. Downside these are Generally not used as Drive Cars.
  8. Hi All . I have invested in cars and spent lots of time looking at markets an looking for trends . At the moment E30 have been moving the rarer the model the higher the price . E30 M3 have always been sought after but also have considerable range in prices as well. But fully documented low mileage couple of owner car unrestored in good condition will always be king With collectors. Even though these cars have moved in price . They Will become a investment grade Car once they pass there original purchase price in today’s money . E30 still have a bit to go but are still well price get them while you can at these prices as collector have not really moved into E30 yet . Most of the price will have been driven by brand enthusiasm by current BMW owners. The rarer the car the more sought after the current sales reflect how well sought after these cars are and also how well they drive . I would only expect these M Tech 1 and 2 to catchup with lower grade E30 M3 they made a lot more M3 than RHD M Tech 1 cars for example . You might have been able to buy one 10 years ago for 10k and think they are not a 50k cars but the market is telling you something else .
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