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    I've imported enough to know what whatsmyduty.org.nz is or what 0800 478 287 (option 2) number is for
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    not arguing but my e34 developed a wicked shake over a short period of time .new arms&bushes solved it instantly.Nothing else changed in that time
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    Try Demon Tweeks in the UK. There shipping rates are very good compared to what you pay out of the USA. For basic Bilstein b4s (Sachs Equivalent) fronts are NZD 212 and rears are 100 NZD. Shipping will likely be around 120 NZD.
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    Discover all the options!
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    Thanks for the heads up Paul and Jared i defiantly think the wheels had a lot to do with it. Will look in to the control arm bushes too. So spent yesterday investigating the odd problem i was getting with the sedan and it was lucky for me nothing serious at all. Cylinder #2 had a loose plug that i assume was allowing pressure to come through the head, making that popping sound. As for the odd sound exhaust note found that cylinder #5 had a dead coil. So swapped all the plugs over from the wagon (as its done less kms) onto the sedan. tighten the spark plug up and runs as it should now. Also got started on stripping the paint off the mags too. hopefully ready for powder coaters next week.
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    found my next project - an early low k's Peugeot 306
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    I think I’ve answered my own question, pretty sure this console is for the phone kit. Awww yeah, early 2000’s car phone come at me. Off to get the cats re-installed today. Exhaust will then be 100% stock, for the first time since new from the sounds of things. I’m actually really enjoying the changes, for the moment at least. Edit: actually it may not be a phone console. The plot thickens..
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