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  1. Hi Scott

    Did you sell your 130i as dont see a SOLD update.

    Let me know If it is still available,

    Cheers, John

  2. I sold it for 11.5k and it owed 3.5k so I’m happy regardless hahah I did all the hard yards and got it going
  3. It had a dogleg 5 speed in it unless he has taken it out looks to me as he may have resprayed it possibly but depends if he has done it to hide the rust and the huge crack in the boot floor
  4. Still available if anyone is interested could work out a deal
  5. Haha your choice im having no bites even at this price also. So I don’t know what to do it’s just sitting in the shed at work haven’t drove it since I listed it. The JetSki I want is on trademe now so really need cash.
  6. Only trying to fund for a JetSki if I get enough together in a month I’ll keep it a bit longer but I don’t use it. It just sits at my work doing nothing so bit of a waste really
  7. Thought i would put the car on here and see if it sells before i commit to putting it on trademe only selling as i dont use it as i have a ranger now and looking at jet ski before the summer. 231kms, manual, M sport, Black leather interior, Heated seats, Sunroof, Tinted, Tuned. Full stainless Arqay exhaust, Front strut brace. Can come on the 19s or with factory wheels
  8. Update got some new wheels after a few F arounds on Facebook. Now ive never been a fan of big wheels and i cringed a bit when i saw they were 19s but as soon as i saw them in person and put them on i never took them off. Fitment is perfect. Tiny bit of rub in the rear around corners but i havent rolled the guards yet. Some before and after shots
  9. I was lucky with my e87 when I bought it haven’t had any issues with it yet it is thirsty though I probably get if I’m lucky 500kms to a tank with varied driving. I can’t complain too much as I got a bargain
  10. Has anyone got a scan tool in akl just had a cel come up the dash is pulling up code 131 which is for a bulb but I feel like that’s not why the cel came on
  11. hey bro did these also change the halo rings to white also?
  12. Update finally got hold of a new boot badge changed the crazy long aerial to one thats half the size. Also updated the tailights.
  13. Wasnt dyno'd the tune was copied from one that was and then modified to suit. I got it back yesterday and the pinging has been sorted out. So all is well.
  14. Yeah i know they will be a squeeze the tyres are 245/45 so thats wrong to start with
  15. Ok so tune is good just need to get it tweaked as the tune for 98 fuel is pinging under load. Im on the hunt for some wheels im going to look at some bbs rx 502 later today 18x8.5
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