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  1. if there's no obvious signs of coolant, it maybe the valley pipe (there shouldn't be any water in there. I've done a few of these with the same issue. also get the workshop to do a pressure test.
  2. Mileage is easy to change. If you've already plugged it in and the dash has a higher value, it will sync with the cas module. To change again you need to do cluster and dash..easy to do .
  3. Hiya, I have to virginise it first on the eeprom so that your vin will come across. Else you'll get the tamper dot and won't be able to do service resets either.
  4. @mox - hiya, keys are easy I can cut/code and supply. You have an old ccc unit, probably best just to retrofit an Android system, but you'll have to resolve your sound issue first. Happy to scan it for free and see if any faults exist. But common the ccc unit might be faulty
  5. no need to swap hardware. Radio and Nav can be done via coding. but you also need to swap HDD (reimage which i have) for NAV
  6. hiya, if you're in wellington i can cut and program
  7. Hiya, if you're using donor parts ensure vin is programmed and matched to CAS, DME, SLZ and DSC. else you wont be able to calibrate
  8. Hiya, Had similar issue. Turned out to be a vacuum leak which caused the maf fault. Get a smoke test done on the vacuum lines
  9. Happy to help. It's always a great feeling when you notice the difference.
  10. Morning Darren, if you dont mind posting the ECU to me in Wellington I can do for you. I'm half the price of everyone else.
  11. hiya, i see you;re based in wellington. its very easy and no hardware swap is required. only coding and map update. If you need it done i can do it for you.
  12. on your scan tool bring up live data and pin point which values are out and replace those parts.
  13. @qube - Hiya, second hand CA module easy to program and code. As for the DME. some of the codes possibly are history and not current. i.e 002F4A DME: Interface EWS(immobilzer-DME) this code being current the car wouldn't start. start off by erasing all codes go for a drive then re scan and see what codes appear. Pramod
  14. hiya, if you were based in wellington i could of helped :). go see a locksmith, they should be able to check if your key is emitting a frequency first. R55 have cas module and generally paired during key programming. so its odd remoting locking is not working. if the key is not starting the vehicle then its just a cas to dme sync using most scan tools.
  15. i can do a EGR delete for you in the ecu. you can just leave the old one in and get blanking plate late. better for the engine after a delete
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