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Neil McCauley

2011 E90 335d

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After an E9x 335d? This is the one you want. Alloy block and head M57TU2.

175,783km which will go up occasionally, RUC’s paid to 182,012km. Regged till next year and just flew through a VTNZ wof.

This has been my fast / reliable daily for the last 40,000km with cost being no object to upkeep when I was commuting 160km a day. Usage case has dropped to below 8000km a year, so it's possibly time to downsize to a smaller diesel.

The Good:

Serviced from new at Jerry Clayton until 120xxx km, and then Continental BMW / Hell BM / Bellar's / Hansen’s Auto from 135xxx under my ownership.

To my knowledge, this is the only E9x 335d in NZ with the Harmon Kardon stereo, I won't buy another BMW without it - it's such a massive improvement over the poverty versions. Very well specced for tech, with internet prep / combox / bluetooth / professional nav / usb / music via mobile all optioned in. Hardwired Passport radar as well.

Has the later style Magneti Marelli xenon’s which look vastly better than the Hella version.

Electronically folding tow bar that hides away under the rear bumper (spot the spelling mistake in BMW NZ's label).

Under my ownership:

Updated PCV valve to the improved later design, all pipes replaced.

All filters replaced as required.

NEW intake manifold and all gaskets replaced.

New transmission sump.

Wheel speed sensors.

New 92AH AGM battery (genuine).

6 new glow plugs and glow plug control unit.

Battery terminal and blower controller recalls carried out.

Currently sitting on 19” BMW Performance style 313 wheels with Michelin PS4S rubber, the wheels were fully refinished by Arrow Wheels to as new with diamond faces, and the rubber is showing 5mm tread all round.

Racechip XLR throttle controller installed, which takes all the delay out of the electronic pedal in the sportier settings.

Brand new ATE discs and pads in the rear, installed 500km ago. BMW F series 4 piston Brembo performance calipers up front with 340mm floating discs (to be installed today maybe?).

BMW Performance black grills installed, and I’ll throw in a NOS BMW Performance carbon fibre mirror cap, see if you can have better luck than me finding the other side to match.

Black number plates installed.

All of the engine work done is a “when not if” when it comes to the M57, and I wouldn’t buy and M57 without this work having been done or factoring it into the purchase price.

All emissions gear is still in place, and the TU2's don't eat intake manifold butterflies like the 4 banger diesels do.


The Bad:

Definitely a “6fter” – the paint comes up well with a polish, but there are scratches that could be extracted from the clear coat if you wanted – winters are fairly harsh in Queenstown so it didn’t bother me that much.

Rear bumper paint is cracked – I never got round to getting it booked into the panel shop.

Front bumper lower edge has seen plenty of curbs over the years, but that’s par for the course for any E90 with the M-Sport front bumper, and they’re impossible to find second hand in any decent condition.

Curb scratch on the LHS side skirt.

Both headlight washer covers have broken, and $70 each at the stealership seemed a little egregious to me.

LHS passenger door handle looks like it’s been 12 rounds with a chainsaw, suspect a previous owner’s dog used it as a chew toy, and it’s not a part that’s available as a spare.

Rear seat bench has a couple of marks in it, suspect the same dog.

Window tints are getting scratched up from the window rubbers, you could either replace them or remove.

Stone chips? You’re gonna love them! Sadly that’s the par for the course in the deep south.

Headlight lenses are showing signs of burn-in on the inside. A very common problem on this era of headlight plastic.


Asking $18K.

Any further queries / questions don’t hesitate to ask.

brrrrm copy.jpg

IMG_4442 copy.jpg

IMG_5668 copy.jpg

IMG_5670 copy.jpg

IMG_5667 copy.jpg

IMG_5671 copy.jpg

IMG_5672 copy.jpg



IMG_5570 copy.jpg

IMG_5572 copy.jpg

IMG_5575 copy.jpg

IMG_5544 copy.jpg

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Bump and price drop to $16.5K - work has thrown TC and Cardrona season passes my way and I've found the 4wd to replace this!

Is also now tuned to 336hp and 711nm... 😅 

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