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  1. I know long life oil and all that, but some of those service intervals on something so high revving and with already fragile rod bearings, make my skin crawl. 22,000kms, 25,000kms, 27,000kms, 33,000kms. One of them with 3 years between.
  2. Palazzo

    Quick rant thread.

    They're actually not allowed to start construction work before 7.30am (that extra half hour is gold), only prep work before and no work at all before 7.30 Saturdays.
  3. Speed bumps and raised crossings. Force every vehicle to slow down and accelerate again. Multiply that fuel usage out. I'm amazed nobody has called out Auckland Council for contributing to global warming.
  4. Know anyone in Tauranga? https://www.pickapart.co.nz/webpage/WebPage.asp?Ref=10381&VehicleID=170837&SeriesID=141
  5. At 10 years old and negative temps, I believe you’ve found your problem. Hope so.
  6. Get them powder coated and ask the powder coater who they’d recommend. And shop around. I did mine last year, quotes were from $60-90/wheel for powder coating and $50-85 for blasting. I had one wheel done (blasted) at a place as a cash job that cost $100 (quoted $80, but cash so…), then had to have it redone as the job was so poor. Happy with the powder coating and they have a big range of colours.
  7. I’m amazed by what low voltage does in a modern (ish) car. We have an ‘07 Civic, air con stopped working, thought “oh well”, needed a new battery, air con works. I’ve been reading thinking battery because you’re in a colder area, but I’m no guru. Look forward to seeing what the problem is.
  8. How much damage can you do running on 91?
  9. Palazzo

    Adblue delete?

    Just curious, never seen one with that level of soot around the exhaust.
  10. Palazzo

    Adblue delete?

    Looking at the exhausts on this which look like a 90s Bighorn, is this poor running or the result of deleting the blue system?
  11. Use it on the open road, it acts faster than I can and I never get flashed. Only thing is watching it is fascinating…. Edit for Jon, mine are adaptive LEDs.
  12. It produces 400MW at full load, that is, when required by the grid requires at at times of high demand. Unless I've missed something.
  13. Possibly, I just use it as an excuse to go to another cheaper supermarket down the motorway. What is short? Mine gets longer (2hr +) journeys about every 6 weeks except for lockdown, and has been fine.
  14. Mine doesn’t do that no matter where it’s set. Top image would drive me nuts.
  15. Didn’t Martin go through this? Get a 30d, use less fuel, more than quick enough and great mid range shove. Do it now and load up on cheap RUCs.
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