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  1. Don't forget the e23 in McFlys driveway...
  2. Saw a black e30 m3 on the back roads of Howick this morning...
  3. You can only do the Mt Cook area from west coast by plane or if you tramp in. Best if you place yourself in lkae tekapo, twizel area. Of course there is the hermitage and a yha at Mt Cook. You gotta do some day tramps in the area to really appreciate it.
  4. Current state 15K would be reasonable I think. Have it sorted and on the road, could be looking at the 20+K mark. We'll speced and original.
  5. Not much left but just putting it out there. Prices as per their website (x2 e30 tax)
  6. I am thinking of buying a diagnostic tool for home use. Any recommendations? I would like to read out issues such as faulty park sensors, bad plugs, etc. It would be primarily used on a 2007 Mercedes. Fortunately my (older) BMWs don't have that many gimmicks so got away with it so far. ?
  7. What would it take and cost to move it to the cloud? I am no expert, just my 2c.
  8. I might - will confirm over the weekend.
  9. Believe 95/98 has less impurities besides higher ron. I guess you pay for that to some extent. Go get yourself an oil burner 450cdi...?
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