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  1. Didn’t Keven Mosen just put one up on TradeMe..? I seem to remember a fuel tank in amongst his latest list of items..
  2. @BMTHUG post needs photo as per forum rules please.
  3. From what I have seen there is definitely a shortage of young (0-3 years) low mileage (<50k kms) stock in New Zealand at present. This has lead to prices increasing slightly, as dealers look for cars to sell. Whole host of reasons, many coming out of the whole Covid situation around the world. The upshot of it all is, that yes, you could maybe get a better price for your car, however, if you are looking to upgrade to a newer / better car then the changeover will probably also be larger.
  4. Not strictly my car, but I took a little bit of BMW history in NZ down to the Festival at HD. Good old school motoring.. most of the time looking at the temp gauge and wondering if you’re going to get there! Zero mod cons, not even a radio. Have to ask yourself if you really NEED all that stuff? Could have done with a 5th gear and some aircon though.
  5. @Bonto can you please add the prices you are looking for on the windscreens, glass, etc and also the motor and gearbox. Appreciate its a “wrecking” listing but if you’ve listed parts can you please include a price as per rules? Thanks.
  6. I do hope that wasn’t this forum Andrew, if it was can you pm me the user details?
  7. Spark trigger and timing is running of a signal from the crank as the normal dizzy has been removed. Later DTM engines ran four seperate coils and Bosch Motorsport ignition control I believe. Very nice, on my list of “if I win lotto..” items to buy.
  8. Posts were removed by Admin as they had not made any contact with the site before posting, which is a direct breach of the site rules. If they cannot be bothered to do that simple task you have to wonder how good they are. Part of the reason we ask for contact before they post is to check them out to determine if they are genuine so members don’t get ripped off. My personal suggestion would be to stick to known and trusted vendors.
  9. E30 325i Rag-Top

    Need a laugh?

    Don't have high expectations of the reporting in NZ, especially the Motoring stuff.
  10. Happens more often than you would think! Hence why I always check insurance on expensive items I buy that are likely to go sea freight. Many policies only cover the cost of the shipping, not the value of the goods themselves.
  11. Schnitzer MOTORSPORT is likely to close, however it is probably an off-shoot, or sub-company, within the larger AC Schnitzer group. The teams running the proper race cars would have nothing to do with the guys making the plastic dress up bits for the road warriors.
  12. If originality is not a factor for you, buying a non-M E30 and adding the exterior bits would work out much cheaper. A rusted out (holes through floor) rolling body still sells for around US$20k which is mad, mostly as I can’t afford to pay that!! Replacement steel panels are now all available from various sources.
  13. You have to change the headers, steering column goes right through them, this was the main reason for no factory RHD version being developed. Most RHD conversions took the factory headers and cut & re-welded to make a gap for the steering column, which resulted in a reduction in power and torque. I was lucky enough to get a fully fabricated set of s/s headers for my S14 at a good price. Yes, massively. E30 M3 prices are all about originality, as they are collectors items. I would suggest the main reason this car has sat for so long is the RHD conversion. It is now slowly coming into the correct price bracket for a RHD Evo I.
  14. Again Australian tow hitches are different to NZ standards and will require additional modifications and parts to be legal in NZ. Don’t forget to allow for the additional programming of the vehicle to recognise when a trailer is attached, PDC constantly beeping gets annoying real fast.
  15. Yeah, apparently theres some global panda things. Also pulling out of the Formula E. VAG pulling out of most motorsports including rallying, Bentley dropping factory race program, etc.
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