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  1. Airbag issues are easy to fix. can help with repair on modules or coding out Seatmat sensor.
  2. Rev hang I can flash ecu for you.
  3. Yes. Have done a few. Slight gains, especially throttle response and added pops and crackle.
  4. I've done lots for various automotive shops and peeps . recently the 2019 530e. converted the radio and Nav to NZ. Suggest you don't do it yourself if the first time. the new generation ID5 to 6 are now region locked. need to flash firmware.
  5. i can help, you just need a secondhand ecu., if you send used ecu and your cas i can pair it together. done plenty. no need to buy a set. and fyi, if you do buy a set the cas depending on the ks will automatically sync the highest value. plus you'll have a tamper dot on cluster as vin mismatch.
  6. no probs. I do them all the time, from Airbag modules flashing, ECU cloning, Key coding, FRM, LCM etc . pretty much anything to do with electronics. work with many shops around NZ who post modules to me.
  7. Hi Deffed, can be reused. if you have internal error or hard locks I can clear them for you. will need to post to me so i can reflash. easy as.
  8. The range on battery isn't that great. Only 46km. So good for around town etc. It's pretty quick though. I'll probably sell it soon. Will be going cheap
  9. Hi all, Just bought myself a BMW 530e, anyone who does Jap conversation be careful on NBT id5/6 you can lock them if you change Vehicle order with BMW esys. If locked you will require a patch unlock. Once unlock then you can change region. I done mine last night, just had to pay for the maps. Also done the radio
  10. sounds like they added VO and recoded your CIC which may have wiped out some settings.. hopefully they took a backup of your settings and can reload it
  11. Just done mine myself N57 Diesel, had 176km on engine previous owner did not do any regular servicing. Done walnut blast while I had it apart as well. I bought timing tool kit and timing chain from ebay Fyi - you can fit timing chain in place (removing trans only), but way easier dropping whole engine out.
  12. Hiya, check FRM and JBBF module for potential water ingress which may relate to the no lights etc
  13. Use BMW E-sys with Enet cable for coding
  14. hi Rush, if you have the e net cable i can do remotely for you and supply the fsc certs.
  15. Hi all, As Tawa mentioned, the cic you need to code and reimage the HDD. Also note the last map update for navigation is 2020. Bmw didn't do anymore for the cic. It's probably best to invest in the android screen from AliExpress
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