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Needing Tyres for 118d and price comparison including Costco

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Hello everyone, as per my “New Member Intro” I now need to replace the rear tyres on my 118d (F20). 

It has the staggered width 17” Msport wheels and the rear tyres are 245/40R17. 


The tyres are Bridgestone Potenza S001 245/40R17 91W RFT (runflat) and as per Olaf’s and Balancerider’s suggestion I will try and stick with these. 


I have managed to damage one tyre (I ran over something solid) and both rear tyres have only about 2 to 3 mm tread. 

I was quite impressed how well these runflat tyres stood up to the impact. 


So if anyone has one or two of these for sale I would like to hear from you. 

I am looking for one worn (3mm tread) or two good tyres to match what is on the car now.   


Otherwise this is the saga of trying to find tyres………… for you information. 


It appears these aren’t too common a tyre size/type so I suspect pricing is never going to be good. 

See the attached where used screen shot. 


The Bridgestone list price is $553 each. 


Although it is May and Bridgestone has their “buy 1 get 1 half price sale”, these tyres don’t apply (arrrrrrgh). 


A couple of North Shore Tyre Shops have quoted me $499 each (fitted, balanced, new valves etc). 

Including the new Tyrewise fee :-).  


The cheapest I can find is $479 from directyre.co.nz in East Tamaki (all inclusive). 


I also talked to Costco and Jackie there was really helpful. 

Their price was $491. 


So if I wasn’t skint (poor) I would buy two new tyres from Directtyre.co.nz.

And I don’t want to buy the Winrun Runflat equivalents even though they are only $265. 


If anyone has any feedback or ideas on alternative suppliers that would be good to hear. 

BMWs with 245 40 17 tyres.JPG

damaged tyre.jpg

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16 hours ago, Neil McCauley said:

Thanks Neil, i have been scouting out TradeMe also and those are a great option, although a bit more than i need, as my wheels and front tyres are as new already.  

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The prices you’ve got aren’t bad when even the Tire Rack has them at $461 nzd each. And the s001 is the only run flat they offer in that size.

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