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  1. If your current FRM module is FRM2,some of them can upgrade to FRM3 depending on VIN.I have few second hand Frm3 module.I can code it according to your vehicle equipment.
  2. Needs BMW ISTA/P.Under conversion select Lock up clutch closed.
  3. Maybe I can help.Is your NBT Evo is ID4 or ID5?.No signal is cause by VO Lock or Region Lock.Need to patch with FI or other similar software.
  4. If you know how to change the FA and coding.I can provide you the FSC Set for NZ specs.Usualy after you changed the FA the Navi is greyed out.You can use the fsc set to patch the headunit and load maps afterwards.
  5. If your vehicle have factory option 6NS(Enhanced Bluetooth) or 6NL(Handsfree Telephony).
  6. Is your car NBT headunit?Maybe I can help.
  7. I have a spare blower motor with new resistor from e90.
  8. You need BMW Software-Winkfp or BMW ISTA/P,Icom Interface and Battery Charger.
  9. needs to flash the firmware,maybe can solve the problem.
  10. maybe you can try delete the VO $609(NAVIGATION Professional) and Add $663(Radio BMW Professional)Replace your CCC to RAD. write new FA in CAS and FRM and recode kombi and RAD.
  11. Anyone wrecking in Auckland. Year 2007 or up BMW 120i or 320i.I'm looking for N46T Engine.Thanks
  12. if your car have comfort access try disconnect the door handle connection or disconnect from control unit or disconnect any aftermarket fitted accessories.
  13. If you are in Auckland I can help you change the VO
  14. use ncs expert, remove VO 0640 and try add 0644 in the VO, FA write cas and frm, code CIC.
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