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  1. The 27 piece kit looks to cover most things, although I think for wheel bearing yes as you say you'll need a dedicated socket or puller for it as most wheel bearing are much bigger than 80mm nowadays.
  2. Thanks for the reply! It seems like other owners (as seen on forums) use a 60mm/2" cup to repress the bushing back in; although not ideal as it compresses the rubber somewhat but it seems to be fine. I don't own an angle grinder or a complete workshop so I think I'll buy the 27 piece bushing removal kit, it would be useful in the future if I were to tackle any other similar bushings as such. It's surprising that there aren't any shops that have a bushing removal tool for hire in Auckland! $200 here we go 🙂
  3. Hello everyone, hope all is well. I'm currently in the works of replacing the bushings on my E46 chassis and have found that the rear trailing arm bushings have shot at 180,000kms. Two are to be replaced which is not too hard but the tool required isn't common so I was wondering if anyone on the forum would know any shops in Auckland that would have this particular tool for hire? Purchasing a $150 tool (80 + shipping from UK/EU) for a one-off job seems a bit overkill. Any knowledge in regards to this would be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much!
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