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  1. Walter

    Another Newbie

    Welcome good to see another Wgtn member...you'll love the site and you have a nice ride. cheers
  2. Walter

    Leaking sunroof

    We have just had my wife's 87 E30 2 door painted. The sunroof was removed and since then it drips under hard rain. How can we fix this or more importantly, would a new seal do the trick and where can we get one??? Cheers
  3. Walter

    Hello Hello

    Welcome...good to see a Wellington member. You'll love the forum and nice ride.
  4. Walter

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the site the help here is marvellous and will be a boon cheers
  5. Walter

    86' 635csi

    Hey Guys woudl anyone know how I can source a pair if kidney grills? Mine were damanged and apparentrly unable to be repaired? thanks
  6. Walter

    '98 NZ 328i sedan 140kms

    Looks good to me
  7. Walter

    e30 cloth sports seats

    Hi would these seats fit into a 87 320i 2 door? Cheers
  8. Walter

    Pictures of my 1989 E30 M3 & Holiday in Europe

    maaaaate serious motor vehicle and clever! Love the seats to, are they hard to come by? Cheers
  9. Walter

    Looking For e36 or e30 325 manual

    Hi Tonci check out this BMW M328i 1995 on trademe and then go to 'others you may like and you'll find several? Cheers
  10. Walter

    newbie in wellington

    Good to see Wellington in here...you will love the site, beomes addictive and the help is great. Enjoy
  11. Walter

    sup im new

    Welcome you'll love the site!!
  12. Walter

    Newish Member

    Welcome and i know you will enjoy the site...it is brilliant cheers
  13. Walter

    79 635csi on board

    Love it. As an asider I noticed in your previous posts that you installed an armrest...if you find one that goes into a 6 would be good to know? cheers
  14. Walter

    Howdy from Hawkes bay

    Welcome to Bimmer...have only just joined myself and the resources and info' every day are just great. Have a 87 635csi manual which I pranged some weeks ago. Your car should already be fast, however if you can gain more, would be good to know what you did and if you get hold of front and rear parts and don't need, let me know. cheers