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  1. New BMW Customer Assurance Booklet PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zYEBx7-TfHDo1Xbm6MY602YlUN9FffBZ/view?usp=sharing
  2. I have emailed and FB messaged BMW NZ. Called AKL City BMW who didn't know and said they'd email them to me - that was yesterday. And just now emailed sales at continental where I bought the car. It's the first car I've owned that's covered by a manufacturers warranty - seems important to know what my options/obligations are for servicing?! You'd think that sort of information would be readily available.. apparently not.
  3. Hi, I've recently upgraded to a 2017 3 series. I'm wondering what my options are for where it can be serviced that will comply with the manufacturers warranty. Does anyone have a definitive answer or better still the actual terms and conditions of the manufacturers warranty? (which doesn't appear to be online) Cheers Callum
  4. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on who to contact re upgrading the exhaust on my 09 335i sedan. I've been looking for a while and there's not a lot that comes up when googling that doesn't seem overly expensive eg. SuperSprint / Borla being 3-5k. I've read about the mod that can be done to existing mufflers which isn't really my thing. Who are the go to people for this kind of thing? I'm in AKL. Cheers
  5. Sorted now. They order me an "enable code" and I pay $270incl. It can stay outdated for that price. Cheers
  6. Hi, Does anyone know how to go about getting this done? TM takapuna mentioned I have a DVD model yet I don't have a slot for a DVD so not sure how that's going to work - the car is NZ new and originally purchased from JC so you'd think they'd know? Currently waiting on service/parts to get back to me - been waiting a week now, called them again this morning and still no answers. Cheers Callum
  7. Hi, Wondering if there's anyone local that sells these? I'm in Auckland. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. Putting in Caltex Castrol Edge 5w30 A3/B4 (ie. what repco sells) which is what I've been using on my 06 330i. The main reason I was asking is when I looked through the service history I noticed Burgers used a Castrol Edge Professional oil.
  9. Previous page just says contact BMW to find out.. ie. hopefully fear and uncertainty will lead to the owner paying triple for "BMW oil".
  10. Hi, I recently acquired a fairly low mileage (40,000km) NZ NEW 335i and I'm wondering what engine oil to put in it. Castrol EDGE Professional E 0W-30 has been used in previous services which isn't available to Joe blog. The Castrol Oil finder application lists these as suitable: EDGE Professional E 0W-30 EDGE 0W-40 A3/B4 EDGE 5W-40 Your thoughts? Cheers Callum
  11. The problem has finally been fixed - by cleaning the vanos solenoids. I recently took the car to Steve at Milford Auto Electrical - who by the way is excellent to deal with. He said in my case there were no codes that related to the solenoids but other codes did steer him towards the solenoids - although I suspect what really happened is he chucked in a couple of working solenoids to confirm it was the problem because when he called mine were already in the sonic cleaner and he was quite confident that cleaning the solenoids would fix the problem. Either way.. if you have a problem like this I suggest you first clean the vanos solenoids. It's cheap to get them cleaned and they are easy to get in and out. For what its worth I replaced the coils, plugs and maf sensor before taking it to Milford Auto electrical. Cheers Callum
  12. I'm interested if you've still got them. Pretty sure we actually know each other. I'm Theo's mate Callum (from Auckland). About a month ago I bought exactly the same model as Gab's car. 98 323M.
  13. Hi Ron. I like the sound of your steering setup. I've just replaced all the shocks on my 323M and am about (well once I put the front struts back in tonight) to take it for an alignment at Wairau Alignment & Suspension. I talked to Merv down there about improving the responsiveness a little he said he can shim it in such a way that will produce 1 deg of neg. Do you think that is too much? Its not a track car but I feel the steering could do with being a little more responsive, especially on the open road (it currently understeers). Btw. I have stock M Technic springs.
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