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I bought a Z3 with some issues.

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I am a sucker for a bargain, so I bought a very cheap Z3 that wouldn't run. Its a 2L M52TU and the previous owner stated the issue was the throttle body. I pulled the TB out and it was corroded shut. In the boot of the Z3 was another one, so I swapped it out, and now it runs nicely. These are a few more issues to fix:

  • It sits very low in the rear and could do with being raised a bit. Not sure if it has factory springs, will have a look.
  • The airbag light is on and I get the code,  1A MRS Seat Occupancy Recognition 1 (SBE1). I am assuming this is the seat occupancy sensor. Was thinking of using an Emulator. I also get F0 MRS, internal control unit fault. From what I have read this is not a good code to get as it locks the module. It can be reprogrammed, might be a call to Pramod. 
  •  I get the code: A2 EGS: Brake Signal. From what I can see this is a faulty brake pedal switch. 
  • The central locking isn't working and I get: OD Central locking drive, open circuit. Yet to research. 
  • I also get 01: Fuse interior lighting. Load consumer deactivation. again yet to  research this. 
  • Oh and its missing the front marker lights. 

The bonus is that the car has a warrant and rego, had nice two tone heated leather seats and is an LCI with and LSD and M sport suspension. My daughter likes it, and feels this will be hers. Her twin sister has a 130i. 

If anyone has any thoughts on the codes or fixes please feel free to comment. :) 


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You were lucky with the spare throttle body in the boot.  They are expensive to buy.

The attached PDF gives you the rear ride heights.

You are correct with the F0 airbag module internal fault, call Pramod to see if he can reset the module.  

Hope the repairs go smoothly and your daughter likes the car.

BMW Z3 rear ride heght measurements.pdf

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Thanks Murray. it looks like I am 10 to 13 mm lower at the rear than the M Roadster suspension, and my gas tank is empty. I will look at spring options or maybe spring pads/spacers. I will pull the wheels off this weekend and have a look at what's under there. 

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