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  1. E46 is still a great looking car design, in any shape, and especially in the facelift with MSport. E90 has never been that grate for me, and whilst it is slightly more modern the tech in them is now showing its age. E46 for me every time, and can’t go wrong with the 330d especially for those distances. A 6 speed manual would be the unicorn.
  2. Where’s the love it to bits button for this beauty..?😍
  3. step brothers?? Half brothers..?
  4. Not a good time to be trying to sell their week-end toys. Where costs are starting to bite quite a few people are looking to cash up the toys. Unfortunately the flip side of this is that there are very few buyers looking for those toys so the market is very flat. Anyone that does have a little cash is in a great position to get something nice for a good price.
  5. This is very tempting for the wife to join the 130i cool kids crew!
  6. Needed a car with a tow-bar on it to pick up some new garden furniture on a trailer. Only car currently with a tow-bar the wife’s mighty E87 116d manual! Using that in rush hour Akl traffic was not fun, crawling along between red lights. I must have got old and become used to “easy” driving.
  7. @musccoo needs a price as per forum rules.
  8. I think I might need to get one of those, old one is worn out and wrinkly.
  9. Personally I don’t think it’s the oil prices making freight and shipping so expensive, the logistics industry lost billions of dollars during COVID and is looking to get some of that back quickly (same for lots of other industries). Air freight has come back to less stupid levels as more airlines are flying again, but see freight and shipping is still stretched and charging big $$$ Source and buy local.. on no, wait a sec.
  10. Like most markets in NZ the car market is very slow, lots of people across all economic groups really starting to struggle with day to day living costs. Very few people out there with money to drop on new week-end toys like the M3, a few more that may be looking for a new daily like the X3 or 330d. It is certainly a buyers market at the moment, and boy don’t they know it. I would list them a way above want you want for them, even if it is the highest on TM, to allow wriggle room. Promote the vehicles based on features / condition / service history, trying to be the cheapest on the market attracts a specific customer. As to exact values, it is all over the place at the moment with prices dropping sharply on near new stuff.
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