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  1. hiya, if you were based in wellington i could of helped :). go see a locksmith, they should be able to check if your key is emitting a frequency first. R55 have cas module and generally paired during key programming. so its odd remoting locking is not working. if the key is not starting the vehicle then its just a cas to dme sync using most scan tools.
  2. i can do a EGR delete for you in the ecu. you can just leave the old one in and get blanking plate late. better for the engine after a delete
  3. Yup - Wellington only
  4. Hi all, My friend does walnut blasting. If interested pm me and I'll get you an unbeatable Price
  5. give me buzz 027 4444 233 i can fix for you
  6. Had the pleasure working on this today. Key coding, Programing 2x msd81 DME's. Editing vin later so owner can flash different tunes with same MHD unit with no vin lock. MSD81 are password protected. If anyone is thinking of swapping from MSD80 to MSD81 I can help with programming But such a beautiful car with quality mods.
  7. Hey Guys, My transporter charges me $350 AKL - WLG.
  8. Hiya, this out of a Jap or uk import?
  9. HI there, if you buy the ethernet cable and bmw e-sys (BMW scanner ENET Ethernet to OBD Interface E-SYS ICOM Coding for F-serie scan | Trade Me Motors) i can remoting code your bmw. as for the key I've never had an issues with Chinese clone. get them little s ~$120
  10. this model has a cas module. you need proper software and tools to program key. I can program keys for all euros and Japanese cars. you can post your cas module to me and i can code and cut new key for you. else you can try a locksmith. though I am in Auckland in a few weeks and can do one while you wait.
  11. Lance 043843321 Rotary Motor Trimmers 35 Home Street Mount Victoria Wellington 6011
  12. I get them done in wellington for $220. thats with me removing the headliner.
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