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  1. I have found an E46 I really like down on the South Island and I’m heading dow there next weekend to have a look/pick up the car. it’s a 2002 330i. Any things I need to look out for? Any major faults? The guy who currently owns the car is a mechanic at a euro shop and he said there’s no issues with the car at all.
  2. Is BimmerCode worth buying? I’m in two minds if I buy it or not.
  3. Yes, that’s the issue I’m running into. As I’ve gone from standard lead acid to AGM. I have registered it with MHD but I wasn’t convinced it would have changed the type and ah rating. I thought it would have given me some options, but I guess not.
  4. Hey, just checking in here as I’m in the market for a 330i or ci. Not looking for a pristine example (also not looking for a rot box), but something pretty clean as I’m sure it will turn into a project of some kind. Happy to have something that “needs a few things sorting” to make it decent, and have a tinker around. Thanks.
  5. Is anybody able to register my new AGM battery for me? I thought I could do this through MHD but from what I can see from YouTube need to use IMPA and my DECAN cable has decided to stop working. Wellington based if anyone can help out?
  6. I think this has happened to mine. I added to burble tune and have suddenly got black soot coming out on the driver’s side exhaust. Now the passenger side has started. What makes it worse is I didn’t have it on very long either. Not my thing to be honest.
  7. @LemonHunter I’m looking for an AGM battery for my 2009 335i. Would you have anything available? Also I’m in Wellington so would need to be shipped down to me. What sort of price would I be looking at? I have just double checked, seems like the original in there still at the moment Thanks
  8. Will do. Hopefully should have some time over the next few weekends to get some work done on the old girl. The VRSF exhaust is massive 3.5” right through 😎
  9. If needed you could try https://v1vehicleparts.co.nz/ I get the odd oil filter etc from them if I don’t have anything else to order from FCP.
  10. I have a set but I’m down in Wellington. I will need mine soon ish though. I’d be willing to ship mine up to you if your really stuck and when yours arrive you ship them down to me? how long have they been stuck in Auckland? I got my exhaust which I ordered from VRSF and the same thing happened to me (approx 10 days after original delivery date) just before Christmas and all of a sudden they were at my door. I didn’t get an updated eta or anything. let me know if your desperate and I can help you out. 😎
  11. @Chadilss I’ve just got the VRSF Street catback and catless Downpipes. I’ll let you know how they sound 😎 also you can just unplug the exhaust flap in the left side of the boot and that just keeps it kept open. Sounds better.
  12. I went with the new. DBA Street series ceramic pads (pretty cheap). To be honest I’m not too happy with them and will be changing them out (front ones anyway) for some Hawk.
  13. Does anybody have Instagram, more specifically Instagram for their car? 😀 @EuroWagon_NZ
  14. DBA Brake Disc and ceramic pads front & rear
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