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E91 Exterior Lighting Issues

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2007 e91 325i. Been having a very intermittent issue where the car will turn off a low beam and report a bulb out. Restart the car and the headlight works again with no issue. It's pretty rare so haven't worried too much about it. Sent the FRM to @promo  at one point and there wasn't anything obviously wrong.

As of a couple of days ago I'm now getting 4+ random bulb out errors every time I start the car. All bulbs were working but indicators blinking fast on both sides etc and constant fault 'bonging' noises. I've replaced every bulb on the car and it's still doing it so suspect FRM is toast.

If I buy a used FRM is there a particular one I should be looking for or are they all interchangeable? And anyone have any recommendations for someone in the lower north that can code the replacement? Not sure if Pramod is still around?



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If your current FRM module is FRM2,some of them can upgrade to FRM3 depending on VIN.I have few second hand Frm3 module.I can code it according to your vehicle equipment.

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