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  1. Dnz

    Plate - BLZKRG

    Ok fair enough. Anyway new plates are 900, so yeah. Ill b lookin at from 900 or ill hang on to it. Im not in a rush... Also yes plate spells Blitzkrieg. Thanks.
  2. Dnz

    Plate - BLZKRG

    Geez much sarcasm here. Yeah its proper euro plate. New Euro plates look to be around 900 bucks so yeah...
  3. Dnz

    Plate - BLZKRG

    Hi, After a few years, now the time has come to sell my plate. BLZKRG (Blitzkrieg). Great for any German car! Make me an offer - will be moving soon so will come off car for sale, or go to family/friend... Thanks. Dennis.
  4. Perhaps that's gonna get better reviews than the new M.. Though the obvious 'oh no its too hard for me' will most likely be touted by a few.
  5. Hey Guys, Ever wondered what could be done with a trashed E30? Well this thread seems to answer that. http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=795426 I cant believe the transformation. Theres some amazing pics in there. So who's next?
  6. Dnz

    Bimmersport's 4th Birthday

    I just logged in to suggest a scavenger type thing. Should be random ass locations, perhaps bimmersport/bmw/car related. It could be edutastical, and we could have to visit the forum sponsors..for better or worse.. haha
  7. Dnz


    Yeah beefy sways are what you want.
  8. Dnz

    Internet Speeds

    2756 down 125 Up Was a lot faster in the past though and im finding some sites slow as hell to load..but that might just be them (youtube and gmail give me greid a lot)
  9. Its a professional locksmith company that has this kit. It costs 1,200 and needs software on a laptop.. Its totally a pain in the ass to do. So unless youre a crook who gets a hold of these limited and expensive kits...yeah. A pro car thief deserves a car every now and then. NZ is kids with screwdrivers tho... Break it open, worry about damage later.
  10. Dnz

    The two go hand in hand ...

    Aesthetics only if it doesnt affect handling negatively.
  11. Dnz

    Transformers 2

    Wow cool - awesome effort. Better than Jon Sibal's one for sure.
  12. Dnz

    Transformers 2

    Haha yeah thought you would! Its pretty much perfect for you.. Jon Sibal's mock up could be OK for me but its nowhere near as good as those.
  13. Dnz

    Bad press for the M3

    I guess they pretty much said theyre both top notch cars and picking one over the other is more a matter of preference rather than wether its a 'better car' or not..
  14. Dnz

    Transformers 2

    Found an E30.. or rather someone posted a link to one. http://www.e30tech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=43893
  15. Dnz

    Bad press for the M3

    Umm doesnt it basically say that the M3 is the more drivers car? Because last time I checked it gives it ticks as being edgier and more track worthy.. Super cushy everyday driving ftw?!