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  1. At least the 5.1 stuff I would suggest, I can’t remember what the Motul 600 is rated as but it’s a full on “race” fluid -not cheap, but good.
  2. True, but making a low-ball offer before even seeing the car is almost offensive. Once you've seen and tested the car is the time to start negotiations, possibly an "are you flexible on price?" before you view. Especially with a crock reason of "track-days will upset most purists"... i'ts an M car, not a Toyota Vitz, it's SUPPOSED to go on a track.
  3. Are you looking to keep the pads in the car the whole time or swap them over for the track days? Hawk do a good range of pads from “street” to “full race” I run the HP Plus in my race car - not the ultimate in stopping but last pretty well so a good trade off and possible all round pad? Good to see you recognise the need for the fluid, go for a good hi-temp one, Castrol or Motul. Thats most likely what’s giving the spongy pedal.
  4. Yes, we seem to be under a spam attack. Very targeted though, even mentioning BMWs in the message. We are blocking the users when they are reported, so keep sending them through. Cheers, Admin.
  5. Thanks Dan, I have blocked a number of these users and deleted a number of messages as well. Apologies members, seems to be quite an involved system, lots of new users created to send the messages. As above, if you do get a message please let us know so we can block them all.
  6. Very nice, not many around in that colour - which looks so good. Price is a reasonable starting point for negotiations. I’ve always understood it is really difficult to get cars into Aussie (protecting the now defunct factories), but it would be hard to replace over there.
  7. Probably fit a lot better than a fibreglass one! Would be interested to hear from anyone that has bought from Mr Bodykits, some of the stuff looks very tempting!
  8. Looks a nice car, modded, but looks period which is cool. If that’s your style over originality then fill your boots. Questions would be how long has it been parked up and how well stored.. do the photos reflect current condition? Price estimate is on the high side, if there were no negatives from the storage, then I would say $15k would be the top end of the price range, not the bottom.
  9. It’s a genuine M3 and low Kms, but considering the other M3s that struggled to sell around that price, it’s not an $80k M3. Down sides are: US Spec, non-original colour (big question - why re-spray, flagged as as damaged import..?), front seats (very hard to find genuine M3s), broken front bumper & missing tow eye covers & caps. Wheels on it have been sold separately, so it comes on what..? And this is just from the photos. Could be a good buy for someone, but not at anywhere near $80k, sorry.
  10. If it was a fault that was earthing out the battery then it would flatten it pretty quick. My suggestion would be to remove the damaged earth connection, then stick a charger on the battery and try again once it’s got some juice back in it. Somethings not quite right though, an earth fault should cause the fuse to blow, as it’s pulling too much current. It sounds to me like that hasn’t happened, so check your fuse box as well.
  11. Yup, that’s the place. I think the salesman was being straight with me when he said it’s the bosses car, offered to give him a call and ask, everything’s for sale at the right price, right? I don’t think you’d be able to get it for a steal though, the guy clearly has a clue about cars. I never even noticed that! Awesome plate.
  12. Spotted this in a Dunedin used car showroom.. E30 F/L Manual coupe, pretty tidy, only a 316i but still a nice car. Interior was almost spotless. Car has a “sold” sign on it, but the salesman told me it’s the bosses car and when I asked if it was for sale and he said you never know!
  13. Are you looking to buy Another 130i M3AN..???
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