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  1. Reverse parking going forward @treone?
  2. Will you go down to the port and see if you can spot her being driven off the RoRo? Might be a long day mind you. 😁
  3. C-130 Hercules


    Reviving this thread as supply for my preferred POR15 replacement product 'Bill Hirsch's Miracle Paint' has dried up. What are people using similar to these products?
  4. https://www.caranddriver.com/photos/g15328317/orange-juiced-bmws-first-ev-paved-the-way-for-the-i8-amid-an-olympic-tragedy-gallery/ It featured a front charging socket!
  5. You will find that the list will get bigger and bigger the older you get. You should see my trunk...
  6. Sooo, what's under the bonnet? https://media.tenor.com/images/2e2b3e6d0f475a23b21074adb54160ae/tenor.gif
  7. I would probably be inclined to fabricate the hinge...
  8. Saw an Audi RS E-TRON GT yesterday on Neilson Street. Was actually this same car - https://www.tarmaclife.co.nz/audi-reviews-new-zealand/audi-rs-e-tron-gt-first-drive/
  9. ^ I look at it and.... Sadly no 😂 on the other hand good memories... 😊
  10. That'll be one of the next jobs. 😅
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