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  1. That explains why it has been for sale for over a year.
  2. On a side note, a mate had a 504 years ago, the drivers side rear guard had rusted out, so had been repaired with chicken wire netting, bog and newspaper, with a cursory spray of matching yellow paint over it. Completely visible from the boot, what you'd call an honest repair.
  3. Looking back I guess that makes sense, I was looking at an X5 in Chch last year and vaguely remember it was $750ish for flights and no accommodation costs in Wellington.
  4. Didn't Promo sort out some cheap shipping? Or drive it (when you can)? Assume it drives?
  5. I like the bolt on Hilux flares.
  6. I’m pretty sure I used a “soft” regular car polish on my last car. Worked fine.
  7. A socket might work if it slipped over and through the ring, everything else just slips off. Tried pushing them in with all sorts. Thanks.
  8. It’s attached to the intake for the turbo, so the mighty heave option potentially leaves me with a broken pipe and a no go car. I have pulled on it with as much pressure as I’m comifortable with. Tried squeezing the tabs, they are rubber and squash making them really hard to get a grip of, in fact impossible so far. There has to be something simple I’m missing.
  9. This pesky thing. On an X5, but must be on others.
  10. https://www.pickapart.co.nz/webpage/WebPage.asp?Ref=10381&VehicleID=12990&SeriesID=6520 looks like the lights are gone though.
  11. There was one at Pick a part. Auckland though.
  12. Someone must have an idea on how to take this stupid thing off. Anyone?
  13. How do I get this thing off? Says it should pull off, but it won’t. Do you have to close the tabs on it to get it to slide through? If so, how as it’s circular? Won’t pull up with force, or at least as much as I’m prepared to apply.
  14. And Telstars according to Google.
  15. Actually, when they were introduced they were in Camry wagons. Always seemed to be burgundy and they had the hatch somehow set at half open.
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