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  1. I do agree $20k is very far fetched. I should add those that are up for sale, the prices are all over the place hence my reason for the post
  2. Hi all, My mrs is looking at parting with her 123d in the near future but we’re not too sure what to ask as there’s not too many for sale to base off. it’s a 2008 Motorsport and has done 170,000ks. Body is straight, paint is perfect, interior is immaculate and good service history. Any indication on pricing would be much appreciated! Thanks
  3. $600 ONO Selling a set of staggered style 63’s that I bought for my e91 but didn’t fit as I imagined. 3 tyres are ok, and 1 will need replacing before being driven on. Pick up will be northwest Auckland
  4. Can anyone recommend someone/somewhere that can source interior trims for an e92? Currently have the wood trim but much prefer the silver look (or any other look for that matter). Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all New member here but have been driving 3 series since the word go. Daily driving my 09 335i 6M currently and am loving every minute of it. Would be interested to see what others are on here Also have an e91 on trademe for sale too if anyone is interested.
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