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  1. viettt

    My new car

    Nearly 3 years later and the photos of this car still gets me all giddy!!!!!!
  2. viettt

    E30 M TECH I

    Hey guys! Just wondering, gotta facelift E30. Will a MTECH I kit fit on it? If so where could I get a kit from? Thanks Viet.
  3. viettt

    My 1990 325i E30

  4. Wow, loving it! MORE PHOTOS PLEASE!!
  5. i got two http://www.bimmersport.co.nz/forums/index....=43326&st=0 http://www.bimmersport.co.nz/forums/index....t=0#entry477445 Pick your poison and PM me a price if interested and i'll get back to you. Recently added more photos on both threads.
  6. Damn, that looks sooo nice. Love the silver!! Interior photos?!?!
  7. viettt

    My 1990 325i E30

    More photos GOT BORED!!! I really do need to change them wheels but taking my time looking for some weaves. AND Need an IS Lip hahaah just haven't gotten around to it. Next time I post photos, both issues will be resolved!
  8. Thanks!!! Might have to find myself a M3 then! Will do that asap!! Yeah, i'll probably just hold my horses hahaha! probably try find something that's more worth it!!
  9. Hey hey guys, I have found a stunning Zinnoberrot Red E30 in NSW that I want, really really really really bad. How much is shipping from Straya to NZ ChCh? Anyone know!??!?! Thanks Viet!
  10. viettt

    NZ New E30

    I sent you a price through PM haha, go have a look and get back to me
  11. viettt

    1990 SA 325i

    looking good! keep it up!
  12. viettt

    NZ New E30

    Thinking of selling mine to be honest! PM me if interested. Don't like it as much as my SA Built 325i!
  13. Looking for E30 IS Lip in black!!!! ASAP!!!
  14. viettt

    NZ New E30

    That wouldn't be too bad! I got some decent skills with a camera! Why not?! Thank you very much!!
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