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NZ M4/M3 reviews

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Very meh. Something to brush over while on the throne.



Guy starts off that he is only ever driven old Jap cars....


It's just a story about his experience being invited to the release.


Mostly brochure details.


Couple of single sentence comparisons between M5, M8, M3, M4





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I drove it 😁 I was at the same M Town event as the reporter.

Done two track days in my own F82 M4 now so I think I have a decent comparison.

Couldn't push as hard as I've done in my own M4 in the track, instructor was in the lead car and restricted the pace. I did get to toss it around a bit and power out the corners just enough to get the back end out a little.

Handling dynamics felt just as sharp and responsive as the F82. The auto shifts fast but not as instant as the DCT, there's no kick even in the most aggressive setting. I'd say a negligible performance difference but I'd like the DCT just for the fun factor and character it gives the car... not everyone will care for it.

The handling hasn't suffered at all from the extra weight and size, I'm seriously impressed with how they managed that.

Carbon seats are very comfy and hold you very well on the track, even with regular seat belts. Just need to clamber a bit to get out.

Oh and if you're in the back seat of the M3 when the pro driver does the hotlap and drifts it, you'll wish you were in a bucket seat because you get tossed around lol.

I really would have loved to take it around the track all day, it was so fun. I drove the M8 and M5 too... amazing cars but so isolated and detached feeling that they're not nearly as fun on a track. The M3/4 is NOTHING like them.

Am I going to rush out any buy one? Well... no, the F82 is still heaps of fun :)


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Better review than those above. Cheers.

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