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  1. Yeah, this caught me out too so I spoke to the guys at MHD who advised that the fuel we get here or what I use is BP98. They said I would have to run the 93 Oct map.
  2. Thanks, that's always good to hear. That was before the new plugs & coils and the difference they have made to how smooth the engine runs at idle is amazing.
  3. I keep the car as well maintained as I possibly can to be fair. I have just replaced Spark plugs with NGK Laser Iridium (1 step colder) and new Delphi Technologies Coils and it has made the car so much smoother. I would like to replace the Injectors with Index-12 but I have just got off the phone with BMW Wellington and I was quoted $3572 + GST for all 6. I will try to upload the video now....
  4. Yup the code followed the coil to cylinder 1. best to replace the whole 6 at the same time? anything else I should check while I’m in there? Thanks for the help!
  5. Hey everyone, I was just out for a short drive, car nearly up to operating temp and I put my foot down a bit up to 80kph and engine light came on. I have checked using MHD and I’ve a misfire in cylinder 6. What is my best option from here? plugs and coils? injectors? (Please noooooo!) any advise would be great.
  6. It's around 125,000, its getting up there
  7. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-bilstein-parts/b16-ridecontrol-electronically-adjustable-damping-coilover-system/49-294668~bil/
  8. I have spoke to the guy at Racer Products and they can actually supply them slightly cheaper than Deamontweeks & Drift works. ECS Tuning have got a special on at the moment for the Bilstein B16 Ridecontrol Electronically Adjustable Daming Coliovers which are cheaper then the KW V2's Anybody know much about these?
  9. Thanks, I'll give this a go. I will try to get a video if I can and try to post it up here just to be sure.
  10. I’ve heard a couplE of people recommend Pro-ma MBL8 oil additive, but it seems pretty expensive. Has anyone ever tried this? Worth the $80ish
  11. Hi, Could I ask how you are finding the KW V2's? Did you have any issue getting cert? Where did you purchase them from as I'm looking for some myself. Thanks
  12. Hey, from what I’ve read lifter tick is pretty normal on the N54 engine, but I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the noise? As it’s pretty loud.
  13. I don’t think so, I’ve had a look and the radius in the corners seem different. I think I may have found the matching design, although who know who actually made them. Avant Garde - M310 - 19x9.5 +33 (5x120) https://www.fitmentindustries.com/buy-wheel-offset/M310-FB520199533/avant-garde-m310-19x95-33? now to find someone who can ship one to me!
  14. I couldn’t even find the offset but I worked it out to be +33.
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