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  1. All sorted! Ignition switch sourced and installed!
  2. Tracked down the reason my e30 wouldn't start - completely buggered ignition switch. (not key or barrel, the switchy bit on the other side) DM me if you have one for sale - much appreciated!
  3. Waiting for the new M3/M4 to decide where my next car comes from. Very skeptical about the turbo-6 route for the M3/M4 - esp after hooning around in a 1M for a bit. Nice engine, but that lag would piss me off in a daily driver. I hear they have a tri-turbo solution for this - I can't wait to try it! I had the M135i for a while the other day - such a wolf in sheeps clothing. A 80% 1M really. Nice machine.
  4. Yeah, it was such a controversial design when released, but now it has hit it's sweet spot - a bit like the e39 did a few years back. Now the e39 just looks dated and old. (Which I guess it is) The e60 motorsport can look incredible with the right wheels and colour. Awesome design. Get that bulletproof V10 version and you are all set.
  5. HTC One at Warehouse Stationery for $949 at the moment. So now the Galaxy S4 is more expensive AND a worse phone! Go get your One people!!!!
  6. Hahaha! I love it. I just pick it up and check sh*t I don't need to check just to use it. Every person I show it to just goes "oh man." Madness.
  7. Just bought an HTC One for testing etc. F**k! What a device!!!!!!! Before you slap down your hard earned cash for one of those shitty Galaxy S4 gimmick phones - go try the HTC One. Stunning, fast, best display (not oversaturated turd like the S4) and the software is actually useful. In testing the One outshines the S4 in almost every category except battery life (very close) and the S4 camera gives a slightly better shot, but for everything else, the One eats it. Don't look at spec sheets and numbly follow the Samsung TV ads which are slowly altering your brains. Go to a phone shop and ask to try the HTC One. Nothing like comparing the two side by side for yourself. If they don't have the HTC in stock - ask when and wait. Yes, it's that good.
  8. I was very impressed - the star of the show was certainly the guitarist. Ole Tony can still bring out the munter in anyone with those massive riffs. Bloody awesome. Geezer/Drummer dude kept the backend pumping which was pretty key. Ozzy just did whatever he liked - quite well too.
  9. Seems like the superphone trinity is almost here. The Samsung GS4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z are about to hit town. All 1920x1080 screens, 12MP cameras (the HTC has 4MP Ultrapixel tech), 2GB RAM and fast. Most people won't care about that techo stuff, but I bought the Xperia Z last week - the 1080p screens on these nextgen phones is amazing. As for the cameras, check out a couple of concert shots I took at Black Sabbath. Keep in mind the lighting is concert lighting and we were quite far away. Click on each to see: http://500px.com/mrad01/sets/concerts I'm really impressed with the Sony. I suspect I'll end up on the HTC One because the build quality & materials looks amazing.
  10. i went through a few run flats on my 335i over the 3 years I had it. Bridgestones sucked badly. The best allrounders turned out to be Continental RFTs. Once you get into a car without RFTs, you do notice less noise and a smoother ride - not such a wide gap with the latest gen RFTs. When it comes to the M3s, BMW supply normal tyres and a tyre re-inflation kit in the boot. I guess it's because the phenomenal Michelin Super Sports & Pilot Sport 2s don't come in RFT maybe?
  11. That does suck - you have had more BMWs than me and I get invites all the time. I'm already being "courted" by JCBMW probably for the M3 coming later in the year. I must admit, if they didn't invite me, I'd pick up the phone and ask WTF was going on. Sometimes you feel like why should you do that - but when you are thrashing their gear around a test track from time to time - that is why. Worth putting your hand up with a dealer.
  12. Great experience! I've been to quite a few BMW launch and track days. While the M3 is my daily driver and the car I choose to own, the 1M is a balls out mental bastard which I loved every minute of on track. Still not 100% convinced on the laggy throttle, but the midrange whack coupled with that wonderful chassis/brakes package gives a smile. Yeah, that new M5 is a monster. Still have a soft spot for the V10 version. It's good to have driven them all. If you haven't done their driver training, it is absolutely a must for any M car driver. Mike Eddy is a great teacher and I must say I was taught quite a lot - especially when I had Robbie Francevic in my passenger seat for laps telling me when to brake/apex/power on - surreal experience with such a legend. Stay on their list - the new M3 isn't far away, you never know if an invite will come your way.
  13. If you are happy with the iPhone 5 then stay on it. They are a great device. Any Android isn't going to do much more than the iPhone 5 does - despite what some fandroids say. Anyone who starts on with hacking the shite out of Android and rootkitting the side out of its cpu membrane and updating the kernel to patch level 7 while deploying a new SSD loader is nuts - slowly back away, roll your eyes and head for safety. Fandroid alert! (Not saying iPhone fanatics are much better, but fandroids are getting madder by the day) We are headed for some very evolutionary phones over the next 2 years - nothing revolutionary like the iPhone was in 2007. Still, some good times ahead. Just know that when you buy your next phone, you can choose either Android or iPhone and be happy with either - but don't rush out immediately - it isn't worth it. Enjoy the iPhone 5!
  14. Google Nexus 4 is the king phone at the moment. You just can't beat the quality of the build and the trump card is the pure android experience (no shitty samsung or htc skinning on it) - and Google support it directly, so when Android 5.0 comes out in May - the Nexus will get it immediately. Unbeatable. Keen to see the HTC one - looks great. Apple will continue down their boring path... love Apple, but the iPhone 5 was boringly great. If you gave me any samsung, i'd sell it immediately on trademe to some samdroid and get something else. Samsungs are plasticy, unsupported and pretty low quality gimmick machines. Sold my SGS3 after 2 weeks, Couldn't stand it. (But that's just me) The S4 looks equally full of gimmicks and made of cheap toxic plastic. No doubt they will continue their trend of loving you before you buy, then hating you when you need support. Nokia who? Windows what? Game over there...Google and Apple have this game sown up. I like Windows Phone, but it is very one dimensional and you get bored with it after a couple of weeks. GUI is wrong. For me, the Google Nexus 4 is my main phone at the moment - it is awesome. I have iPhones and other misc phones about too, but the Nexus 4 is the go to guy. Recommended. I do have an eye on the HTC One, but if it has the terrible SenseUI skin on it - no thanks. Good times if you are into mobile computing.
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