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  1. As per forum rules - Advertising their business on Bimmersport. They have their own web-site, it’s linked at the start of this thread.
  2. Quite popular in Northern Europe and North America. Not many RHD ones around, so not widely known in these parts. Would be interesting to see how good / effective the AWD is in these..?
  3. @Qube needs a price as per the forum rules please. Understand it is a hard one to price, but still need a price on the post. Even if it is "offers in region of".
  4. Made the mistake of thinking the drive from Auckland to Napier would be better later on Good Friday, not Thursday. Seven hours later, finally arrived (normal drive time is five hours), even with using the live traffic info and not getting onto motorway until Bombay. Luckily I was in a decent car, with all the mod cons or it would have been much worse. The driver assist / radar cruise works really well in traffic jams, don’t have even touch the wheel below 20kmh. Tested this out quite a bit, including the 3km crawl into Tirau. When the queues finally died down there were a few opportunities to give it some beans and get past a few of the muppets that decide to get out and about at Easter. Not sure I’m looking forward to the journey back though...
  5. Oh my... With it being what looks to be a proper auction this will be most interesting to see where it ends up. The fact that reserve has already been met surprises me, but should also draw a few more genuine bidders out of the woodwork. Subscribed.
  6. There’s one just gone up on TradeMe but it’s been listed as a “DTC” so might not show on your search. Listed as an M3 box, but doesn’t say which M3. Can’t post link as I’m on phone. Seller seems super helpful.
  7. E30 325i Rag-Top

    M TOY M3

    @CSET picture of Ange taking picture of M Toy.. that’s some inception type stuff!
  8. Welcome, there is a lot of love for the 540i on these forums. Pics of these 5ers would be great!
  9. The tape deck and CD player in our E87 still work fine, no problems there. And the multi-media interface in the E30 is as works as good now as it did when it came out over 30+ years ago.
  10. Who knows where we will be by the time the models with iDrive8 get through to the enthusiast owner? There are always very clever people out there doing ingenious things to get around the restrictions of the electronics, who then share it through forums etc. I can see that it is getting tougher and tougher as systems become more integrated and more complex, but this is sometimes seen as a challenge by some! Look what HellBM are doing with previous gen cars an motors now, mechanically easy to bolt something in, huge headache to get the electronics all talking to each other. Lots of interesting stuff going on with emulators to fool the system into thinking a module is still there even when it's not. There's plenty of businesses out there, Euro Surgeon, Auto Gravity, etc. that specialise in this kind of stuff as well, so I'm sure they will be developing alternatives as these cars start to hit the second and third hand markets.
  11. There are quite a few rivet-counters on TradeMe (i've done it previously but don't get the time anymore) but the sellers response makes it well worth while in this case. If it's a dealer / dealership then it's more justified as they should know better, and are possibly mis-representing their goods to unsuspecting buyers.
  12. Yes, its the Car Club that organise the BMW display at the concours each year. If you get chance come along to a race meeting and see some of the people and cars, we're a friendly bunch. Unfortunately the only meeting left this year is at Taupo on the 1st and 2nd May, which is a bit of a trek, but a good excuse for a week-end away!
  13. lol now the NZ mobile network is up to international standards the remote upgrade functionality has been enabled. Also, is your car an import?
  14. 1. Depending on the function either whilst covered by BSI or whilst subscription is live. 2. Lifetime of vehicle 3. Lifetime of vehicle. 4. Not sure sorry. Key point here which is buried in text (sorry didn’t look so long on PC) is that as software updates will be remote they are free. No need to take the car to dealership to be programmed, will download to the car automatically whilst driving.
  15. Except there’s two useable seats in the rear of the M4, which can accommodate nearly six foot teenagers on a long drive. Cant do that in a Stang or a GT-R.
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