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  1. Need 1 leather driver seat as the seat is on a constant lean... If anyone knows how to fix it as well let me know =)
  2. My beautiful 325i for sale about two months ago did a full service at BM Workshop. Had the oil sump replaced, cambelt changed and a new computer also put in. Car has been covered for all of my ownership and the previous owner was an elderly man who also kept in the garage. The engine is super clean as the first owner got it from SA and completely brought it to almost new condition. The car is a manual and it flies with the 6 cylinder engine. Full leather interior. Come take a look and a test drive if you have proof of funds. Looking for 7000.
  3. Shyam_e30

    BBS RM

    Sam! Does your tyres have much tread left on it?
  4. Who do I talk to about them then?
  5. Dont have the money for them now but really want a set in the future. Can I put a deposit down for one set of 4x100
  6. Cheers thanks mate Much appreciated
  7. What about wheel adaptors? Because I would want to get more poke as well so would run spacers
  8. Hey guys wondered if someone can give me some insight into redrilling wheels. Found a set of 4x108 and a 5x114.3. Is there anyone in auckland who can re drill it to fit my e30? How much would it be? Is it legal?
  9. Sick wheels, would happily buy if I had the cash for it
  10. Hey guys I just bought an e30 325i cabby. I have an issue with the locking, on the driver side it is hard to lock and when it does lock it doesn't lock the passenger side door. I heard that if I get an alarm system put in this will fix it so I was wondering if you guys had similar problems. I also did some research into getting a transponder key if I wanted to get this will it fix the issue? On a side topic I wanted to get a good audio package for my e30 and installed by professionals is there anyone in Auckland who do the alarms/locking issue and the audio? Cheers for the help
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