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  1. Trying my luck here. Do we have someone within our esteemed community that could help me to virginise and Programme a 722.9 Merc tranny? Got a new control unit for it but don't have online xentry.
  2. Most important is that you get a good feel for the place and talk to the owner / senior tradesman and explain what you are after. If they are proud of their work they should happily show you some recent / current work. If if starts to feel like you are taking up their time its a bad sign. My 2c
  3. They have done so in the past.
  4. My first place of call would be Ray Hasler. Might pay to check them out?
  5. Head for the hills. There are many more good looking fish in the ocean.
  6. Interested in the business head unit. The top one. Do you the code for it?
  7. This on the Southern this afternoon...
  8. I am glad they bought Rolls Royce instead.
  9. You'll need a diagnostic software / key coder. Coding would be done by reading code directly off ecu as I understand. The only thing you can code without tools are the remote functions. For the rolling code to start the engine you'll need to go deeper.
  10. Hybrids are charged at a reduced rate of $53/1000km
  11. Ice pay through fuel excise Diesel via RUC Ev and hybrid through future ruc Bicycles, scooters, horse carts next?
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