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  1. We can help you convert it no problem
  2. we can do all you want. also we have fully integrated PDC solution for your car as well, the price will be way lower than dealer has quote you.
  3. is this original aux port, or retrofitted ?
  4. If you post your vin number, I can check to see if the bluetooth module is install in your car or not. However, from the picture you have posted, the idrive software is way too old, which is year 2004, looks like your car has not been updated since that time. but your said your car is 2007? so I believe the CCC computer has been replaced with a used one from 2004. Also even you have bmw oem bluetooth, you will not be able to see the contact name, because it does not compatible with iPhone contact name push profile
  5. For BMW without Front PDC now you can retrofit it with our newly released product It also allow you to install aftermarket camera which will be fully integrated into iDrive system BMW FRONT PDC retrofit kits for BMW 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 SER F20,F30,F10,F07,F01,F22,F34,F32 BMW Parking distance control BMW Reversing camera emulator Package includes: 1. PDC CONTROL UNIT 2. Plag and Play wiring harness 3. 4 PDC sensors 4. Sensor control box Features: 1. Fully compatible with existing BMW rear PDC on F see cars 2. Use BMW orignal PDC display menu with existing rear PDC display 3. Warning sound is from car original speaker (no additional speaker is required) 4. Emulate reversing camera protocol (can add aftermarket reversing camera with CIC or NBT HU) 5. Activation control is from steering wheel button (control PDC view by using steering wheel button) 6. Deactivate when speed is over 20km/h or gear P is selected 7. Plag and Play installation 8. Paintale sensors so that you can paint it to match your colour code of your car Compatibilities: All F series cars For reversing camera emulation, CIC or NBT is required If you have a BMW F series with only have rear PDC and want to retrofit front PDC, now we are first to offer the solution to allow you install our newly release product which can be fully integrated with BMW OEM iDrive system. This whole retrofit kit will give you everything you need for installing 4 front sensors for your BMW, and make it work exactly same as OEM one.
  6. Map will not going to work, the whole CIC system has to be modified in order to take the nz map.
  7. Hi Guys Finally got some time to put some infomation here. Thanks to the USA distributor has done a really good job to wrte up this review. This is a very detailed review and hope you guys can see the big improvment on this product. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new N6 unit is 2 years in the making, with a big emphasis on higher quality audio components, features, and improved ease of use. You audiophiles will appreciate features like 24bit burr brown D/A converters, 5 band EQ, time alignment, 4 volt preamp outputs (for those of you with aftermarket amps), basically higher end internals across the board... The result is cleaner sound, much more consistent performance, a much better user interface, and a better appearance. ....and the best part? The price went DOWN.... WHATS NEW? The "hard buttons" on each side have the same configuration as dynavin has had from the beginning but I noticed right away that the previously "clicky" buttons are now "soft touch". Subtle but nice upgrade and similar to a lot of dynavins more recent models. The knobs are similar to those on the D99 and newer, and thats a good thing, solid with a muted click as they turn. Other than that the unit has a similar "feel" and is cosmetically similar to earlier units. Digital Music: IPOD/SD/USB/Internal HD As part of the simplification and refinement of the new N6 user interface the ipod, SD, USB, and the internal 4GB storage functions all share the same basic interface. Simple and intuitive, with selections for artist/album/song/playlist, and in the case of SD and USB, additional selections for folders/video files/picture files. The list can be swiped up and down and there is a scroll bar on the side AND a quick jump alphabetical search allowing you to jump to any letter in the lists so large libraries are no longer a problem to navigate. Also in the name of simplicity the ipod now just plugs into the USB plug, no more proprietary cables, no more need for lighting adapters for the newer apple devices. Just use the cables you already have. The unit comes with a USB extension to get the rear mounted USB media plug to the glove compartment, console, etc... and we also have on our website flush mount USB plugs and ipod to USB cables if you want to do something a little more custom. Album art now displays alongside the track info. As you can see, clean and refined is what Dynavin was after here.... Interestingly apps like pandora display similarly (from my iphone at least), displaying track info and album art. For those of you interested in higher end audio the unit will play lossless files, In my testing FLAC files played fine from USB and SD and Apple lossless (ALAC) played fine from an ipod. Source Selection Screen Like previous Dynavin units the MODE button brings up a source selection screen, large easy to press on-screen buttons display your most used sources for easy selection. You actually don't see these screens much....only when switching sources or getting into the settings menus. Swiping the screen side to side reveals a selection various settings menus and ALL of the potential sources. While the Radio, Phone, and Navigation buttons are fixed on the home screen the other two are selectable so you can put your most used functions there for easy access. BLUTOOTH PHONE Dynavin continues to work with Parrot on the bluetooth system, its now cleaner than ever, will display your phonebook, and has a quick alphabetical search function to jump to any letter in the alphabet. As before it works with the phone buttons on your steering wheel. There is a built in mic AND an external mic, as before I recommend using the external mic as it allows you to experiment with its location for best results. BLUETOOTH AUDIO STREAMING (A2DP) This is another big step forward, the Bluetooth audio streaming quality is now as good as plugging in, It connects pretty much immediately and works with apps like pandora, stitcher, etc... in addition to your standard media apps. In addition track info is now displayed on the screen: The steering wheel control buttons work as well, including in apps like pandora. I find that this is now my go-to choice as a music source. RADIO, CD, DVD etc... The radio is what you would expect, 15 presets, RDS, Pretty standard stuff here. Settings for different regions etc... The unit plays CDs, DVDs, etc.... same as before. NAVIGATION As with previous dynavin units we are able to offer our units with pre-installed, licensed iGo Primo on our Dynavin units. This program has long been a favorite of the "hacker community" and I know some of our competitors are pirating it but Im glad to say we can offer it to everybody in a legit legal way. The licenses are not cheap but we include Primo with all of our Dynavin units. This also greatly simplifies things like future map updates etc... as iGo is well established and has an easy upgrade path available via their website www.naviextras.com Its clean and intuitive, easy to quickly search and enter addresses, all the maps are already on board so no internet connection is needed. The new N6 unit has an option to overlay the current media info over the nav screen, displaying track info and album art A few more iGo Primo Screens... Main Menu Main Map screen REVERSE FUNCTIONS As always the new Dynavin N6 will work with a reverse camera, but dynavin continues to refine this function to work with PDC (parking sensors, if your car has them) and is completely configurable within the settings menu. You can have just a backup camera, PDC, backup cam WITH PDC displayed, or nothing at all. In cars that have canbus connected steering angle sensors the unit can even display parking assist lines that move based on steering angle, this is model dependent and remains to be seen what all cars it will work in....but for those where it does its some cool eye candy: AUDIO FUNCTIONS Here is where some of the biggest changes are.....Dynavin is going after a higher end market and as such has added a lot of good audio features to the new N6. Time alignment, three band bass/mid/treble AND a 5 band EQ with separate sub control, 4 volt RCAs for clean signal transmission to aftermarket amps, and 24bit burr brown D/A converters....you old school audio guys will know what thats about. Most of you guys probably dont know what time alignment is or what to do with it but its probably the single biggest factor affecting sound quality in a car stereo environment, this adjustment allows for you to delay the speakers at the 4 corners of the car independently so that the sound from each reaches your ears as the same time....basically putting YOU in the "sweet spot". Ive been running time alignment of one kind or another for a couple decades now, in my opinion its a MUST HAVE for any higher end system. One thing to keep in mind though is setting this wrong can also make your system sound terrible so its important to at least understand the basic fundamentals of time delay before you jump into this setting. Also keep in mind this is optimizing ONE spot in the car at the detriment to the other seating positions. So if you regularly listen to music with passengers you may not want to use these settings. 5 band EQ, self explanatory: LIGHTING AND SCREEN ILLUMINATION Dynavins have always had matching button lighting, not a big deal, but FYI, the buttons match the other buttons in the car and dim with the dash light dimmer. Nice and OEM. Now this next thing may not sound like a big deal at first, but for day to day, real world use....its HUGE. The LCD dimmer can be configured in multiple ways and the dimming amount is fully adjustable. There is now an onboard ambient light sensor as well. SO you can set the unit up to dim when your headlights come on OR when the sensor sees its getting dark, or you can dim it manually. There are pros and cons to each approach and the overall ambient lighting where you are at and your headlight use habits will dictate which setup will work best for you. The adjustable LCD dimmer looks great as it does not just darken the screen as most "dimmers" do, it dims the backlight, so there is no "LCD glow" at night. Between the nicely dimmed screen and the clean white/red on black interface this is the best looking aftermarket unit at night ive ever seen A night pic in my E92, E46 night pic..... ETC... You can set the boot screen to whatever you like. Put it on a SD or USB and select it as your boot screen, real simple. A word about start up.... The N6 has about a 20 second boot time BUT dynavin has done something clever, the unit starts booting when you unlock or open a door.... and it does not fully turn off until about 20 minutes after you shut the car off, it goes into a standby mode. So in regular use, running errands, that sort of thing, you rarely see the boot screen, or if you do its only for a few seconds. I like things clean and OEM so I went with this in my personal car.... Dynavin went to an oem style Fakra antenna plug on the unit so that the cars antenna can plug directly into the unit without any adapters. One less thing to install, one less thing to go wrong. For those of you with the old style antenna they provide an adapter. There is still an OBC display but at least on the E46 it doesnt show much at this time....just a couple temps: On my E92 there is a lot more, Im assuming this is a canbus/ibus difference thing, I guess it just depends on the particular model: Finally, a word about updates. Dynavin is really pushing the "DynOS" thing on these units. They have built into the unit (and their new website) an easy update path so that as they develop and activate new features it will be easy to update the units. The current units are running DynOS 1.0.0. so its clear that they intend the current unit to be "generation one" for their software. Its fairly finished as is, but I guess they have things in the pipeline. I was skeptical of this approach as marketing this as a feature obligates you to use it but Dynavin assures me they have plans in this regard and they have given me a few details about things they are working on. Dont expect huge, earth shattering, changes. But just know that there are further refinements and a few interesting features in the works and as time goes on these will be easy to apply to existing units. Finished look:
  8. swauto

    iDrive Firmware upgrade

    yes, we can fix it for you. contact us via phone to schedule a time. we also need some more info about your car and current spec
  9. swauto

    iDrive Firmware upgrade

    I guess you have CIC equipped car, the JAPAN CIC radio tuner hardware is different to European model, the normal software conversion will result poor radio reception. We do have solution to fix it. For sound quility issue, it maybe caused by wrong coding
  10. swauto

    Dynavin D99

    Well, not sure where did you send email to? We haven't received your email. The business name has changed to Auto Gravity Contact us: info@autogravity.co.nz Or 09 6390168
  11. swauto

    E70 X5 Navigation question

    Retrofit CIC is the way to go. We can do the retrofitting with different options. Reversing camera...etc
  12. This is a Japan import BMW, we have converted the hundreds of them to NZ radio and navigation with NZ map. We also retrofit BMW oem integrated bluetooth etc.. Contact us, we can sort everything out for you very easy.
  13. only can view 4 values from obc but you can't set them anymore
  14. swauto

    Dynavin D99 WinCE map update

    Sorry, I may missed your email. You can call me to discuss the map update
  15. swauto

    ipod for 2005 120d

    What about BMW OEM ipod system we can retrofit it for you