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2006 E90 n46 320i engine swap to n52 325

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Howdy team.

Was wondering if anybody knows if this is something i can work towards?

Or a rough estimate on what kind of cash itll cost me. 

Or any other ideas on how to get a bit more power out of the 320i and whats necessary to also keep it reliable. The n46 only has 110,000 on it so if there are any cheaper options than an engine swap to squeeze another 20-60hp out of it i would definitely prefer to explore those first.

It is also the 6spd auto/tiptronic trans in it.



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Could be worth it if you get a whole crash damaged 325/525i as a donor and use it to transplant everything over, and do all the work yourself. Would be quite involved so you'd have to be really keen for a project. 

If you're buying just an engine and paying a shop to do the work then it'll never be worth it. 

In either case, unless there's anything that's uniquely desirable about the particular body/chassis, it'll be much cheaper & easier to just sell up and buy a ready made 325i, or better yet a 330i if you can find one. But then what's the fun in that...

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sell it and buy a 330i or 335i etc 

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