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  1. Of all the 7er I do like the styling of an E38, in this case the kit and wheels make it look worse than a factory M-Sport to me. The wheels look to be an M-Par copy to my untrained eye. Reason to pay less for this one, not more.
  2. I know you’ve got a thing against EVs, but the really funny part around that post is the fact the fire had nothing to do with the electrical elements of the car. How many petrol or diesel vehicles catch fire compared to EVs? Even as a percentage? How many petrol tankers or petrol stations catch fire compared to EV chargers? Moral of the story from the post above - if you pay peanuts for servicing you get monkeys working on your car, and this is what can happen. In general Don’t believe any scaremongering, do some research and make an informed decision.
  3. The first of many ICE engines to be cut from the range, with the next level of Euro 6 (e?) emissions coming into effect it’s impossible to get the performance engines to comply. Combined with fleet average CO2 targets in most OECD countries they don’t stack up any more. The M760Li engine is crammed into the engine bay on a G12 7er, it would be a TARDIS like effort to get it into anything smaller. I’m not sure it would be worth all the effort tbh, unless it’s a kit-car / replica of something V12 and you need that sound a boosted 6 or V8 would probably give better output and weight balance?
  4. Will be interesting to see where that ends up price wise, a bit of a risk with no WoF, but it looks to be a solid and pretty tidy 323i Coupe. Luckily it’s well down south or I might have gone to look at it and ended up with 3 E30s in bits!
  5. @runtothehills yes there are M2 manuals in NZ, not many, but there are a few and they come up for sale very rarely - with a price premium. There are also a few M2 Comp in manual, and the ONLY NZ new M2 CS is a manual (and was up for sale fairly recently). If you only want the manual, patience will be the key. I suggest trying an M2 Comp with DCT, I don’t think you will be disappointed.
  6. I thought it might not show the image if I just did a Quote, so took a screenshot on the phone to show you it is working. I’m just wondering if it is something to do with the security settings on your device, I often get the message on my work laptop and phone (lots of corporate security) but see the photos on my personal devices (bugger all security)?
  7. Might be your settings? Most work for me, but there are a couple that just say “might be picture of car and outdoors”.
  8. E30 325i Rag-Top

    M TOY M3

    Looks a little bit “busy” to me in the last photo - lots of lines and angles going on. I will wait until you post up the front view of it on the car before making a call.
  9. Hmm, not so sure, the E30 318iS was produced in pretty low numbers only at the end of production so is pretty rare. Also the M42/4 twin cam was spot on for the E30 version, but seemed a bit under-powered for the bigger & heavier E36 version. Don’t get me wrong, the 318iS would be way above a lot of E36 models (316i, 318i, all compacts, etc) but I don’t feel it’s such a standout as in the E30 version. I’m fairly certain there was an E36 318iS coupe version which would be a bit more desirable I think…
  10. On a related note, I somehow, managed to end up with a bird sh*t on the INSIDE of my alloy wheel, BEHIND the spokes - but not on them. Was a big one as well! Maybe birds have got laser guidance on their arses now… very impressive shot!
  11. Looking for rust in an E30 is usually only bad news, but by doing this you can find it, fix it and stop it becoming terminal. Much better than ignoring it / hoping it’s not there. For that boot seal area, I would suggest the best way is to cut back to bare metal and weld in a replacement section (possibly from a wrecked E30 - worst case should be a simple fab job as it’s 90 degree bends and straightish). I would suggest that with bog it will only keep bubbling up over time - even if you treat it with rust cure.
  12. @deeunitnz there should be a price for Bimmersport members in your post, not just a link to TradeMe.
  13. @Bmwfan01I do hope you will reciprocate and give Bimmersport a mention to your Facebook members.
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