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  1. Good looking car, but the 4-cylinder engines in these are not BMWs best work. The car has reasonably low kms and a warranty would be good (check what it covers though) so you could be lucky?
  2. @dimsim ok, great, it’s still available so drop me a. Pm with your details and we can sort it out.
  3. @Harper yup, still available - I’ve even found another one the same! Drop me a pm with your details and I’ll get it sorted.
  4. @treone yup still available, pm me your whereabouts and we can sort it out!
  5. I’ve got some Jeff Gray and Winger ones…
  6. Having a big tidy up of the garage to clear the decks and get stuck into the ‘vert and race car, and maybe get a few $$$s towards costs of them! Genuine BMW solid metal 3 Series key-ring, new in box. $20 One sold, one left M5 key-ring, not genuine BMW, locally made for a model launch, new in box Sold BMW Motorsport Heritage collection key-ring, weighty metal and leather, brand new, boxed but slight damage to outside of box (shown in photo) Sold
  7. Arm part for the rear screen wiper of a G05. Brand new and boxed, never been used, now surplus to requirements. $50
  8. That’s where the market is these days, plus it’s bound to have been abused being @Jamez car!
  9. 100% this, just trying to re-iterate the myths about imports to make his car look better. Imports got a bad name when the less scrupulous dealers used to wind them back to get more $$s and then they had issues. Not a problem with a recent M car that would have all the servicing data in the iDrive. There are not a huge number of recent imports of newish cars, due to exhange rates and increased transport costs, so not massive numbers around now as there might have been in the past. Just look out for the Aussie imports that were hail damaged, other than that treat each car on its own condition and specs.
  10. I can’t think of anything in a software update that would affect your fuel consumption dramatically, so unlikely to be that. Does sound a bit on the high side, so would be worth getting it checked out so it doesn’t lead to bigger issues later on. Do you know if the car has been re-mapped, tuned or programmed? Some of the Interweb specials can do funny things.
  11. $15k currently… Plus all airbags, Laser headlight, various front corner parts, bumper, rear left suspension, body work, paint, chassis check, tyres, re-VIN check… Equals NOT cheap. Shame, would have been such a nice car pre-accident.
  12. Has Mr Body Kits in Aussie not got anything for E46? Still have shipping issue but AU is a lot cheaper, and often others are buying from them and you can split the freight.
  13. From the E30 M3 forum views it’s probably a bit of both. As with all collector vehicles the originality of the car has a big influence on desirability. The other aspect with the E30 M3 in particular goes back to the reasons the company gave for not offering the car in RHD at the time - it would affect both engine performance due to header design and the balance of handling from the weight distribution. Which can be read as LHD good RHD bad, influencing desirability to this day with some prospective buyers.
  14. Yup saw that, thought about pulling mine from the race car and giving it a clean. The additional (bolt on) mount and the stud conversion were interesting, but not over two grand interesting.
  15. @beemwr for anything more than a rough estimate more of a description and detailed pictures would be required. I’m happy to give you my 2c if you want to send more info to me, I could even be interested in the car. The $55-60k range would be the bottom end of the market for a running, driveable example that is mostly original with its S14, interior, etc. Aussie auctions are not the best comparison as figures there tend to be higher as it is Sooo hard to get older cars imported so it’s much more limited supply. Week-end toy market is pretty slow at the moment, but provided you don’t need to sell in a hurry you should still get a good market price on an E30 M3 as they are still in demand.
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