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  1. Washed it to enjoy the two weeks between CMA and pine pollen getting all over the car...
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/eurocarclassifiedsnz/permalink/2242824222575135/?sale_post_id=2242824222575135 Maybe at $25K??
  3. Yes, hence the hyperlink I posted 😉 I've got a funny feeling that $13K would actually own it, sounds like absolutely no one has taken the time to go and look. There was bronzit manual 325i vert that sold down here for $15K over winter that had the same story. I can't stand chrome bumper E30's but it sure is tempting.
  4. Spotted this out for a Sunday cruise yesterday. Looked in awesome condition! Also spotted Julian's immaculate E21 by the airport.
  5. Not to ruin your Monday morning Sammo, but is your LH kidney crooked 😂
  6. Estee Lauder reps working in England??
  7. Looking stunning! You and Harper (and Sammo!) have really lifted the E46 interior game in NZ.
  8. M57S is the TU2 TOP is it not? Only offered in the 35d models / Alpina diesels. Without seeing actual spec sheets, the major difference I can think of is that the E46 will be iron block and the E90 aluminium. Factor in the weight they carved out of the E90 with copious uses of not-steel, and the argument for the E90 becomes stronger. There's some key maintenance items on an E90 diesel that need doing, but do them and you're golden - I've been stranded once in 50,000km (in my driveway of all places) and it was the comfort access module.
  9. I assume the blue M sport E46 330d 6spd on Marketplace got snapped up?
  10. @HELLBM anything on the shelf Ray?
  11. a 4dr M325i for when we all decide to go up a tad? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/540i/listing/4418421706 Unbelievable value surely when E34 M5's of the same standard are 100K+. Added bonus of that they're faster than a 3.6 too.
  12. Very very cool! Was this the one for sale on Rotiforms a while ago? Pretty much what Apex said word for word is why I want one!
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