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  1. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    Well thats nice...the GPS is back on air! What did I do...nothing. Used the car the other day and just for fun switched to look at the GPS settings. All the Satellites were back but the Alamanac was still not there. I drove for a while with the settings showing and the sat. info changed but it was still showing wrong location and no Alamanac. Suddenly the Alamanac changed to Yes and it updated my location. I am chuffed.
  2. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    Thanks Grant I just have to get some time to get stuck in and do a few checks to make sure the antenna cable is not damaged or unplugged. I thought maybe a cheap antenna plugged in to the rx temporarily might prove whether it is antenna or Rx. I could sit it in the luggage area for the test and then get a cable made up if necessary. re the Touring: So did I...I love that car but with an E36 (up for sale) and E39 Touring and an F30 as well as a Golf GTi and an Austin Healey (to restore) something has to give. I have had it for 10 years now and that's the longest I have ever kept a car. One plus -last night Jan agreed the E39 can stay at least until March next year when we move to our new house - its the only car with a tow-bar and its great for moving "stuff". I have already started to suggest that maybe its not worth selling as we might not get much for it and its only got 145,000 kms on it. It would also be good to carry my fishing kayak as Jan has banned roof-racks from the GTi & F30. You may yet get a call for some upgrades
  3. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    Well I looked in service mode and all Satellites are showing zero. Almanac shows NO. so I have lost the Almanac too. I sat outside with the ignition on Pos 1 for 20 minutes but no sign of it getting the Almanac back .I did notice that some of the Satellite numbers changed every now and again. Does that suggest that the antenna is working but maybe weak. I guess with the antenna above the glove box on the Touring and the receiver in the rear I am going to have to go for an OEM antenna so that the cable will be long enough. Is it possible to get an antenna off TM and maybe mount it in the boot closer to the RX? Why does this happen when I am considering selling the Touring having just bought an F30 diesel - I'd be happy to keep the wagon but we need an economical commuter for my wife and she won';t sell her Golf GTi either
  4. GerryAttrick

    1994 E36 Coupe Auto 325i

    Just bought another BMW so the E36 has to go. Its got approx 290,000kms and interior suffers from the usual BMW Patina (Saggy vinyl on side cards in back) :-) No rust and fitted with Genuine BMW Tow-bar, Genuine Schnitzer Bootlid spoiler and excellent E46 wheels & tyres. Clear has peeled on spoiler. Excellent aftermarket radio. Pale grey leather interior - some stitching undone on drivers seat. Fitted with Mongoose alarm Recently had autobox flush and new filters fitted. Will come with new WOF and 3 months Rego More details on request together with interior photos. Will try to add a couple more photos later. $2,100 ono
  5. GerryAttrick

    WTB: 1 x Toyo DRB Tyre 235/35/19

    Prefer new tyre. but would be OK with very good used. Toyo say I can use a Proxes 4 but i'd really prefer the DRB if I can get one
  6. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    Aaagh! Nearly a year and the dreaded "confused GPS" is back. It recognises direction changes but seems to be locked on to a location months old. I'll have a look tonight and see if the unit is actually seeing any satellites. I had a look on RealOEM and it looks like a replacement antenna is about US$160 so I think it best I run a few tests first before forking out for a replacement antenna. I wonder if a cheap (whatever that is) antenna from somewhere would be worth trying first by just plugging it in to the receiver will tell me if it is the cable or the antenna. I think the antenna is above the glovebox on the left hand side - how hard is that to get to and is it a big job threading the cable through to the receiver on a Touring. Hopefully it does not involve dismantling half the car to do it. Fingers crossed it is not the Rx going by the price of the antenna!!!
  7. GerryAttrick

    E36 328i black sedan $2650

    Damn..I need to move my Burgundy 94 325i auto coupe with grey leather (not best condition) , Schnitzer rear wing and e46 wheels and I could be interested in the silver coupe. Trouble is my sister in law is using it at the moment until they can afford a replacement for the POS Mondeo they dumped. I should have contacted you in the first place
  8. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    I agree - wait one week. Mine also had no signals...although it was the earlier unit. I was trying to get the time to get down to see Hotwire when my GPS came back online. Since that day it has worked without a hitch.Sorry about that Hotwire
  9. GerryAttrick

    E39 leather interior set and other parts

    Have you got the lifting centre arm rest and cubby box for 98 E39? Mine has the fixed/sliding rest and I think I'd prefer to cubby box job.
  10. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    Hi Jochen,Tried to send a PM a couple of times but it seems your mailbox is full. I'll keep trying Alan
  11. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    No not fixed yet. The battery is easy to get to. I have disconnected the battery and left it overnight - no joy on start up. I have ejected the DVD and reloaded the software - no joy. It seems to know when I change direction as the direction arrow on the screen moves around. It just seems to think I am at the location where I last used it successfully, A check of the menu shows (I think) no satellites. The menu shows 8 satellites but each one has zero under the S/N column - there is data in the Ch & PRN columns alongside each one. The GPS Status screen shows no Lat,Longt or Altitude and the other fields on that screen are all zero. I am pretty sure that its the antenna/ receiver but I don't know where it is on the Touring...my Bentley CD had the Electrical section missing and I guess the info is in there. No big deal as I can alwys contact Hotwire...just need some more $$ so I can get the rearview camera upgrade put in as well. I am using the motorbike most of the time and just have to remember to take my glasses if I am going somewhre new and need to read the map book. I have a few jobs to do but "Er Indoors" keeps finding me work to do around the house
  12. GerryAttrick

    How do I force my BMW E39 GPS to acquire satellites

    Thanks guys - especially Tim & Hotwire. I was pretty sure you would pop up with the answer Grant... and you beat Jochen to the punch.I was going to disconnect the battery first and see if it resets but its been too wet to stand in the dark and rain to do it. Must clear out junk from "Er Indoors" so I can actually get my car in the garage. I'll try the menu check first as I can do that from the warm and dry inside the car. I'll get in touch with you shortly about fitting a rearview camera and have a chat about the widescreen and digital conversion options at the same time I've thought a couple of times about selling the Touring but everytime I drive it I fall in love with it again...I think I'll have this wagon for a while to come yet so might as well start adding all the "toys"...just need to get the pixel fix done on the instrument panel first and then I can decide what comes next.
  13. GPS has been working fine since I have had the car but on the last 2 trips it has completely failed to get a lock on any satellites. It keeps thinking I am starting out somewhere where it seems to have been last used successfully and now keeps telling me "Return to the Planned Route" How can I make it re-aqcuire the GPS Satellites? If it is going to involve a major repair then it might be time to think about upgrading to the big screen version version (Mk11?). It might also fix my problem that most of my TV stations no longer come in very well and seem to have the "MUTE" message showing at the bottom of the screen....sigh
  14. GerryAttrick

    BBS Style 5 17" RIMS – E34 540i

    This one on TradeMe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=440511129
  15. GerryAttrick

    E39 Headlights

    But it WILL come back...I speak from experience. I pulled mine apart in the end and put clear silicone around just about every joint - sorted one of them but the other still gets condensation but not as bad. This is a known fault with the E39 headlights and from my trucking around the net there is no guarantee that a new replacement will be any better. It does not matter whether the drain holes are clear or not or which way up you put the rubber drain elbows. Even if everything is right there are some lights that get condensation no matter what. Now I live with it and have a quick dry out just before WOF time. I can get the headlights out in under 10 minutes now but watch the "hockey stick" trim under the light you can break the end off easilyif you do not remove them carefully...don't ask how I know this.