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  1. you need to purchase Application Number 016C2003 for NZ Live 2021 Maps Browser
  2. the water is coming from steering cover in front left due to blocked in front drainage,its common in F02 and F10.
  3. For bmw/mini E series frm3 repair,I can help you.Plug and Play No Coding Required
  4. When I changed the radio frequency. Usually I used the manipulation profile or expert mode in ncs expert. .After write the the CAS and FRM and I just change the job to sg_codieren and change ecu to cic or ccc and ctune. and done. no issues. Dont use the default profile and some cases car needs to complete sleep or need power reset or use tool32 to restart your I drive.
  5. Hi, I can help you if you are in Auckland.Thanks
  6. I only know in ISTA. under service functions -select power train under Dme go under adjustment functions and you can see dme cas adjustment.and follow test plan
  7. maybe you should try using ISTA.
  8. you can use tool32, inpa or ISTA
  9. the last update is 2014 for CCC.
  10. 9CBB short circuit fault stored in FRM 2 you can reset using tool 32 as long as the control unit is responding. FRM3 when the dump file is missing and the control unit is NOT responding and you try power reset with ISTA and still not sucessfull.I can help you back to life your FRM3,not including burn, and flooded FRMs.
  11. european dealers using deutronik chargers.
  12. you need to reset the ELV counter from CAS.
  13. your coolant pump is the problem. once overheat your vehicles dies off you can restart your vehicles once its cools down. and you can notice during your first start your fan is causing very loud noise. your coolant pump is short circuit.
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