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  1. I'll have a look what integration can be done Dan. Give everything a wee tickle up. James and the team have been doing an rad job keeping everything alive. The .com has gone ages ago - I'm getting the trademark now for the com.au and will try get the .com. It's just registered to a domain squatter.
  2. Good to catch up with you all @Olaf somewhere on this site is a pretty detailed write up on the M20. It was a reasonably involved process, lovingly done by Gavin @ Hi Velocity. @Driftit ahh yes - the many a good trip camping at racetracks and doing butterball shots. Bummer - the 318iS was cool! RIP turbo fun-ness
  3. Hello All - It's been a while since I posted here! I realised it's been 18 years since Ollie & I started the site. (I wish I was still 17) I love the community still keeps it running - you are badasses. I'm pretty keen to get an Australian version of Bimmersport going now I live in Sydney. How many aussie members are on here? I'm joining the BMWCC NSW, any one have any contacts? Update on cars. Still have the race car, it's very well sorted now - I just don't get to use it in the series much. It's got ITBs now and chucks out 290 rwhp, not bad for an M20. Given the engine is such large displacement and was reasonably restricted, it actually gained a significant amount of torque with this mod. I'lll do my best to get back from some rounds assuming the border opens up to Australia sometime soon. For those that don't know, I have an open class E30 with a 3.2 litre M20 with just about everything done to it. It weights just under 1000kg and is pretty hilarious to drive. Usually race on slicks in A. Attached is a video of my surprise hearing it actually idle properly with it's 304 cam and new ECU. It seems to rev a lot faster than it did with the stock intake. VIDEO-2020-04-22-07-05-45_1.mp4 I've got an M2 Pure in Australia - decided to do some road trips now we can't really travel anywhere. These are fun - it reminds me of the 318iS turbo I had? Does anyone on here own my old turbo? PK8952? I've still got the M325i cabby in Auckland, it lives in storage mostly. When I moved to Sydney I went a bit rogue and got a 987 Boxster a M235i and a Kia Picanto. I was confused. Sorry. Good to talk to you all again!
  4. Another very old member posting.. It's just incredibly sad to hear about this. I never met Atta but reading about his general rad-ness and impact on the world just amplifies what a loss this is. If you are able, please donate to the givealittle page.
  5. oh - and even though I technically still run this site - I barely use it hah! Please ring me or text me (I'm on annual leave also, so not being very computery)
  6. OK... I know I've put it up for sale a few times and changed my mind a few times. But I'm finally ready to do it. I don't even live in NZ anymore and my convertible needs are being done by my Porsche now. I want someone from HERE to buy it - I'll do a better price for a Bimmersport member. All details on trademe, photos are pretty representative of condition - except last time I washed it a bit of bloody clearcoat came off the bonnet. If I were to keep it (and not fully restore it) I'd just paint the front bodykit and bonnet. Free Carjam for you guys https://www.carjam.co.nz/report/?ref=6F779893 Trade me link https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1497339128 AND - unlike most cars registered in the 1990s - NZTA gave this an exemption for no highstop light. So it doesn't have that fugly boot (I have all the proper exemption letters for WOF time) Serviced by Gavin @ Hi Velocity My cell is +61 499 019 778 - I'm in NZ till the 29th.
  7. Update on this - was only $250 to have the wheel repaired (it was leaking quite badly)
  8. Legends - thanks for all the help.
  9. G'day Need to replace one of these wheels. Anyone know what they are called. Happy to buy a new set of them if it's easier. Cheers
  10. Ok so live blog went slower. I went well. Each race getting a second quicker. Came second in the handicap which was rad. Car is feeling awesome. Time to add in a bit more HP. In car from open handicap race. Not a great cam angle as we taped in the go pro.
  11. Hi all Thought I'd post and give some updates on the action from the perspective of B class. We had the car all ready on the Monday before leaving, luckily a quick dyno check showed it had the exact same HP and fuelling - so no tweaks required. A decent 230rwhp - not bad for an M20! My car after 5 years had some teething issues. We noticed the rear end of the car was bent the night before leaving. A quick stop into Mosen got us a straight RR trailing arm and later in the day we jammed it into the car. Luckily - the next day it was as sweet as an old ass E30 can be! The Friday testing saw various bits fall off Driving on slicks for the first time felt awesome, and the new brakes were sweet also. Mid-way in to thinking how badass it was, the steering jammed in higgins causing a small brown patch on the race suit. A quick investigation from David Lawrence revealed the bloody engine had fallen off it's mounts and jammed the steering! Of course engine mounts were procured in a matter of minutes and fitted ready to jump in to another test session. This time, the seat (which happened to be missing a bolt) bent and nearly fell out. The thread was f**ked and required re-tapping to sort that. Final tests of the day saw a good 30 minutes on track. No spectacular times but plenty of much needed driving practise. Friday night was the usual antics of trying to hand feed Gavin Bellars chips. Saturday morning. Mint weather - practise and qualifying were mint. I did a 1:19.442. Not great considering I've gone a few seconds quicker on dots and with sh*t brakes. But some learning to do. The new time based open series rules mean there are a bunch of cars all doing very similar lap times. There are 6 cars from 1:18:500 to 1:19:883, should be a mint race!
  12. Andrew

    Airbag recalls

    I have an NZ New E91 facelift - any other E9X owners been contacted by the dealer?
  13. We've recently replaces the exhaust with a good condition second hand factory one, done full service - checked it on the dyno etc. I've only put about 10000 k on it in 5 years. Roof is weathertight - but has been broken into at some point and repaired (before i owned it). Back window could do with a good clean with some chemical that clears it up or replace the plastic.
  14. Running well. It's not the original engine. It's lowered on Jamex superlows, with stock shocks. They aren't in great condition - if I was to keep it I'd swap that. No AC I'd give interior 7/10 - no cracks on dash, leather seats look good, but fronts have gone slightly hard.
  15. Hi - getting the ball rolling on selling this. I'm finishing some work to it (new roof struts, bonnet, obc, door locks) and getting some mechanical stuff checked on. Looking around the 6K mark. It will be ready to drive in a month or so - I'll trademe it then, but thought I'd chuck it on here first. I'm sure some of you are familiar with it. Black leather sport seats, I have Mtech1 sides for it - but thought'd they look sh*t given how the sills are on the cabby. I'll find some more photos.
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