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Found 36 results

  1. https://youtu.be/qWduC7g8zLg I've been watching a lot of older ATCC footage and enjoy watching the 325i Tony Longhurst raced, I've been told one JPS 325i is in Australia and the other is in New Zealand both racing in Historic Touring Car classes, which one is which?
  2. N52 2500cc straight-six engine 6 speed Tiptronic transmission 182,000kms 4 brand new tyres Push button start, central locking Light package with xenon headlights and door handle lights. Automatic wipers Automatic headlights Cruise control Multifunction steering wheel Heated seats Full leather interior Carbon wrapped interior, can be removed for original wood finish Windows tinted Professional OEM stereo with AUX input, 6 CD changer etc. Regularly serviced Current rego and wof. Located in Christchurch but happy to discuss shipping etc Looking for $7500 $7000ono Call or text 0221983768.
  3. Kia ora guys, Recently I have bought this lovely car. It was imported from Japan with only 20k on odometer. I am first owner and I love this car. Before I had experience only with Japanese vehicles (mostly Subaru) and this one is my first Euro. I have a lot of plans for this car, so probably I will create YouTube channel to show all upgrades ? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys I’m new here. I’ve had my car for just over a month now. It’s recently started to die on me every now and again. I called AA roadside for a jump start this past Wednesday. The guy told me the Volts were on complete 0. I couldn’t unlocked my car, open the boot. Or do anything without the Manuel key. I bought a battery charger on the same day. I charged it half way and let it off as the charger got very hot. I left it off over night and now (the next night) I have checked it and the car is again at 0 Volts. I plug in the connections and it won’t read anything but light up ‘Stage 1’ and there is a non stop clicking noise coming from the passenger seat near the glovebox. The parking gear light is flashing rapidly and so is the glovebox. The door lights too. What causes this? Please let me know ASAP!
  5. Kia ora guys. Here I will post everything that I have done with my car from the day 1. So I bought it with 20900 kms on the clock. Full Motorsport package with black R18 wheels. Future plans: - Wrap the front grill. - Protect headlights by using film. - Protect full car paint by Dura Seal ceramic paint protection. - Change coolant - Change cabin filter - Upgrade side turn signals - Buy spoiler - Upgrade exhaust (I want louder. If anyone can advise me how to do it without spending 2-3k for new exhaust system, I will be happy) I have created YouTube channel, where I'm going to share my experience. Thanks.
  6. Please help, looking for the air hose that goes from idle control valve to air boot? Part number 1341 1738 186 I have already tried trademe, pickapart, zebra, fb market place aswell as part places around nz, with no luck. Not keen on buying from Amazon or Ebay.
  7. Hi there, looking for some advice on the go to first maintenance bits to do on a car that has been stored for a decade in a garage, it has been run and driven occasionally (total 500km). What are the first things to get done and tackle. Any advice greatly appreciated! Cheers
  8. Hi all, Does anybody here know of a red (BRILLANTROT) 1990 M325i or 325i MTech 2 E30 Coupe Rego "HOT325"? It was my Fathers car new in 1990 (when my father owned it it was PD9198) and he would like to buy it back. However since a privacy law put in place by NZTA in 2011 its been rather difficult to track down the current owner who has had it since 1999. Based on a CarJam report it hasn't had a WoF since 2014 and has only done around 150kms. I have a hunch it may be on the shore? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
  9. Very new to the e30 ownership but have had quite a few friends own them Only purchased this 325i a week or so ago, had to have it even though its a 4dr surprisingly has no rust in the usual areas only real plan for it at the moment is tidy up the engine bay get it a wof and daily it for the mean time while my other car (r32 skyline) goes thru the cert process any thoughts/opinions/knowledge is appreciated
  10. Looking for a tidy E30 Facelift Coupe. Prefer a Mtech2 but will consider a 325i. Not looking for anything that has been heavily modified. Cheers
  11. Hey guys, My 1992 E36 325i doesn't appear to have an asc button or anything to let me turn off the traction control. BUT, there is a traction control warning light on my dash which teases me because I can't get it to turn on. Does anybody know how to disable traction control even though theres no button? Or is this not possible?
  12. Hey guys I'm looking at selling or possibly swapping my E36. She's done 300ks due to Grand touring around the country and has never let me down. Currently wearing Nankang shoes with semi slick tread 225/45/17. Grips well and corners like it's on rails. Chipped ECU inside summoning the forbidden horsepower out of it haha I have always used 95 or above petrol. Never think about 91 haha and has had 328i injectors placed in her. Gas bonnet struts have been replaced recently due to the oem ones bugging out and developing an erectile disfunction lol. It has had the toolkit molested but it will come with my personal little set of tools as it is handy. First aid kit, spare wheel, bottle of anti freeze, oil, crc is all included too. Seats are in good condition with no rips to my knowledge and minimal fading. Fully adjustable. Aftermarket exhaust, generally quiet but really opens up past 2.5-3k rpms Automatic transmission with the whole sport,snow and eco modes Sunroof as well. Works when it wants to but it's there and most commonly goes. Only plays up like once a couple of weeks as if shes on her monthly Sad to let her go as she was my first car but all things come and go. 02108665314 for more details and viewing info Open to all offers Cheers
  13. Hi all I am trying to track down my Fathers old M325i he bought it new in 1990 its a red 1990 M325i now with the plate HOT325. the odds are not in my favor as it hasn't had a WOF in 4 years and rego in 2. Which breaks my heart knowing its sitting somewhere rotting (or maybe someone has converted into a race car?). Unfortunately NZTA wont tell the anything about the Owner as of a law put in place in 2010, Carjam is also effected by this law. I'm based in Auckland. Any info on this car would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Genuine Momo steering wheel boss kit for late type E28 and E30s. Should also fit E34, possible E36 etc as to my knowledge the steering wheels interchange (though this could be a case like my diff so do your own research). Model number 2006. $80. Pickup from Panmure or can post for $10 (non rural).
  15. Hello, new member here from Christchurch. Currently don't own a BMW but definitely want to get one in the future. After something like a 2006-2009 320i/325i E90/E91 Manual which from what I've seen are pretty rare to get manuals. Any advice would be much appreciated in my search. Have a good one. Good to join a Bimmer Forum!
  16. not mine , but a guy I know . very nice well looked after e36 1995 325i nz new 5speed http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1362202520.htm
  17. As per the title I've now decided it's time for another e30 Not too keen on a 4cyl (because power) but may be open to a 320i however must be manual At the moment I'm going to say I'm looking to pay around $3000 which I am well aware probably won't get me a road legal one due to the e30 tax at the moment but that's not a big issue, looking for a bit of a project anyway I say around $3000 but that obviously depends on the condition - I'm not going to pay that for your dereg farm hack, but I may give you 5 for a tidy one Not in a massive rush to get one, have a few months at least so if you are thinking of selling in the near future then let me know! Cheers guys (and girls?)
  18. Hi All, My names Ethan. I brought my E36 last year (possibly from another member) and thought it was about time to get involved!! My car is a Boston Green 325i coupe - nothing crazy done to it, just a few Msport Pieces and some style 68 wheels.. I have track aspirations, and hope to get to Manfeild sometime soon! Also keen to get involved in any events / meets / cruises. I see there's something going down this month... very keen! (will be karting along my bimmer impaired friend (see topic below) until he finds a great e30 to purchase!!) Look forward to meeting you all! (sorry about the pictures.. they seem to have a horrible green cast over them)
  19. If this was in Wellington I suspect I'd be quickly selling my Euro... looks reasonably well looked after and at a decent price - of course it's also an old car and will require ongoing $$$$ but for that money you probably couldn't go far wrong... http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1241425943.htm
  20. Selling a BMW E36 Manual Conversion cheap, need sold by 14th June. Parts Included: M50B25 Gearbox - Getrag (220.0.0225.96) 184000Kms Driveshaft Crossmember Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch (Needs replacing) Shifter Linkage Shift Knob Shift Boot Clutch Master Cylinder Slave Cylinder Clutch Pedal Requires Hydraulic Lines and Brake Pedal Assembly Contact me via cell @ 02040683079 Pickup only located Napier, Hawkes Bay **$600ono.**
  21. Selling a BMW E36 Manual Conversion cheap, need sold by 14th June. Parts Included: M50B25 Gearbox - Getrag (220.0.0225.96) 184000Kms Driveshaft Crossmember Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch (Needs replacing) Shifter Linkage Shift Knob Shift Boot Clutch Master Cylinder Slave Cylinder Clutch Pedal Requires Hydraulic Lines and Brake Pedal Assembly Contact me via cell @ 02040683079 Pickup only located Napier, Hawkes Bay Pictures: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1105276302 **$600ono.**
  22. Have around 7k... Looking for a mint 320i/325i auto with lowish kms and a little bit of history. (no red cars sorry) As stock as possible, Must be reg/wof Will travel for the right car. Looking for a minta, It's for a good friend and we really want to start her off in a bmw (e30 for life) , txt 0212014302 Cheers Ace
  23. Hi all! I have a '84 320i that I am in the process of bringing back from the dead. On my list of to-do items is to swap out the slightly mangled existing setup for something that saves a bit of weight and gives a nice sound. The current setup I have is a slightly hacked up factory exhaust that has been changed to a single pipe halfway through. I would like to convert the car back to dual pipes all the way, but the e30 factory setup is a bit heavy and too tame in terms of volume for me. I have done a bit of research and found that while an Eisenmann sounds glorious (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wATJXGhi-70) it is also the most expensive by far. Like $1100 NZD + shipping kind of expensive. Which sucks because it is my favorite. Stromung makes a catback setup for the e30 that I like a lot (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOQDkPOFLZA) and is a lot cheaper than the Eisenmann at $610 USD (currently that is $930 NZD because of the crazy exchange rate, so it should get cheaper again). Still a lot coin though. SO My bottom line is I paid $850 for my whole car and I'm not in a place where I can just drop 1-2K on a perfect exhaust setup. I want duals and a louder but nice tone. If that could happen for $600 or less all up I would be stoked. What would you reccomend as a nice sounding rear muffler that is affordable here in NZ? Also use a factory center section or use something else? Thanks guys!
  24. Hi Guys, So iv got a fully dressed '87-'88 M20B25 with loom and ecu, gearbox etc all with it lined up. The only problem now is the wiring from the C101 plug which is round and has 20 pins, to my rectangular C101 on the '85 323i. I have started to create a pinout chart which ill upload later tonight, theres just a few wires i am unsure where they should go? There is scarce information about 323i's on the internet, as they were Euro spec and well you know, if its not US spec then no one on any of their forums wants to know about it. I also need a bit of help as to what will go to the C104 plug (i understand this is for the cluster side of things). There is a round connection on the bulkhead by the passenger side, i know this isnt a C101 as i have an earlier car but i was wondering what it actually is. Any wiring help would be much appreciated. Ill upload my chart so far later on. This is the first time iv done anything near this intense mechnically, but thought id try my hand at it. I havent got the engine yet but will have it in a month, so i thought its best to prepare everything now so that its easier when i have everything. The 323i L-Jet wasnt the best starting place but its what i have to work with so ill do my best to make it work. If any of you guys are around Central/West Auckland, and know about the wiring id be real keen to have some help when the engine is dropped in. i HATE electrical systems and having not much experience doesnt really help my cause. Im sure with some help i can get this done successfully, so cheers for any help you can provide me with! Also i know the connector changes around the time this engine was built, so i will check again and confirm. This will probably be the same thread i ask lots of electrical questions over the time of the swap. Thanks!
  25. Hi Guys, I need an ignition coil for my '89 325i. I have one from my '85 323i, but i cross checked the part #'s on RealOEM and they dont match, so i thought its probably best to get the right part for the job. Part # is: 12131286087 if it matters. It can be used, just as long as its working okay. The closer to Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, the better! But dont mind shipping i guess. Cheers!
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