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  1. promo

    LCM 2

    Definitely can help. E39 have LCM. If you get a second hand module I can code it
  2. Hi all, If anyone requires an active steering module I have one. DM me. Happy to code and program for you as well.
  3. i can help, send me map version i.e business, professional and vin number.
  4. Hi Bikram, its very easy. You need the right cable and bmw software for coding. Would have helped if you were based in Wellington. Hopefully someone on this forum can help and located in your area.
  5. Hey im based in Kingston. give me a buzz on 027 4444 233 if you need anything
  6. @qube, might be hard as you're based in Auckland
  7. promo

    ecu tune

    generally around ~30hp and ~80nm - Custom tune based on the read of your ECU
  8. promo

    ecu tune

    Yes, you can send ecu. e60's they're located on the right side corner under bonnet.
  9. promo

    ecu tune

    I can help if you require a stage 1 tune. I charge ~$550 and do many automotive places. Can delete the egr at the same time.
  10. Hey, Think I'll be getting it reconditioned, I recently got my other n57 535d reconditioned for $4k. I did find one but the guy wants $3k for a long block.
  11. Hey, get it scanned as the EGS module will log a history fault. Definitely doesn't sound mechanical in the trans, could be the bridge seal or one of the solenoids in the mechatronics.
  12. Hi All, I currently have a 2010 BMW 530d (N57) and looking for long block or complete motor. PM if you know where one is thanks
  13. Just finished replacing mosfets on another dme. Only one was blown (open circuit) but replaced all 6.
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