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  1. Courtesy of Instagram. I actually like it...
  2. Garagistic - buy both or cluster out to make sure.
  3. That kit is good and you can also do wheel bearings. For that you'll need to make yourself a 84 or 86mm sleeve though as the max in the kit is 82 from memory.
  4. Pure NZ water from the supermarket is cheap and distilled. I use that to dilute concentrates.
  5. Spotted this on Neighbourly - no affiliation.
  6. "Accelerates, drives and stops as it should" - excellent, PPI done.
  7. Yes, bit like first episode of 'Still Game'.
  8. That's the one. On special at repco at the moment.
  9. It was on sale not long ago at well under 2000. Bargain. And did we mention the mighty c-tek battery charger yet?
  10. Some sort of half decent inspection camera can come in handy (followed by the magnetic pick up tool). Many hours have been spent finding and retrieving nuts, bolts, no. 10s
  11. Buy the tools as you work on the car. There is always one thing you don't have. It fills the n-1 equation. n being the ultimate amount of tools... Crow feet, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 socket set and extensions.
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