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  1. Hi guys, any recommended front strut brace for a 2013 F20? I'm based in Christchurch...
  2. Thank you! So upon further digging, turns out upgrading the iLevel for Jap BMW imports may cause some modules to fail. So i guess it's a no go for launch control then. Still looking for workshop that'll help with steering wheel + cruise control upgrade and maybe some performance tunings...
  3. Thanks!! Maybe a stupid question, is it posible to code with MHD, xHP and Bimmercode on the vehicle ? Will there be conflict?
  4. Hi guys... is it possible to update the iLevel of the BMW? I'd love to add launch control onto my 2013 M135i on Bimmercode but apparently the iLevel is too low. Also, am thinking of changing the charge pipe etc to get ready for MHD Stage 2, does anyone have a goto workshop in Christchurch for this and the earlier purpose? Thanks!
  5. That's a beauty. Hope it won't be too awkward with me having a white car with black plate and grey numbers.
  6. Thinking of getting it. The original white plates need to be returned?
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