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  1. Hey Guys I'm having a problem with the alignment of both my windows in my 1995 318TI. When the window rolls up all the way, it's shifting on a really aggressive angle. i have had the windows fall out before. like out of the guides and down into the door cavity. it was so bad that it has torn my tints and gouged out massive chunks and scraped massive lines. at its worst the top of the glass was sticking out from the door frame almost 4-5 inches. At the moment it take 2 people like 5 mins to wrestle it into place and even then its not sitting flush and in the door seals. i have disconnected the passenger window switch and i cant really use the drivers side unless its an emergency. Its just mental. Its higher on the back side of the window and low the the front side closest to the side mirror). The weather striping is being push to the back of the car (causing bad wind noise at highway speeds), instead of rolling up nicely against it so its also leaking. Has anyone run into this problem and/or know of a excellent person that would specialize in adjusting the window. I have had a quick look online to try and find a guide but cant seem to find any. i hear that its a common problem but my case sounds more extreme than others. Im hoping their is some1 who can help me find a guide or even help me fix it Sorry for no pics.(ill try and get some if i have to open the windows) but i dont want to risk breaking the glass or internal mech's anymore than i have to. I have been thru like 4 sets of sliding clips or what ever they are and still no luck. Thanks in advance!
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