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  1. Looking for a pair of black leather electric sports seats for an E46 sedan/touring. Christchurch area preferred, South Island considered. Don't think freight from up north would really be feasible. Keen to see if there's any out there. Looking to convert the current alcantara interior to leather on my Touring. Have already got the back seats as well as the door cards, only piece missing are the fronts. Also, if anyone's got alternator air ducts to suit the Msport fender liners/bumper, would love those too. Cheers
  2. Vass

    E46 Bits & Bobs

    I believe so. Came off a parts car. The driver's side one did fold in and operated fine, on the passenger door I later discovered the whole mirror control unit was missing so the mirror wasn't plugged in.
  3. Vass

    E46 Bits & Bobs

    Have various bits collected over the years that someone might find more use for. I've kept most as spares but don't mind clearing a bit of space either. Shoot a message for whatever you need. Would prefer local pickup (Halswell, Christchurch) but happy to post if I manage to find suitable packaging. More photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yt7zfmkdrysih7x/AAB_g7gtd1TopykigBSSmjgDa?dl=0 Facelift sedan/touring xenon headlights - $200 Lenses are quite faded but should clean up nicely with a good polish. Rear dustcaps missing. Can come with trim bits. AUX adapter cable - $10 (Check if your headunit is compatible - https://e46radio.com/e46-radio-cd-tape-md-aux/) Passenger airbag sensor bypass (1 available) - $15 Aftermarket head unit surround - $10 Brake booster - $50 Electric mirrors (wire type) - $60 ABS unit - $100 Facelift sedan/touring black hood grilles - $10 Were glued in with some gunk, some of the clips broken, look fine but will probably need a bit of silicone to secure better. Front bumper foglights - $20 Came off a non-msport facelift sedan, not sure what other models they'll fit. Radiator - $50 2-3 years old, some fins on inside bent but overall pretty fresh, no leaks. Will come with rear bracket. Radiator top hose - $10 Dated 2017. AC Schnitzer cluster - $40 160,xxxkm Centre console compartment for HVAC unit - $20 Suits a double-din setup, holds an HVAC unit snug as opposed to a sunglass compartment. Bottom clips broken but should still sit securely against the gearshift surround. HVAC unit - $20 LCM - $40 Auto trans thermostat (unused) - $30 Final stage resistor - $20 Clock spring - $50 Blower motor - $50 Wiper linkage & motor - $100 Space saver spare wheel - $20 Air vents, switches, bumper shocks/mounts, hood & boot struts - $5 a pop
  4. Got the engine, trans, rear subframe out of parts car. M54b30 rebuild about to commence. Now just need to figure out how to drag the shell out of the garage and onto a trailer with no wheels on 😄
  5. Not as outrageous as whatever this is: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/3/listing/3392754388?bof=8yZK6HNG
  6. I guess I did... something?
  7. Vass

    Lachssilber E30 M325i

    Ooooohh jelly. Some Kalev goodness?
  8. Vass

    Lachssilber E30 M325i

    I'm here all day for the Estonia shout outs Awesome touch, love the old school look with all the functionality you need.
  9. Suppose I'd better close this chapter before embarking on a new thread. Long story short, after going on Christmas break, I spent the next 4 days doing 12-hour shifts meticulously cleaning and reassembling everything that I'd taken apart. All the brand new parts went on without issues and, no "spare" bolts left at the end of it all. She fired up first go with the only minor issue being the brand new coolant sensor turning out to be faulty. All that was left was this pile of ancient bits replaced with new ones: With new VANOS seals, spark plugs and cleaned throttle body, valve and MAF sensor it definitely felt more responsive and nimble, as well as becoming less thirsty by about a liter per 100km. Gave her a good thorough clean inside-out to top it all off. Straight after it took us on a grand tour around the South Island, all the way down to Milford Sounds, Invercargill and Dunedin before shooting all the way up to Abel Tasman along the West Coast, doing a few Great Walks along the way. All in all clocked up close to 4,500km along some of the best bits of road I've ever driven, falling in love with the car and the scenery all over again, wee Bambi behaving immaculately throughout, with the only trouble caused by a tired old battery that was promptly replaced. Sadly, after about a year-and-a-half of ownership and much deliberation, I decided it was time to part ways. I wanted to take the car up to a higher standard, which would involve investing increasingly unreasonable amounts of money into things like suspension and break upgrades, as well as possibly a full or partial respray. In the end I figured if I was going to go down that route, I might as well do it with a car that I was going to be able to justify keeping longer term, and unfortunately, I didn't see that car being a coupe. I was still very keen to stick with the E46 platform, so when a black 325i E46 Touring came up for sale, I went ahead and jumped on it. That car is a whole new can of worms deserving a whole thread of its own (which I promise to be more consistent with). Coming soon... As for Bambi, after a longer than hoped for sales process, probably drawn out by my "knowing what I've got", she found a new home with a couple from Wellington back in October, a day short of my 2 years of ownership. Never easy letting go of something you'd put so much effort into, but at the same happy knowing I left her in better shape than I'd gotten her for the new owners to enjoy. Hoping she's well taken care of in her new home. Give her a wave if you see her roaming around up there. Onto new ventures and adventures.
  10. Bought this 330i for an engine overhaul & swap. Anything related to that (engine, ECU, transmission, drivetrain & brakes etc.) unavailable, the rest is up for grabs if anyone needs any bits. Has left hand damage, other panels have various degrees of minor dents & scratches. Ask away and I can provide more detailed photos & description of condition. Interior is in good nick, fully leather with perforated middle sections, electric fronts. More detailed photos (more photos will be added as the car gets disassembled): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pzn6u86jztjvzxz/AABKKkO83utOuJVn-bOeBImYa?dl=0 Available: Wheels - $250 (look to be Style 67 17" reps, one rim has paint flaking off, others have minor kerbing, tires are near new, 7-8mm all round, 225/45R17 front, 235/45R17 rear) Front seats - $100 Rear seats - $50 Xenon headlights - $200 (lenses quite faded, missing rear dust caps) AC Schnitzer cluster - $50 (160,221 km) Black grilles - $10 (suit FL sedan/touring, some clips broken off, were held in with some sort of gunk, would need the same treatment) AC Schnitzer roof spoiler - $50 (part # 5131 46 110) Body panels - $50 a pop Ask away for the rest, prices and more photos available upon request. Not looking to make big bucks, just don't like throwing stuff away that someone might find use for. Will use Pick-A-Part pricing as a rough guide. Sold: Trim inserts Boot Taillights Floor mats Windshield cowl Door cards Pickup - Halswell, Christchurch. Would prefer not to ship but happy to accommodate courier pickup. Will give prices for other bits upon request.
  11. Vass

    Lachssilber E30 M325i

    Some inspiration for a few upcoming missions there. Except the last part..
  12. Beauty! Would have snapped it up at the beginning of the year, was looking for a black touring but ended up settling for a 325i, which I'm about to start undertaking a b30 swap on in the coming months. Best of luck with the sale, looks to be a stunning example.
  13. Mate, honestly, whilst it probably is a very fair asking price, in this silly age where all these turnips are asking similar money for their neglected, high k's E36's, I'd be holding out for more. Has to be one of a kind in the country and sure to be worth double in 10 years' time, if not sooner. Will definitely miss drooling over this beauty, hope she goes to a good home. Best of luck whatever you end up doing ✌️
  14. Get in! Eagerly waiting to see what you turn it into
  15. Not surprising, did appear to be some shill bidding happening on a few of his auctions. Prop up the "value" and then offer it elsewhere for a "cut price". That's what "making a fair living" seems to be nowadays... Nice enough car but $23.6k for a 320i auto with next to no service history... What even is this
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