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  1. Yes. Until I've saved up enough to buy it in 10 years time... Gorgeous machine. Glws but you should probably keep it.
  2. Hey, at least you still have a physical dipstick by the sounds of it. They seem to be replacing those with just an electronic sensor nonsense on all the newer cars nowadays...
  3. Weird one. If leaking from between engine and transmission then the most obvious source would be the rear main seal, although normally it would be a pretty slow drip. Are you sure it's engine oil and not ATF? Not sure of what the industry standard would be on that. If it were my car then I would have done the rear main seal preventatively as it's quite an easy job with the engine out of the car but an absolute pain if not. I guess at the very least would have expected them to inspect it prior to install and advise to replace if found to be weeping. Then again they might have damaged something during the install, who knows... Weirdly enough, a colleague of mine has a 116i of the same chassis. Last year the engine gave up with apparent loss of compression. Replacement engine got put in under mechanical insurance, a few weeks later engine starts to overheat, gets taken back to mechanic, deemed to be a loose coolant pipe. Eerily similar story to yours, wonder if there's some common coolant pipe that's a pain to install or something...
  4. Vass

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Yeah I've heard of that. Apparently you have to pretend to be a Timaru local though? Good news on the Rolleston fella, hope it takes off, the Chch fellas are long overdue a kick up the ass.
  5. Vass

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Just checked again, and she's live! Will get a WoF booked in. Hallelujah!
  6. Vass

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Yeah will give them feedback regardless whether it gets resolved this week or not, would expect much better with the amount of money you're shelling out. It's a tricky one as the next closest certifier is all the way in Timaru so really wouldn't want to go on a full on war path and end up in the guy's bad books if I ever need stuff certified again...
  7. Bummer but hopefully it's something simple. Did you clear adaptations at all? Sometimes it will take a wee while for the DME to adjust to a "new normal" and it will be a bit erratic until the first proper drive. Have you checked codes? I've had a code for "idle control valve stuck open" so could be something like that. What sort of smoke tester did you go for? Recently did a bit of logging and found Long Term Fuel Trims sitting at 8.5% so am looking to get one as well. Have heard good things about the AutoLine Pro range, supposedly comes with free shipping through Amazon so leaning towards that but keen to hear what you've found.
  8. Vass

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Not per se. The typical stuff like has to be garaged while not in use and assumed up to 10k km's a year. Not sure how that's policed though. The tag is on the car and have the paperwork/receipt from the certifier saying that it's passed inspection but doesn't say what it's certified for though. Wasn't enough for the WoF guy. I've still been driving it on occasion with the paperwork on board. I'd probably be able to reason with a police officer if I were to be pulled over, don't think it'd be as straight forward if I were to make an insurance claim though...
  9. Vass

    The Barbara Chronicles

    Not much to report on as far as the car itself goes, just some battles on the bureaucracy front. Had a valuation report done through NZVV. Came out to my place, took some pictures and had a chat, gave me a rundown on the mechanics behind how the valuation shakes out. Settled on $15k. Would have liked it to be higher but probably about right as to the market value if I were to sell it today. Main thing is that the higher the agreed value, the less likely it is to be written off in a fender bender. Forwarded the report on to Classic Cover who came back with a quote that I snapped up straight away. $15,000 agreed value, $570 yearly premium, $250 excess. That compared to the spit-in-the-face renewal letter I got from AA... $5,800 agreed value, $960 yearly premium, $500 excess. Make that make sense. Getting pretty annoyed with the certifier as the cert tag still hasn't gone live. The old WoF has now run out and I can't get a new one until the tag shows up online so the car is out of action. Been chasing the guy up repeatedly but he keeps on blowing smoke up my ass. First he said he'd upload the data to the LVVTA database the day of the cert but said it's unlikely to get approved until middle of January due to Christmas closures and all. Chased him up 2 weeks ago and he claimed it'd be live later that week. It wasn't. Called up LVVTA directly to check the status only to find out there's still no records for my car in the system so the certifier still hasn't submitted anything. Chased him up again on Wednesday, got told that it's "up for processing" on Thursday and should be live on Friday. Sure enough, still nothing. Not sure if this is just misleading anymore, starting to veer into the straight up lying territory from the guy. Will give it another week and might just show up in person. Getting pretty ridiculous at this point. Have read reports of tags going live the day of the inspection with other certifiers, unfortunately here in Christchurch it's pretty much a monopoly and the dude can just get away with taking your money and then dragging his feet forever. A mate had to wait 4 months from the date of inspection to his tag going live. I don't intend on waiting that long sitting down. But hey, at least I didn't have to get driveshaft hoops...
  10. Bit off topic but have been curious on this for a while. Is there a reason people are opting for M52 conversions as opposed to M54? Have a mate that just got his E30 certified with an M52B28 and have heard of a few others too. I would have thought the M54 to be, I guess, a superior engine, the fabrication involved and fitment would be pretty much the same and M54's are surely more easily available nowadays. Is it the electronics behind it that are more complex or just down to what people have had available to them at the time?
  11. Ohh man that's epic! Looks so clean, what an absolute weapon it will be
  12. Vass

    Quick rant thread.

    AA has an upper limit on what you can set without having to go through the hassle of contacting them directly. In my case it was $8,350 with a yearly premium of $1,040. Just played around with the calculator on the MAS website @Hazzy mentioned and there didn't seem to be an upper limit, not for getting a quote anyway. Put in $15,000 for shits and giggles and the yearly premium came out to $980... In conclusion, f**k AA.
  13. Vass

    Quick rant thread.

    The premiums going up isn't the shocking part. The fact that they at the same time devalued the car by that much as well is an absolute pisstake though.
  14. Vass

    Quick rant thread.

    AA Insurance. With them for 5 years, only claim I've ever had was a chip in the windscreen 3 years ago that didn't even need a full replacement. Policy renewal documents dropped in the inbox. Yearly premium goes up by $100 whilst dropping the agreed value of the car down to $5.8k, a drop of 23%. Nevermind the excessive maintenance and modifications, go find any 6-cylinder E46 Touring for any sort of money, let alone sub $6k. Getting the car evaluated in the next few weeks and going with someone else. Useless pricks.
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