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Need help with E90 fault codes

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I've got a bunch of fault codes on my E90 that I recently bought, and I need some help diagnosing what's wrong with it.

Some of the codes are related to low voltage from the bad battery that was in it, so you can disregard those. The battery has been replaced.

I'm mainly interested in clearing the check engine light and the DSC warning that keeps coming up on the centre screen.

Here are the codes, divided into each vehicle system. Any assistance or advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.

-Engine Control Module

2E81 Electrical coolant pump, speed deviation

2A2F Mixture control 2

2DEC Power management, battery monitoring

CDAD Message error (request, wheel torque, drive train, BF)

-EGS Transmission Control

51AD No message from Dynamic Stability Control

CF2B No message from longitudinal dynamics management

- LDM Longitudinal Dynamics Management

62CE Overvoltage fault

- DSC Dynamic Stability Control

5DE2 Brake-pad wear: brake pads, front axle [Could this be causing my DSC warning message on the centre screen?]

5DF4 System voltage too low

D373 No message (SZL C8, C9)

D35B No message (LDM 213)

94BD Insignificant steering column switch cluster fault: Clear fault memory

5DF7 System voltage too high

5E43 Steering angle sensor: initialisation

- JBE Junction Box Electronics

A6CF AUC Sensor

- MRS Multiple Restraint System

93D0 Undervoltage

9408 Undervoltage during self-test

- INSTR Instrument Cluster

A3B1 Message error (turn-signal indicator light cycle, 0x1F6), receiver instrument panel, transmitter footwell module

- AMP Amplifier

D6D0 Ring-break diagnosis has been carried out

- FZD Function Centre, Roof

A092 SHD initialisation

A090 SHD mechanical system

A670 Fogging sensor

A088 Control switch SHD

- CID Central Information Display

A468 CID: Cable break to MASK or NAVI

A46D CID: CID malfunction due to periphery

- VM Video Module

DBD0 Ring-break diagnosis has been carried out

A38D Receiving system, aerial supply voltage: outside tolerance

- CD-GW Control Display (Gateway) M-ASK-GW Gateway

A179 Control-unit fault

-FRM Footwell Module

9CC3 Mirror heating, driver's side, faulty [This has been fixed]

9CCE Battery exhausted

- CDC CD Changer

D810 No code descriptions

- M-ASK-NAV Navigation System

A3EC No wheel-speed signal

- CCC-ASK Audio System Controller

A199 Control-unit fault

- IHKA Integrated Automatic Heating/Air Conditioning

9C4A Fresh-air/recirculated-air-flap motor

9C6C Supply, switch centre, centre console 12 V

9C50 Rear compartment stratification flap motor

9C4B Defrosting flap motor

- CCC-GW Gateway

A179 Control-unit fault

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Are the current faults the highlighted ones?

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1 hour ago, Eagle said:

Are the current faults the highlighted ones?

No, ignore the highlighting. That was unintentional, from copy/pasting stuff. I'm just concerned with sorting the main issues of the CEL, DSC warning, and there's also something causing draw on the electrical system, because the battery will go dead if I don't keep it on a trickle charger. Anything else I'm not really worried about.

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Need to clear all codes, drive the car for a bit then rescan to see what comes back. A lot of those are probably from battery going flat.   

Replaced lots of alternators on E90's compared to the older stuff so probably pay to test that if you have a multimeter. Also need to code\register the new battery. 

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