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  1. I have an 2004 E46 325i msport sedan up for sale in the next week or so. Just over 100k on the clock. Really nice car 🚗
  2. Hey, I have just replaced the oil pan gasket on my 2004 325i E46 and I can’t seem to get the front subframe to align correctly. On both sides the front bolt seems to tighten up okay, but the back bolt does not seem to snug up. Even the side view from inside the wheel arch didn’t look right. Has anyone had this issue before? Any ideas where I’m going wrong? Or is that in all the way and I’m worrying over nothing?
  3. So here is the long awaited update/not update. I ended up returning the china DP after hearing about so many fitment issues (probably should have kept them 🥺) I then purchased the VRSF 3" catless downpipes with the high temp coating + VRSF 3.5" Street exhaust to pair them up to. I'm currently installing them (have been for months now) and I can't get the DP's even close to where they should be. The rear turbo DP seems to be in the correct position, but the front turbo DP is miles off. I have loosened both v bands and tried rotating them but the front one is still way off. Does anybody who has already installed them have any tips/tricks to make them work? I'm at the stage now where I'm going to have to take the car to someone and get them to cut and weld the exhaust to match up to the DP which isn't ideal. Any help much appreciated
  4. Hi all, I'm currently doing some routine maintenance and changing my Oil pan gasket. When I was putting the oil pan back on, half of a bolt dropped into the oil pan (see photo attached) not actually mine but the exact same situation I have found a replacement bolt kit on FCP, but I'm not 100% sure exactly which one I require. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-screw-set-aluminum-11410426472#description Includes the following bolts: x6 11417529984 - Torx screw M8X31-AL - Oil Pump To Bed Plate - 10Nm + 90° x1 13627530413 - Torx screw M6X16-AL - Chain Module to Oil Pump and Block - 4Nm + 45° x1 11117528896 - ASA-Bolt M8X37-AL, AW - Bed Plate - 10Nm + 90° x7 11137529982 - ASA-Bolt M6X20-AL,AW - Oil Deflector to Bed Plate - 4Nm + 90° x4 11417529981 - ASA-Bolt M6X30-AL,AW - Oil Pickup to Bed Plate - 4Nm + 100° x1 11417529983 - ASA-Bolt M8X123-AL-AW - Oil Pump To Bed Plate - 10Nm + 180° N54 Oil pump.webp Oil pump bolt kit.webp
  5. Hi all, I'm on the look out from some 18” wheels for my E46. Something factory with better fitment. The wheels I have currently are very sunken. Not sure what offset is good for a daily driven sedan. I have a crack in one, hence looking for new wheels (I will get these repaired and keep as sparse) Thought I’d have a try here first see if anyone has something laying around they would be happy to part ways with. I will be lowering the car in the future with a nice set of Eibach Pro-kit Thanks
  6. Just seen these pop up for sale, thought they might be of interest for someone. https://www.facebook.com/groups/947775921960959/permalink/7500982663306886/?sale_post_id=7500982663306886&fs=e&s=cl
  7. Thanks, @sammo the prices including delivery and still nearly half the price of buying from NZ. Crazy.
  8. I’m on the lookout for some lowering springs for a 2004 E46 Sedan if anyone has any laying around? If not I will buy new, any recommendations for a website to buy from to get a good price? Thanks.
  9. I don’t believe there are any, certainly not in the rear. No mounting points either.
  10. Looking for a lowering spring set, something like Eibach or H&R? Or recommendations as I’ve only previously used coilovers but don’t want to get a cert for this car.
  11. I also gave the under car a good clean today too. Quite impressed with the quality of this car. Everything came out like new with very little effort.
  12. The colour is Hellrot Red, looks quite red in pictures, but has somewhat of a pink tinge to it. I used the same stuff but the matt black. Got it done today and gave the leather a good clean while I had most of it out not even one clip gave out and managed to reuse all oem clips which is a first for me
  13. So I ended up picking up a completely different car as the one I viewed was rough. Couple of oil leaks, the roof had been painted Matt black. Straight pipes exhaust etc etc. I ended up getting a 2004 325i in Hellrot Red with only 111kms. Full service history until the guy who I got it from, who did all the services himself. A stack of receipts and old WOF’s. The car is super clean as it had only done 8000kms in the last 5 years he has owned it. Full new Pcv system, cooling system and a few other bits and bobs. I have since I picked it up converted it back to stock oem rear taillights (had some sort of AliExpress looking LED lights) removed the hideous AliExpress angel eys which were wired to constant and just a good clean to get ride of the moss on the exterior. oh and I’ve removed the m-sport colours from the front grille. Full black leather m-Sport interior is immaculate, no wear or tears on the leather or dash. it does have a faded rear shelf which has gone a kinda blue colour and will need to be dyed if it can come out? 18” oem wheels need a refurb and new tyres all round and this should be mint. What do you think? Im still undecided on the front lip! It’s a genuine BMW full carbon fibre, but I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♂️ Also, going to swap the LED side indicators back to OEM.
  14. I have found an E46 I really like down on the South Island and I’m heading dow there next weekend to have a look/pick up the car. it’s a 2002 330i. Any things I need to look out for? Any major faults? The guy who currently owns the car is a mechanic at a euro shop and he said there’s no issues with the car at all.
  15. Is BimmerCode worth buying? I’m in two minds if I buy it or not.
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