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  1. Would you believe that the second OEM replacement windscreen also has a fault in it! New one arrives Friday.
  2. Dealer confirms fault in OEM glass replacement. They are getting it back in a week or two to do the replacement in house and apparently there is an EGR cooler recall at the same time, two birds one stone. Hopefully that's the end of it!
  3. I'm letting Novus deal with insurance, I'm just annoyed that I have had to prod them along by contacting the dealer pro-actively. They would have been far happier if I had just mucked about with seat position and found a spot where it looked better. I'm fairly sure the trip to the dealer will be a waste of time in any event as I feel it is a defect in the glass. It's just the hassle as well - two weeks before the dealer can fit me in, and if it does need another windscreen, well the last one took about two weeks as well. So if its going where I think its going it'll be July by the time it's sorted, considering I had the chip claim approved on May 2 it's a nuisance! Happy to be proved wrong though!
  4. I can't say for certain what the installer ordered other than its OEM and they knew it had a HUD. To be fair that's not my job to tell them the part numbers. They'd seen the car before as this all started from a chip repair that failed. Insurance have agreed to let the dealer take a look.
  5. That is my first thought too. If I bob my head up and down with the ignition off I can make out some slight distortion in the what I see outside especially if I line up with a fence or something with long vertical and horizontal lines.
  6. They reckon that they have calibrated the HUD in house, but they still want me to go to the dealer to see if the HUD is faulty. Pretty sure its a defect in the replacement windscreen, but I guess they don't want to re do the install if there is a slim possibility that they don't have to. I'll have to see what the insurance says, but on the whole its a bit of a nuisance, especially considering I had to wait two weeks for the current windscreen to arrive in the first place.
  7. Novus tell me that they perform the same calibration as the dealer. They now are suggesting we try to get my insurer to pay for a dealer diagnostic test on the HUD. I still feel like it'll be an imperfection in the new screen.
  8. Oh jeez that sounds like a nuisance. Wasn't AA Autoglass, I went with my insurers preferred supplier which was Novus, which I guess is ironic because my insurer is AA. Does seem odd that a major player in the windscreen game doesn't know it requires dealer calibration after an install considering they have all the required equipment to recalibrate the front cameras and light/rain sensors. I'll suggest Novus get in touch with the dealer. Cheers.
  9. Yeah, it's starting to annoy me, and it definitely didn't do this before.
  10. I've just had a windscreen replacement done on insurance. Due to the HUD insurance approved an OEM windscreen. After getting it back I've found that there is a distinct double image in my preferred HUD position. If I lower the display or slouch down it goes away. I've had it back to the installers this morning. They agree that its not quite right, but suggested that I was being hyper aware post windscreen replacement and that so far their preferred solution is that I drive around and experiment with a different driving position or HUD position and see if I can find a comfortable spot that doesn't show the double image. My preferred position; If I slouch; Otherwise they indicated that they might try to get the HUD looked at via a dealer. My thought is that maybe the screen has a fault in it. Does anyone know if the dealer really could adjust the HUD to bring the images back to normal in my preferred position without screwing it up in some other way? My intuition says they can't. Am I being unreasonable here in thinking that trying to adjust my driving position or the HUD is not really a solution, or am I just being a bit pedantic? Any thoughts appreciated!
  11. Mystery GPS box looks a lot like one of these; http://carsystems.com.ua/bmw-products-en/bmw-nbt-evo-atm-emulator-en Which is a module designed to emulate an ATM/GPS thing in a retro fitted system. This piece of wiring looks a lot like the picture of the cable that is included in the ATM emulator instruction manual The mystery deepens.
  12. AudioCity thought it all looked a bit mysterious and are took some details and are going to do some research. They suggested I have a look at the head unit myself. Pulled the head unit, it appears to have been retrofitted with a later HW version HU that supports wireless Carplay, but doesn't have a GPS input. There is apparently another module that supported GPS and teleservices called an ATM that would have needed to have been retrofitted for the nav to function. I can see what I think is the GPS cable is plugged into another box somewhere deep in the dash that doesn't look original but I couldn't access it. I still think the Nav worked at some point with this HU as a previous owners known address as well as other NZ addresses are in the GPS history. So the GPS antenna I ordered is probably gonna be surplus to requirements now, too bad its already shipped. The wiring job on the retro fitted HU leaves something - ahem - to be desired! So that needs to be dealt with! Mystery GPS cable box thing that I couldn't reach without disassembling half the car! Dunno what it is, the attach points indicate that it should be mounted somewhere but isn't Good thing the rest of the car is fine! This really should go in a different section of the forum now, I know.
  13. AudioCity in Chch have offered to have a look at no charge (very good of them) to see what the issue is, hopefully off there in the morning.
  14. Cheers for the information. I don't think AutoGravity have an outlet in Christchurch. I might have to try someone like AudioCity, unless anyone has any recommendations in the South Island.
  15. Hi Hugo, thanks for your input. Below is what I am seeing, perhaps you can shed some light. It has the 5 tiles on the home screen so I think it is NBT EVO ID5. You could be right regarding the hardware, I have seen one un-commanded reboot while driving, so perhaps it is just the software that has been updated. I haven't pulled the head unit from the dash to check the hardware version number though. It has wireless Carplay, and I can mirror my Android phone's display to there must be a wifi antenna installed, I think as a retrofit. It does look to have the NZ maps installed. - Excuse the amount of photos and camera glare. I have been into the sort of hidden Navigation *Service Menu* and there are definitely some things that are not as they should be; The Sensor Test shows the GPS Status as reserved As does the GPS Status, there appear to be no visible satellites, and no almanac data. The GPS Version menu is showing no Receiver SW version or date. When you do go into the Maps it logs the current vehicle position as Null Island - 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude. But if you manually navigate the interactive map to NZ, there is data there as you'd expect. There are saved NZ addresses in the system so I am guessing it has worked at some point. My knowledge of all this is a bit lacking, my experience with BMW Nav and coding ends with the Mk IV Nav system in the E39 and Jochen Siegenthaler's NavCoder software 10 years ago! So I think it could be - I'd love to be corrected! 1. Bad GPS Antenna 2. Bad GPS Reciever 3. Bad cable/connection between the above 2 4. Something has been changed (ID5 upgrade?) and subsequently not coded correctly I'll pick up a replacement GPS antenna and start there, otherwise its go and and pick up an ENET cable and try to learn ESYS and evrything else that has been developed in the last 10 years. Or perhaps just knuckle under and take it to an expert in town!
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