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  1. This may or may not be helpful but worth a look
  2. It's always been that way..Grew up in palmy in the days of GTX's and 190e's
  3. Very Nice, Good luck with the sale
  4. Wow - It's certainly changed! I'm not a fan but good on you for doing it how you want it, that's what it's about.
  5. Honestly, I used to spend up to $1000.00 every couple of years on new radars. I think I have several thousand in receipts. I found I sped more with a radar and ended up getting plenty of tickets, Got up to 90 demerits at one stage. I haven't had a radar for 3 years now, do a minimum of 60,000 k's a year 90% open road driving and the only ticket I have have had in that time was going down a hill braking and I got nabbed for 58k. Agree with the comments about overtaking.
  6. Classic!
  7. Yip, Same here. Would not buy from ever
  8. I got touch up paint from the dealer once before, wasn't expensive - can't remember how much specifically.
  9. Awesome, Heaps of potential for a fun cruiser.
  10. Better than one shitty photo in the fading light. Big deal
  11. Seems to tick a few boxes
  12. You can spend god knows how much time on here telling everyone about it, But can't spare say an hour total to take your car to a decent workshop?? You say it will cost you a lot of time, but in the grand scheme of things is it REALLY that big of a deal? Sorry mate got to be said.
  13. Is this the one in Inglewood?
  14. Me too. Every time and with Anything.