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  1. While I’m here though I’m now in need of a PCV screw on cap as the one I’m currently using has a slight crack. I've tried FCP EURO but only available if I purchase a full valve cover ($400 + shipping) and can’t get alone. anybody have one laying around? Looks similar to this picture. 4909C80E-72A2-4E94-B2A0-D7A917389272.webp
  2. Ive gave up, I can’t get the program to work.
  3. @promoid been keen for you to take a look at my 2009 335i which is having a slight rough idle and surging while cruising. maybe give it the once over and check codes etc. Where in Wellington at you based? Cheers
  4. 7 page install guide, this might take some time......
  5. Yeah, I kinda figured that ? I do have a K+DCAN cable and a few BMW programs that I have downloaded (INPA, NCS Dummy, Tool32, WinKFP, NCS Expert) but I don't have a clue how to read the fault codes.
  6. Instagram - @Dad_Wagon_NZ for all your photographical requirements ?

  7. I also upgraded the PCV Valve if that would make any difference?
  8. Yes, I bled the coolant (twice just to be sure) I don't know what code as I don't have a code reader/scan tool. I have checked using the BC check and nothing showing there.
  9. I managed to source the part I needed (above) and now have the car back on the road. So the story is I have just replaced the Oil filter housing gasket & oil cooler gasket and replaced with all new bolts and o rings to the oil lines. I have also gave the car an oil & filter change, as well as a coolant top up as I lost quite a bit when the flange dissolved in my hands. First drive before the car even got up to temp the engine went into limp mode and reduced power. Luckily I managed to limp the car home without issue. Turned off let it cool down. Second drive (engine light gone) and things seem okay when up to temp except when cruising the car seems to surge forward, then stop then surge, then stop and will just keep doing that. I have been back in the engine bay and checked everything I can think of is tightened up. Any suggestion of when this could be?
  10. Just a shot in the dark but wondering if anybody has a N54 coolant flange they don’t require? Preferably an upgraded billet but I will buy either to get back on the road! Does any company within NZ do a billet coolant flange to save me shipping from overseas? Thanks in advance!
  11. Looks great, I also have a 2009 black 335i e91 msport on 19’s. Black leather with silver trim. I actually fancy getting the silver trim covered black. Do you have much else planned?
  12. I'm also looking to upgrade my suspension early next year. I would imagine I will go with a decent set of coilovers, but as you say, I couldn't take it much lower then standard. Upgrading to M3 arms kits seems to be a popular way to tighten everything up. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-m3-control-arm-upgrade-kit-e82-e88-e90-e91-e92-e93-bmwmcaktfr#description A bit expensive but I would imagine this will completely change how the car feels.
  13. I had an E92 M-Sport and that was always lower on the right hand side. I assumed that the suspension was getting a bit tired. move since got a E91 M-Sport and that is exactly the same. I wonder if they come like that from factory?
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